Costly energy is saved while also optimising hotel processes that recur every day. Added to this is often a disproportionately high level of energy consumption from extravagant permanent lighting. Fortunately, there are better solutions today to make warehouses and industrial buildings more energy efficient. They can provide a reach of up to 20 m and be mounted at heights of up to 14 m. They work reliably in damp, cold weather. Floodlights for your home. I can prove it. They envelop objects that are present in the room and permeate into every last corner. Our STEINEL HPD 2 sensor is not only capable of identifying people in a room but can count them too. Since 2019, a remarkable pilot project in Zurich/Heuried has been demonstrating that there are other ways. Whether indoors or outdoors, whether for security reasons or to switch on the light in time to welcome visitors - intelligent motion detectors and the latest sensor technology have been STEINEL's core competences for over 30 years. Camera sensor system. Responds to moving sources of heat. We are equipped to respond to special requests quickly, economically and to the highest quality. Sign in with your Amazon credentials and easily pay with the address and payment information stored in your Amazon account. Model number I S of Steinel is shown in these images This Model has 2 outgoing circuits which can be connected to separate circuits. - This is where the combination of advanced sensors helps to ascertain new, relevant measurement variables. Tailor-made sensor-switched lighting solutions from Steinel bring comfort, convenience and energy efficiency to every classroom. Photo-cell controller - Professional Line. STEINEL IS 1 Manuals Manuals and User Guides for STEINEL IS 1. This .STEINEL Motion Detectors | STEINELSteinel motion detector wiring issue. As an active system, the HF module emits electromagnetic waves and receives the echo reflected by walls and object at a frequency of 5.8 GHz. Thanks to wireless networking and convenient control via smartphone, the lighting mood can be adapted to individual requirements in no time at all. Required fields are marked *. Automatic light is suitable for many rooms: Stairwells, pantries, corridors, laundry rooms, utility rooms and even garages. The last person switches the light off? This means that the sensor can even detect movement if there is no visual contact between it and the person. STEINEL has taught the sensor how to count people. STEINEL ultrasonic sensors are the perfect solution for open-plan offices and rooms with stud walls. Write to me in PM, we will talk. Only STEINEL motion sensors offer this state of the art technology. High frequency. Also in terms of lighting quality. Intelligent sensors from STEINEL have a nose for stale air and can do a lot to improve indoor climate and an atmosphere conducive to learning. WLS Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Steinel Twilight Switch NightMatic I would buy the same again if I needed another dusk-to-dawn sensor. The Smart Workspace solution produces maximum transparency and makes everyday office routine easier to organise. Smart home via power socket. Your email address will not be published. Classrooms have many function zones, Steinel has sensor solutions tailored exactly to suit any requirement and room situation. Sometimes, one carer in nursing homes is responsible for as many as 60 persons in need of care during the night. And it makes no difference whether persons are sitting, standing or moving about. Apartments have many function zones, Steinel has sensor solutions tailored exactly to suit any requirement and room situation.

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