How to Get Ranked and Read With the Topic Cluster Content Model. This is how you will set yourself up to get the sale. That's not true. Have some questions for us? When possible, incorporate the audience into these examples to make it even clearer how they can benefit from the webinar. Collect the questions before the webinar to vet them and pick the most relevant. Your title is to grab your prospects and attendees attention, so that they'll stop what they're doing, ask to find out more, and then listen when they're actually on the webinar. 8+ Tips to Create a Great Script for Successful Videos, Use a tool like @clickmeeting to help you before, during, and after your #webinar, says @shane_barker via @cmicontent. You need to clearly define the session to ensure that you head in the right direction. Luckily we’ve come up with a simple Webinar Title Formula that works like gangbusters for this! The Top 3 Things to Attract Buyers with Your Facebook Profile! And when you stay on til the end, I'm going to give you my 1-page PDF cheatsheet to [RESULT/BENEFIT]...a $77 value...absolutely FREE! Give them what you said you'd give them. Use real life examples. When I put together my own webinars I try to aim for what I call “high actionable insights per minute“. Your webinar script template will help you determining the main focus of the conversation and have specific goals to work towards, showing you exactly what needs to go into your webinar. The only requirement to doing your first webinar is having an audience and attendees. The answers to these questions should provide you with a fairly solid base to work from, especially if you are going to follow the Introducing a Speaker Sample Script outlined below. Sign up today. Pretty simple right? Don't have stories? Tell them your name, and then something simple like this: "Over the last two years I've been following my passion of helping [TARGET AUDIENCE] get [BENEFIT/RESULT] without [PAIN/THING THEY DESPISE]", 2. So now you can throw the “I’m not ready” excuse out the window. To immediately shut down that hang up. No one post can provide all relevant tools in the space. Piktochart’s paid service starts at $24.17 a month. You can then simply go on and cover these 5 ways next. And if you need some handholding to take heart, that’s more than ok. I’d be very happy to be your webinar coach and consultant . Step 3 is letting them know that IF they stay throughout your entire webinar, that they're going to receive a gift at the END. Introduce yourself For instance, if you're selling a supplement for them to lose weight, we both know that they could probably easily hop right over to Amazon, and get the same product cheaper. Any webinar should include the following elements: a compelling introduction, order of main points to be addressed, motivating close, and, in many cases, a relevant call to action. It also lets you add existing images and videos you might need for your webinar. I love this platform because it’s so easy to use and the quality of the layouts is professional. Talk about things you may have in common with them, like your passions, your lifestyle, YOUR wants and needs from the past and for your future. Paid versions start at $15 a month. Asking for audience questions in advance also is an excellent tactic to ensure that people tune in for the live webinar to see if their questions will be answered. Progress in a singular direction with that topic. In fact, this could be the catalyst to not just your first sale, but a flood of sales, with just one sixty-minute webinar. It must be something that YOUR audience wants that can help them get closer to THEIR goals. The key is to simply make your offer irresistible based on their wants, needs, and pain points! And you WILL be asking for the sell as you go through this webinar, with the Ultimate 7 step webinar script we'll be giving you! Webinars are THE BEST way to create sales and sign-ups online, and after 10 years in the industry, they have been the #1 money maker (by far) for MLSP. Too often they’re also a pretty dull affair you wouldn’t be able to put into a “best of”. Webinars are mostly one-time events and not readily available on-demand. It doesn't even have to be long. When you see what’s possible you immediately start aiming higher and your own performance improves. And if you found this post valuable, please take a minute to leave me a comment below and let me know. For example, instead of creating a webinar about social media marketing, Search Engine Land created a webinar on providing customer service through social media. Pre-selecting the questions also will ensure that the webinar sticks to its designated duration. EXPAND THIS SECTION IF THIS APPLIES TO YOU! Because ultimately we've all heard it right: "Facts Tell, Stories Sell!" Even with all that, the question you're likely asking yourself right now... And the answer is a resounding YES!! We'd love to hear from you! If talking B2B for hours is your thing please get in touch with me on LinkedIn or Twitter. And he struggled for years. 2-5 tips is all you need. Ask them if they want help getting that result just like we showed you above! Click Here to Unlock the Top Earner System to Grow YOUR Business, [Success Story Saturday] Wow! I spent a few weeks asking around for recommendations and scouring the web for great webinar examples. The top 10 Organic Foods that Can Help Speed Up Your Metabolism. It also has an integrated real-time, live-chat option. 14 fun & different webinar formats to try, the webinar library that is part of their resource center. It reads like the outline, including the key points of discussion. TEMPLATE: THE TRANSITION TO CLOSE WITH A QUESTION. So be brave, own your mistakes, and have some fun on your webinars! It can be a great opportunity for your audience to directly address your company’s executives. Content Marketing World is part of the Informa Connect Division of Informa PLC. If you can dig deeper into these things, your promise will be that much more effective, and they’ll be more likely to listen attentively, and stay throughout your entire webinar. When MLSP CEO Brian Fanale got started those were the types of things he was told to do, and he diligently went out and did them. They now see you as an established authority because... a) They're on the webinar already and that automatically sets you up as an authority Your webinar script should have a beginning, middle and end with a little bit of suspense. Informa UK Limited is a company registered in England and Wales with company number 1072954 whose registered office is 5 Howick Place, London, SW1P 1WG. Certainly in the beginning, because it's been proven over and over again! Examples could be that now's the time, because their kids are growing up too fast. The average attendee spends 52 minutes on a webinar. You must think of sales as just an exchange for the value that you bring, and RIGHT NOW you have enough value to give to create sales. Attraction Marketing: Simple 7 Step Method to DOMINATE Your Industry, 5 Simple but Critical Skills for Network Marketing Success (Updated for 2020), Hang flyers with little pull off tabs on telephone polls and bulletin boards, Cold call prospects who have no idea who you were.

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