The first three months of 2014, for instance, seem to be rife with girls named Matilda and Ottilie and boys named every variation of Fred: Frederick and Wilfred and Alfred and Freddie. Many of these name are still around in Australia. We want The Nameberry Guide to the Very Best Baby Names to be accessible to everyone and so we’re leaving the price of the book up to you. The prefix ‘cole’ means ‘false’ in some constructions: ‘Coleprophet’ means a false prophet, so another explanation is that Culpepper may mean a ‘false pepperer’, or ‘sham grocer’ i.e., one who traded outside the Fraternity of Pepperers, the Guild whence sprang the Grocers’ Company, incorporated in 1345. Beagrie is my surname, its pretty rare and I would love to find out just how many of us there is. There are many spelling variations, which I believe are related to spelling mistakes by the family individual or the uncertainty of the census taker or church official. I contacted the Fowey Historical Society and they wrote back, they have no Fowe’s buried in their cemeteries and they have no one of that last name in their records. A rare Welsh surname, believed to be of Cornish origin. Harriet - meaning ruler of an enclosure, 18. I think there are some Brackenboroughs in Queensland. Its Snarlsbarkeley with variations of Snarlbarkley, Snerlbarley, etc, Michael leardodd, I think your last name might be Welsh. girl Beaver stream + Add to my list Related names. Read more to find out! There are many more Gastrell’s further north. Variant SHILVOCK survives around the West Midlands of the UK, although variant SHELVOKE died out this century. “The man from the brushwood,” ultimately from the Latin bruscia, brush wood. There was a boy with the surname “Birtwhistle” in my year in school in Selsey, West Sussex. My grandmother’s maiden name was Draper. Maybe you have slavic heritage:D. I’ve been researching a name in my family tree – De Rippe and various spellings. My mother’s maiden name was Beetson, changed by my great grandfather from Beeson some time after arriving in Australia! It is a Celtic in origin, derived from the personal name Meuric, which is the Welsh form of Maurice. Yeah I believe I have a rare surname and it’s Beer! He started a school for boys there which is still in operation, although I understand girls can now attend. Well every box is different – but according to Mum’s that have already received the box, there are nappy samples, wipes, bottles breast pads, fabric softener, toys, thermometers – loads and loads of baby stuff! I prefer Elspeth to Elisabet. I know/have known girls called Antonia, Primrose, Polly (and Poppy), Hattie (full name Harriet), Thea, and Lara. I’m surprised to find some of these names on this list. Thanks. I am the only one in the world. 2. Lives on as a middle name. I have had contact from two guild members who have connections to the name and look forward to other contacts. Does anyone elses man wear women’s jeans ? Also, I love that Aubrey is used so little in the UK because I just love it for a boy – Aubrey and Avery are just perfect boy’s names! Carol Carter, I had a teacher named Leadbeatter and she was from West Yorkshire. The surname Miracle is ultimately derived from the Latin personal name Mauritius, which means dark. Thanks! Who would I contact and how would I find further information on my surname. Soundy. . I happened to check with the company to see what they knew about my ancestors. Hello My name is Lauren Buttery just wondering if anyone knows where i can find a rare book of surnames because i would like to know if mine is in there , PS. The haplogroup is not very common in Britain. Some of the commenters’ surnames seem to be rarer than anything in the list. Pronounced like McKay. An alternative story suggests that Gastrell believed this action would lessen the value of the property (and the amount of tax he would have to pay). My research name is Tregonwell – already extinct as a surname. Most likely weakened by cross marriage down the years. In addition to being the first name of the first first lady of the United States, Marthas have … As a child in a small Cumbrian market town, we were the only family of that name and one boy cousin carried the name on. Our line of Fowe’s has no more men to carry on the line o Harrison Fowe. It was a cone shaped fishing net also used on land to catch birds. Found mostly in Suffolk in nineteenth century. The name goes back about a thousand years, and I believe referred originally to a person who washes wool in a stream. Mostly it’s just the Daily Mail or BBCAmerica decrying 200000 surnames extinct without citing references; bloody hack journalism. He was an only child. Relish was first recorded in English as a word during the 14th Century, to refer to ‘taste or flavor’ derived from the Old French ‘relaisse’, meaning “something remaining, that which is left behind”. Blythe - meaning cheerful, light-hearted, 15. Hi, my name is John BISBROWN. 10 Rare English Surnames About to Go Extinct, The world's largest online family history resource - Start now, The New Campfire: Rob Lowe Connects with Family Near and Far, “The Forgotten Hero”: How Ancestry Helped One Woman Find Her Civil Rights Activist Ancestor, Why an Ancestry® Gift Membership Is the Perfect Holiday Gift. Also Thomas. You might want to check your etymology. As there ares so few of them it makes me think they were rae then and now extinct in the UK. I didn’t realize that Ivor was Scottish, though—I thought it was just posh. I couldn’t understand why – I then realised that it’s a top 10 name in the USA whereas in UK it’s only number 48 but on the other hand, names I think of as super common (and therefore guilty pleasures) like Grace and Ruby and Lily and Esme aren’t at all common in the States. My maiden name was Mair and it’s English but my ancestors settled in Jamaica WI. “The most famous British bearer of the name was John Dankworth (1927-2010), the jazz composer, saxophonist and clarinettist, who was married to Cleo Laine, and whose children Jacqui and Alec have followed in their father’s footsteps as leading performers of British jazz.”. is it a comon name for someone in Northen Ireland ? The people with that name were my foster parents. Myself and my sister! I believe there are a number of Cuttings in USA. Bread-Whitebread A aristocratic branch French Norman.

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