While Touji is in pain due to the strong miasma, Reiji notices him becoming a Half-Ogre. On his way home, Harutora unexpectedly meets his childhood friend Natsume but ends up offending her prompting Natsume to leave. She questions whether Natsume can become their comrade, and becomes very excited when she is presented with a package presumably containing the Raven Coat. She offers to protect Natsume in Jin's stead, but is also shocked when Jin reveals the Natsume is actually a girl. It was adapted into a manga series in 2010. Harutora plans to go shopping on his day off but since Touji has plans, he suggests Harutora and Natsume to go together. Jin-sensei easily defeats Kagami. She lets loose the Raven Coat, but instead of settling on him, it begins to possess him. But Ravens only does its tropes half-right. Touji then asks Suzuka for a partnership to defend themselves against the Yakou devotees who are after Natsume. Touji meets Miyo in her room where she discusses about the practical exam which will be the purification of a simulated Spiritual Disaster. The first book after the anime involves her getting into a temple where her father's magic predicted Harutora would show up, and she ends up meeting Akino, who is a girl possessed by a rabbit spirit. School classes resume as usual. Harutora is surprised after hearing this as he can't tell her that Natsume is in fact a girl pretending to be a boy. Harutora's biological father; Natsume is an orphan of unknown origin who they think might be the reincarnation of Harutora's biological mother), and she's wanted to find Harutora ever since he left her with their family. In Anime News Network's Fall 2013 Anime Preview Guide, reviewers Rebecca Silverman and Theron Martin gave the series an initial rating of 2 out of 5 stars, while reviewers Carlo Santos and Carl Kimlinger gave the series an initial rating of 2.5 out of 5 stars. During her fight with Harutora, Kyouko remembers her childhood promise with a Tsuchimikado boy. [27] [25] The chapters have been collected into eight volumes. During all of this, Jin Ohtomo has been hanging out with Doman Ashiya and his familiars, occasionally causing problems for the agency. Six months has passed since Harutora and Touji enrolled into Onmyo Academy and the students prepare for their end of year exams. The dorm mothers Mako Fujino and Ako Kifu spots Harutora with a Shikigami that looks like Natsume albeit with a male body. Natsume and Harutora make their way to the shrine by riding Yukikage (a familiar in the form of a white horse) to stop Suzuka but she retaliates by sending her juggernaut and Asura. The agency attacks the temple when Harutora shows up, and he wipes the floor with them. On the verge of making a connection, Harutora and Tōji leave with Natsume. Harutora saves the agent's life but as he is about to die, Hokuto sacrifices herself to save Harutora. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the LightNovels community. Hige o Soru. IIRC, a lot of books 11 and 12 are taken up by talking about what those 4 have been up to as well as the current state of things with all of the spirtual disasters that have been happening. Therefore, he’s been enjoying a peaceful daily life with his friends at an Onmyo bra Book 14 hadn't been fully translated when the series got DMCAed from Baka-Tsuki, and the series is now up to 16 volumes. After an intense battle with the fake Kakugyouki, Harutora manages to break its seal. Suzuka recognizes that he is her father, though he had died and was brought back to life. Kyouko has been going to the academy but is constantly under surveillance such that she can't really communicate freely with anyone other than her grandmother (who is now essentially under house arrest and training Kyouko to use her abilities). "SHAMAN*CLAN -Calling the Dead (Tama Night Crawling)-". In addition to this, the Onmyo Agency was established to monitor supernatural activity in the area and to combat any spirits or demons that would make their way into the real world. Unable to control the fake Kakugyouki, the Yakou disciple flees. A community for those interested in the Novels translated from Japan. Tokyo Ravens inspired the creation of six manga series based on the light novels. Despite being born to a distinguished onmyoji family, his life has become meaningless as he can accomplish nothing without any spiritual power. Later, Amami talks with the Chief about Takiko Souma, assuming she is part of the Twin Horn Syndicate.

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