Whole Interval Recording is used to measure continuous behaviors (ex. Whole-Interval Recording: The behavior is only recorded if it is present throughout the entire interval. There are two primary ways to quantify behavior. Interval Recording. The primary purpose of interval recording is time constraints. ABC … Momentary interval data assesses if the behavior occurs at a specific time (e.g., the end) of the interval. Divide the observation period into equal intervals (usually between five and fifteen seconds long). For whole interval recording, the behavior must occur for the entire interval in order to be recorded as having occured, indicated by a (+). And whole interval is recording the behavior if it occurs throughout the whole interval. Momentary interval data assesses if the behavior occurs at a specific time (e.g., the end) of the interval. humming) but can detect whether the behavior is occurring at any time. Interval recording is used for continuous behaviors or for those behaviors whose onset and end are difficult to distinguish because the behaviors occur at such high rates. Title: Microsoft Word - Obs Forms-Whole Interval Form _3-9-06_.doc Author: default Created Date: 3/16/2006 3:12:30 PM Whole Interval Recording: At the end of each interval, it is recorded if the behavior happened during the whole interval. Partial Interval: mark if the behavior occurs at any point during the interval b. To record interval data: 1. Not recommended for low frequency, short duration behaviors. Directions: 1. are two types of interval recording: whole interval (an observer indicates whether the behavior occurred during the entire time) and partial interval (an observer indicates whether the behavior occurred at any point during the time interval). The first is to measure how often a behavior occurs (frequency) and the second is to measure how long each behavior lasts (duration). Time Sampling This time sheet can be used for either a partial or whole interval recording purposes. -Interval data collection is used to record the occurrence of a behavior during a set time period. A tape recording (Adapted from Alberto & Troutman, 2009) Steps: 1) Determine a specific time period to observe 2) Divide into equal intervals a. Intervals are no longer than 30 seconds 3) Draw a series of boxes that represent intervals 4) In each box simply mark if the behavior does or does not occur (+ or … Cooperative play) or behaviors that occur at such high rates that observers have difficulty distinguishing one responsefrom another (ex. Whole Interval: only mark if the behavior occurs for the entire interval Interval Recording Data Sheet for 10 Minute Observation And whole interval is recording the behavior if it occurs throughout the whole interval. -For an accurate count of the behavior occurrences, use event data collection. 10-minute observation done in 30-second intervals below: Teachers interested in this measurement strategy may need to ask someone else to observe and collect whole interval data … The advantage of the whole interval recording method is that it provides an estimate of the duration of a behavior and provides information about where behaviors are occurring or not occurring within an observational session. 3) Draw a series of boxes that represent intervals 4) In each box simply mark if the behavior does or does not occur (+ or -) (O or X) a. This data collection method is not used to report the number of occurrences. The longer the interval, the more whole interval will underestimate the occurrence of the behavior. A data sheet divided into the appropriate intervals is used to record occurrences of the behavior. Data Recording. A major disadvantage of whole interval recording is that is requires an observer's undivided attention. Since frequency/event, ABC, and scatterplots give you better overall insights into behavioral patterns, interval recording isn’t the strongest behavioral data collection method — but it is one of the easiest. Overall, the chart is used to record the percent of occurrence of a behavior within the given time frame. This procedure tends to produce a slight overestimate of the presence of the target behavior and should therefore be used when the goal is to produce a behavior reduction. Chart #11 B – Interval Recording Data Sheet Purpose Chart #11 B is used as an interval-recording sheet for three target behavior over the course of five minutes. This type of recording often underestimates rates of behavior. Partial interval systems, in particular, are useful for taking data in a classroom because you record the behavior in the interval it occurs in and are not tied to watching the student faithfully through the whole time. 3. -Whole-interval recording yields data on the total duration of the behavior. There are a few variations on interval recording like whole-interval and partial-interval. You will need some timing instrument such as a wall clock, wristwatch, or stopwatch in order to keep track of the time intervals. Momentary Time Sampling: Recorder notes whether the behavior happens at the moment each interval ends. Whole Interval Recording – Description, Procedures, & Example Use the whole interval recording method when you are interested in measuring ongoing behaviors that you know will continue across intervals. Interval recording is used when it is difficult or impractical to constantly observe behavior.

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