The Pirates' 1970s mix-and-match "bumblebee" uniforms offer all sorts of fun throwback possibilities. MLB uniforms have remained relatively traditional over the years, but there’s nothing quite like a vintage baseball jersey. Or should that be tacky in its own glorious way? ... Before the Browns moved to Baltimore, there were several minor league teams called the Baltimore Orioles, and the modern-day O's have worn throwbacks from those teams too. ... You have to like any uniform that has lettering down the length of the button placket. ... Gotta love the massive National League Golden Jubilee patch and the pinstriped caps on these 1925 throwbacks. The look didn't catch on over the long-term, but it sure looked great when the team dusted it off for a throwback game in 2004:AP Photo/Matthew S, Gunby. The Mariners absolutely nailed it in 2006, when they dressed up as Seattle's first MLB franchise, the 1969 Seattle Pilots. Perfect for an expansion team, and perfect for reviving as a throwback:AP Photo/Gail Burton. Hell, the Cincinnati Reds wore 15 different throwbacks just last season! That routine is commemorating a momentous anniversary. 42. Paul Lukas loves a good throwback game. Sitemap Behind the scenes with the Yankees through a player's lens, Why everybody should vote Andy Pettitte into the Hall of Fame, Who is Jed Hoyer? The Tigers haven't often dipped into their own historical wardrobe, but they looked pretty cool in this 1909 outfit. The Tigers have been holding an annual Negro Leagues throwback game since 1995. But since that first game in '93 had been played on the road, the Rockies wore road throwbacks -- even though the throwback game was played at home:Doug Pensinger/Getty Images, Ah, the Jays' late-1970s road unis -- the powder blues, the white-paneled caps, the weird inlined lettering, the centered chest logo. All prices are in USD © 2020 Custom Throwback Jerseys. ... Another oddity: In 2010 the Braves wore 1984 throwbacks on Jackie Robinson Day, so the retro jerseys all had No. In the dishonorable mention category, the Cards have worn some throwbacks with glaring inaccuracies -- surprising for such a history-minded franchise. Honorable Mention: The Yankees' only other throwback game was in 1996, when they wore Negro League uniforms for a game against the Tigers in Detroit. The Mets' uniforms have changed relatively little over the years, so their best throwback is for a Negro Leagues team -- the 1905 Brooklyn Royal Giants. Honorable Mention: The M's have dressed up several times as the Pacific Coast League's Seattle Rainiers, wearing several different Rainiers uni designs. Honorable Mention: The A's have also looked sharp when breaking out their 1968 vests, and when dressing up as the minor league Oakland Oaks. Want to customize your own MLB throwback jersey? Nitpickers like to point out flaws or discrepancies in throwback uniforms: The numbers aren't quite the right font, or the team didn't go the extra mile by creating a new set of batting helmets, or the effect was ruined by the players wearing their pants too long. The Brewers have also worn Negro Leagues throwbacks, honoring the old Milwaukee Bears, several times. As a relatively young team, the Marlins haven't engaged in too many throwback games. The D-backs are a young franchise, but that hasn't kept them flexing their throwback muscles. Honorable Mention: Another good-looking variation on the Cards' chest insignia can be seen on these 1953 throwbacks. Honorable Mention: People forget that the Giants' colors were once red and blue, as seen in these snazzy 1942 throwbacks. Honorable Mention: One of the more underrated uniforms in Mets history was the late-1980s road pullover that was revived in 2012. We’re proud to keep the past alive with our collection of retro baseball jerseys. Very nice cap, too. ... People think home whites and road grays are traditional, but big league teams often wore solid-colored uniforms back in the day, like this 1912 solid-navy design that the Cubs revived a few years ago. Hey, it still has the old English "D," so you know it's the Tigers! Fun fact: The capital "R" and "S" that bookend the chest mark were also meant as a nod to then-owner Robert Short.John Williamson/Getty Images. The team that got the throwback ball rolling has had plenty of interesting looks to choose from, but there has always been something endearing about the audacity of putting white letters and numbers on a gray uniform. On July 11, 1990 -- 25 years ago today -- the White Sox staged pro sports' first "Turn Back the Clock" game and took the field wearing modified versions of their 1917 uniforms. Create a throwback jersey with your name and favorite number! They usually dress as the Detroit Stars and wear that team's very handsome 1920 design:Mark Cunningham/Getty Images. One of my favorite ballpark experiences is to show up at the stadium to discover it is throwback day. The Mets have also dressed up as the New York Cubans, a Negro Leagues squad. by Allen Weiner on January 21, 2017. ... Before big league baseball came to San Diego, the Pacific Coast League had a team called the San Diego Padres. The winner was a 1944 Brooklyn Dodgers powder blue design, which was originally rendered in satin for greater visibility during night games. In 1999 they dressed up as the Tampa Tarpons, a minor league team from the 1960s. A quarter-century later, throwback games are an entrenched part of the sports world and the uni-verse. There were several minor league teams called the Milwaukee Brewers long before the big league team came along, and at least one of them had extremely classy uniforms, judging by the throwbacks that the modern-day Brew Crew wore in 1993:William F. Henderson. Powered by eCommerce Marketing 360®, Relive the past with Custom Throwback Jerseys’ unmatched collection of 100% officially licensed MLB throwback jerseys! Honorable Mention: The Sox have also worn a road version of that uni with the lace-up collar. Uni Watch: Each MLB team's best throwbacks, Rays' Arozarena released as no charges sought, Wainwright uncertain of his future with Cardinals, Reds ship Stephenson to Rockies in 4-player deal, Morton 'excited' to return to Braves decade later, White Sox to host Yanks in Field of Dreams game, What was it really like playing during COVID-19?

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