Their burrows are typically found near woodpiles, trash heaps, damp areas in the garden and building foundations. Named for its attractive orange-brown back and pale sides, the golden mouse has a body and bicolored tail each measuring 2.75 to 3 inches. Their large eyes and ears are designed to give them superior sensitivity in low light conditions. Black rats have dark gray fur, gray to white bellies, pointed muzzles, large ears and scaly tails that are longer than the rat's body and head combined. This type is often responsible for that dead mouse smell in the garage. Pocket mice prefer rocky to sandy soil. Frank B. Chavez III has been a professional writer since 2006. Both species have 2.75 inch long bodies, although the pale breed has a small tuft on the end of their tail. Love them or hate them, mice are quite common in nature. While common in the eastern United States, the White-footed Mouse can be found in the west as well, weather-permitting. Note that we will be covering species found primarily in the US here, as an international list would require a small book. The breed was first discovered in 1928. They live in burrows they've lined with fibrous materials such as paper or cloth. Voles are mouse-like creatures with compact bodies, short legs, short furry tails and blackish-brown to grayish-brown fur. Deer mice are common along the west coast from Mexico to the Northwest territories of Canada. There are many different species of mice in the United States. When they get into buildings, they tend to live in ceilings, walls, attics and cabinets. Some live in the wilderness, naturally integrated into their environment. Located in the Southwestern US, these mice have shorter, nearly hairless tails. Several species are found in California. Others live in or near cultivated and urban areas, making pests of themselves by eating crops and gardens, damaging lawns and buildings and stealing food supplies. Low average temperatures and lack of mesquite (Prosopis juliflora) might limit northern expansion. In fact, most mice do their best to avoid people unless there’s no alternative source of food, warmth, and shelter. They prefer warm climates and are not found in as many areas as Norway rats. Related: Best Mouse Repellents for those Unwanted Guests. Call us for a free quote at Enjoy pest-free living all year long with pestfree365. This family of mice have bodies generally ranging from 2 to 2.5 inches long (salt marsh and fulvous harvest mice grow up to 2.75 inches long) and tails that are furry and at least partially bicolor. Types of Rodents in California ... Voles -- also called meadow mice -- are small rodents found in areas with dense vegetation. In fact, there are over 1,100 species worldwide. House mice are infamous for leaving women on chairs and brown cupcake sprinkles all over the countertops. Sometimes referred to as true mice, the house mouse gets its name because it’s most often found cohabiting with humans. However, when they do move in, knowing the particular species of mouse can help you figure out what attracted them and what (if any) health concerns they’re bringing with them. This means the terms are somewhat interchangeable. Agile climbers, they live in trees, shrubs and dense vegetation. Sharing the family Heteromyidae with pocket mice and kangaroo rats, kangaroo mice have thick, hairy tails about 3.5 inches long which taper at both ends and are bicolored. House mice are active all year round, which means you could find them invading your home or business at any time. Although occasionally seen scurrying about above ground, voles spend most of their time in burrows. Native to desert climates, they tend to spend the winter hiding in their burrows and are excellent diggers. Roof rats, or black rats, are smaller than Norway rats. A more unique category of mice, jumping mice are fairly large, with a general body length of 3.5 inches and bicolored tails ranging from 5.5 to 5.75 inches in length.

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