5 Comments. So I'm doing a speech about objects that represent me. I'm vegetarian and gone organic with my foods. I need suggestions for objects. It could be a jewelry, photograph or clothing. For example, a magnifying glass might show that you like to examine the world carefully and understand how and why something happens. What object would represent that? The Three Objects That Represent Something Important About Me Everyone must be having at least one important object in his or her life. So I have to give a speech on Tuesday Sept. 8. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Second, I felt fabulous wearing it in a special day. Find out the object that represents by truthfully answering the following questions. I love shopping, partying, hanging out with my friends. It can be anything! What ordinary or everyday material or object best represents you? I am a pretty big sports fan. Object That Represents Me. Ever wondered which obeject truly represents you? In preparation for this speech, select an object that represents a significant aspect of your cultural background, personality, values, ambitions, etc. What do you see as a limitation in the use of pictures in the learning of speech or language skills among learners in the classroom. I fell that a mint lace dress in an important object in my life for two reasons. StudentShare . Fallowing I will be more detailed in my topics. Feathers, on the other hand, might say that you are light and carefree, or perhaps independent. I am a 19 year old girl. However, the three objects that represent something important to me are my laptop, my phone and my glasses. A ring, a car, a book, and etc. I really can’t live without them. First, it was a present from someone special. People's personalities posses attributes that also belong to certain obejects. Every type of person corresponds with a specific object. What object are you. There are many objects out there, but which one represents you? Most of the people have some object that has an importance on their lives. The speech is about an object that represents you and I have no idea what to do about it. From the paper "A Meaningful Object that Represents My Family" it is clear that the Virgin Carmen seems to intercede in our behalf during our adversity that whatever. I need ideas for an object I can use that represents a healthy lifestyle. Our website is a unique platform where students can share their papers in a matter of giving an example of the work to be done. Pictures and/or visual aid are and an important and commonly used method or technique used in the teaching of learners with communication disabilities especisally in the subgroup of speech and language skills. For example, a new father might select a cloth diaper as a vehicle for discussing his attitude as a parent. Try to think of something that might not be obvious at first. Using the chosen object as a point of departure, you should develop a speech that explains how it relates to your life. My favorite color is pink and I absolutely love love love the yankees.

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