When this happens, it normally results to the lock getting stuck or jammed. To reduce the possibility of an intruder getting in, consider changing the locks on your uPVC doors to ones that are more sturdy and complex. by Secure Solution Locksmiths Leeds | Sep 15, 2017 | Home Security, UPVC Door Locks & Windows, SS Locksmiths Leeds – UPVC Door Locks & Windows / Useful Repairs and Tips. This may actually result in the UPVC door or window into becoming distorted. Be careful who you trust with the job! There are some UPVC door lock issues that you can try to resolve without calling a locksmith but most require the experience of a professional approved locksmith. UPVC door locks are very vulnerable to lock snapping. There are times when we “unintentionally” bang the doors or windows shut. When lifting the handle all the bolts have to work in tandem. If you need UPVC locks repaired or replaced in London or Hertfordshire contact us for a free security survey. David have been opening jammed UPVC door locks for over 25 years. Choosing a qualified, experienced locksmith with good recommendations for UPVC door lock repair is a must. This would then mean that you are stuck with a door that is either locked or unlocked- neither of which is in your best interest. The labour charge could be as much as £90+ if it is an emergency lock repair late at night, at the weekend or on bank holidays. If you cannot close or lock your upvc door our guide below should help you with common uPVC door lock problems. The best way to avoid this is to simply avoid unnecessary banging of the door or the window. Choosing a Door - Which Type of Door Is Most Secure? In most cases, the bolts and hooks on the hinges become loose and may simply need a new pair of bolts. You may need to try this multiple times to get the right fit. To fix this problem, you may be able to do it yourself by loosening the fixings on the inside of the doorframe (using either an allen key or screwdriver) and then moving it into a position where it can meet the lock. Normally this happens on spare keys and you may want to have your main key reduplicated by our locksmith key cutting Leeds team for a better and a more precise cut duplicate. It is important to consider the locking mechanism used. There are a lot of reasons why a UPVC door or window can be broken and need repairing. Be aware that if you have one latch, one bolt and a number of mushroom (or roller) bolts on the door they can be easily manipulated by an intruder with a heavy duty crowbar or even a screwdriver!. But these problems can still be experienced in most UPVC door and window locks. security specialist in London I regularly repair UPVC door locks. Additionally, ensuring that no excessive force is used when raising the handle to lock the door will reduce the pressure put on the locking mechanisms. Having a key break inside a lock is common to almost all types of key-entry doors or even key padlocks. Alternatively, you can call on your local locksmith to realign the locks for you. If your UPVC door is sticking it is likely to need realigned because it has dropped or because it has expanded because of the weather. UPVC door locks can be repaired. This is not only because of the material but because a UPVC door lock by nature requires multiple bolts to be lined up in the correct position when entering the keeps. Required fields are marked *. NO CALL OUT CHARGE, How to Fix UPVC Door Lock Problems and Prevention. We are MLA approved lock specialists providing a competitively priced lock repair service in North London. Ideally all mechanisms should have at least two bolts, one at the top and one at the bottom. There are many reports of customers being ripped off by rogue locksmiths charging extortionate amounts. In other cases, extreme banging of the door may cause the frames to misalign with the doors or windows. This can in turn put a lot of pressure on the centre case which could mean something crucial breaking inside the mechanism. With the right locks UPVC doors can be very secure. With the wrong locks UPVC doors can be extremely vulnerable. This is something you can try yourself however it is advisable to call a locksmith to avoid any further problems. The locks in the door becoming misaligned means that the door will often be very difficult to lock or unlock due to the locking mechanism in the door not matching up to the doorframe. Everything that is in the lock case is there for a reason; this is why it is vital to take care of your PVC doors. They use the trick of taking the UPVC mechanism away so that the customer can’t choose a different locksmith. The best UPVC door lock is a 3 star anti snap Euro cylinder. UPVC Door Locks and Windows Locksmiths at SS Locksmith Leeds, security improvements, upgrades and installation, Local SEO, Branding and Website Design by LUMA, What To Do When Your Windows Have Been Smashed, 5 Reasons Why You Need A Spare Key At Home. Adjusting a UPVC locking mechanisms requires the experience of a qualified locksmith. But in the most difficult instances, we best advice to call the help of our emergency locksmith service. This is still a mechanism problem which a locksmith can easily repair. You should also not expect to pay less than £80+vat. Although the problem of locks becoming misaligned isn’t unique to uPVC doors, it is the most common problem that owners of these doors face. You can read about the most secure doors here. Over time, locks can weaken and break due to the pressure that is put through them with regular use. This is where we differ from the competition. Realigning a UPVC door is a job that requires a professional locksmith. They are used to keep the cost of the door down but can lead to expensive items in your home needing to be replaced if someone does break in. SS Locksmiths Leeds – UPVC Door Locks & Windows / Useful Repairs and Tips. read more about seemingly cheap locksmiths here. Common problems with uPVC door locks are fairly easy to fix but some require the help from a professional. They all shoot out of roll up or down and go into place. You can read more about locksmith prices here.

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