Price Honey flavoured syrup- 500 grams @103.25 Strength Strengths: This is a powerful article that provide pattern of behaviors that discern the elements which provoked elder abuse. fact/value distinction) Strengths | Weaknesses | Discuss how far this is true Aristotle first discovered Natural Law as he was anti-form and believed in potentiality and actuality. Natural law is a universal guide for judging the moral values of our choices, and looks at human in a way that says we at the end of the day know the right thing to do. Analyse and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of natural moral law as a definitive ethical theory (12) The strengths that can be ascribed to natural law are a product of its absolutist deontological view of morality. To reproduce, 'Marry and multiply'. (the Weakness Any law that served towards the betterment of the people was therefore just, and any law that made people unhappy was unjust and ought to be disobeyed and debated over in order to satisfy all. Purpose - The world has meaning, purpose and values. 1215 Words 5 Pages. It is the nature of every human being to know from his conscience what is right, correct proper and therefore lawful. 1. Rational – Natural Law uses practical reason, it is a common-sense approach. Natural Law is discovered by humans through the use of reason and choosing between good and evil. Throughout history many philosophers have come to be linked to either branch of law. The fact Natural Law is deontological may be a weakness for some making it inflexible but there can be ways of getting around this as you read on. Physicalism is the dominant interpretation of natural law in the Catholic Church and allows moral positions to be taken with question in every scenario where the action is the same. With different cultures, having to follow Natural Law, it meant that all cultures were equal and didn’t have to argue over what is right or what is wrong. | Outcomes - Leads to immoral outcomes e.g. oneself in an exploration and explaination of what law ought to be is inherrently faulty. -gives a sweetened flavor that is great with food like pancakes Two vary popular theories that will take part in my research were the Divine Command Theory, and Natural law theory. Natural Law | Strengths | Weaknesses | Rational – Natural Law uses practical reason, it is a common-sense approach. This is to say that it enables people to establish common rules in … | Cultural Relativism - Neilsen questions the unchanging nature of Primary Precepts in Natural Law, using Cultural Relativism. Natural law theories' assertion that in order to understand what law is, it is necessary to involve The natural law theory goes as far back as the 5th century BC, from a time when Antigone of Sophocles drew distinctions between written laws of state and unwritten laws; this was a very important movement. The "order of nature" emphasizes human physical and biological nature in determining morality. It allows people to follow common rules so they can then structure communities. If Parliament were to enact legislation “all people must walk on their heads”, it is contrary to natural law; such laws are... ... Similarly the external environment can create various opportunities or exposed to threats as well. These consist of certain basic values and requirement of practical reasonableness. To the natural law thinkers, natural law is the law which is derived from nature. This essay will seek to examine the strengths and weaknesses of reason as a way of knowing. God - Doesn’t require belief in God, as it is based on empirical observations of our nature. or help from God, how he should act rightly in respect of his fellow man. This led to Aristotle discovering that Natural Law is universal as many people would argue what is morally right or morally wrong. These theories would explained the nature of morality, thus making natural law theory a general

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