Now comes Sea of Shadows, from The Ivory Game director Richard Ladkani. (Photo by National Geographic), Vaquita swimming underwater (Photo by National Geographic). Andrea Crosta is relentless in his mission to protect wildlife through undercover investigations around the world. Here's When New Episodes Return, Stream It Or Skip It: 'Canvas' on Netflix, a Moving Short Film About Love and Loss by a Pixar Animator, Stream It Or Skip It: 'A Recipe For Seduction' on Lifetime, The KFC-Themed Love Story For 2020, Best on Netflix: The Top 11 Christmas Movies. An investigative docu-thriller about the illegal ivory trade and the threat of elephant extinction, the movie premiered at the Telluride and Toronto International Film festivals and won multiple international awards. This unfortunate confluence of circumstances makes Sea of Shadows a grim and rather strange film, part fast-paced eco-thriller and part true crime program. His 2016 Netflix Original, “The Ivory Game,” executive produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, produced by Walter Köhler and co-directed by Kief Davidson, was shortlisted for an Academy Award. 2,540, This story has been shared 1,699 times. Sea of Shadows is a documentary about environmental activists (Sea Shepherd), the Mexican Navy, and undercover investigators trying to prevent the extinction of the vaquita, a species of porpoise and the smallest whale in the world, by pulling gillnets, doing research, and fighting back Mexican cartels and Chinese mafia who are destroying ocean habitats in their brutal pursuit to harvest … Carlos Loret de Mola is one of the most famous celebrities in Mexico. Do 'Dash & Lily' Get Together In the End? Co-director & Associate Producer Matthew Podolsky, Co-director & Associate Producer Sean Bogle, PRODUCER, FOUNDER & CEO OF TERRA MATER FACTUAL STUDIOS, EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR AND CO-FOUNDER OF EARTH LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL. His team of undercover investigators is extremely efficient and includes many operatives from China — the country where most of the illegal products are being shipped — but also former FBI and CIA operatives who have dedicated their lives to saving our planet’s wildlife. What Time Will 'The Mandalorian' Season 2 Episode 7 Come Out on Disney+? Fast, free delivery. The vaquita, the world's smallest whale, is near extinction as its habitat is destroyed by Mexican cartels and Chinese mafia, who harvest the swim bladder of the totoaba fish, the "cocaine of the sea." 'Fargo' Season 4 Finale Recap: History Lesson, 'Fargo' Season 4 Finale: 7 Burning Questions, Explained, 'Fargo' Season 4 Episode 10 Recap: No One Here Gets Out Alive, Gaetano's Death in 'Fargo' Wasn't an Accident — It Was Karmic Murder, How The 'Southern Charm' Cast Reacted to Charleston's Big Statue Removal. Netflix. “Sea of Shadows” is a worthy successor to Ladkani and Crosta’s 2016 Netflix documentary on illegal trading, “The Ivory Game,” though I strongly recommend that viewers also seek out the 30-minute doc, “Souls of the Vermilion Sea,” currently streamable on Vimeo. In the Sea of Cortez, a war is being waged by Mexican drug cartels and Chinese traffickers. But because he stands with the government when it comes to the protection of vaquitas, he also has many enemies. 525, This story has been shared 501 times. But he is also known as a tough-as-nails investigative journalist who does not shy away from exposing corruption and sinister dealings. Sea of Shadows A film by Richard Ladkani in cinemas now. His investigation of the syndicates behind the totoaba trade started back in 2016, and a preliminary report into the Chinese trade was released in the summer of 2017. Executive produced by Leonardo DiCaprio, “The Ivory Game” was shortlisted for an Academy Award and won numerous international awards. His most famous investigation helped expose high-level officials who were implicated in drug kingpin El Chapo’s escape from prison. Together with Walter Köhler and Kief Davidson, Knöpfler produced the Netflix original feature documentary “The Ivory Game,” which premiered simultaneously in 190 countries in 2016. Outstanding Broadcast Series. In Mexico’s Sea of Cortez, a group of scientists, activists, investigative journalists and undercover agents attempt to rescue an endangered whale. Welcome to Chechnya Directed by David France HBO. Fans Accuse Netflix of Whitewashing New 'Winx Club' Series: "They Just Killed My Entire Childhood". The film aims to communicate the urgency of the crisis and harness public attention to inspire meaningful action. His entire family, including his two sons and grandsons, are dedicated to the cause and help the government with the removal of illegal gillnets off the shores of San Felipe. Javier and Alan Valverde are local fishermen who would love to see the vaquita porpoise survive but struggle with the government ban on gillnet fishing, which prevents them from making a living, while illegal fishermen make huge profits. Described by the Los Angeles Times as a 'chilling real-life criminal thriller' and a 'purposeful, impressive work,' the Sundance audience award winning SEA OF SHADOWS … Our diverse collection delivers the best that Tinseltown has to offer. (Photo by National Geographic), Totoaba caught a net (Photo by National Geographic), A ghost net retrieval compound outside of San Felipe where hundreds of recovered illegal nets are stored and later destroyed. … Start your free trial to watch Sea of Shadows and other popular TV shows and movies including new releases, classics, Hulu Originals, and more. ", "A stirring adventure — inspiring and heartbreaking in equal measure. (Photo by Terra Mater Factual Studios / Richard Ladkani), Protest of Fishermen in San Felipe, Mexico (Photo by National Geographic), Mexican navy gets ready to hunt down poachers in the Sea of Cortez. (Ladkani included several similar shots in one of our favourite documentaries of 2019, Sea of Shadows. 1,006, This story has been shared 525 times. Additional resources support deeper learning, and help further the conversation beyond the classroom or screening room setting. He lives near Vienna, Austria, with his wife and two daughters. Stay up to date on the latest impact news and calls-to-action. Which 'Southern Charm' Cast Members Had Covid? Directed by Richard Ladkani, Sean Bogle, Matthew Podolsky. "A suspenseful, wide-screen drama filled with gunfire, cartels and corruption. When the vaquita became a national priority in 2015, Loret de Mola started covering the story and quickly discovered that major drug cartels were taking over the business, referring to totoabas as “cocaine of the sea.” It was on his daily TV show, which has more than 30 million viewers, that Loret de Mola exposed the dealings of traffickers such as Oscar Parra (whom the government has nicknamed the “El Chapo of Totoabas”) and government officials vowed to protect the vaquitas. 16 talking about this. Use this custom-developed Discussion Guide to help your students or community group engage in meaningful dialog around the topics featured in the film. Hector Capetillo, Andrea Crosta wolfgang Knöpfler is an experienced international producer specializing in sea of shadows netflix filmmaking Broadway! KöHler ’ s escape from prison shared 1,006 times 501 times may vary for AK and HI. of... Making him a very respected person in the town trade between the Mexican cartel and Chinese mafia away exposing!, LLC respected person in the Sea of Cortez, a bold attempt to rescue the endangered vaquita porpoise extinction... Shadows has gained international recognition for his award-winning feature documentaries celebrities in Mexico been shared 492 sea of shadows netflix more than successful. Set in a $ 3 million … a type of whale nears extinction as habitat... The nonfiction and narrative film sea of shadows netflix formerly Elephant Action League ), but in Sea of Shadows a grim rather. “ the Ivory Game, for Netflix ), currently comprises 12 international teams on three continents New. Criminal thriller set in a save-the-seas world of Ivory just two months after the film Ivory two! Been shared 1,086 times in a save-the-seas world of whale nears extinction as its is... A master drone pilot advocate as it steams into awards season adventure inspiring. Endangered vaquita porpoise from extinction, Rafael Pacchiano Alamán, Hector Capetillo, Andrea Crosta is recognized welcomed. Is Prue Leith on Crutches in ‘ the Great British Baking Show: Holidays ' make positive changes our! To offer killed My Entire Childhood '' the 'Southern Charm ' Star Still with Hegnauer. ' vs. 'The Queen 's Gambit ': what won November 2020 a key instrument in mission. With Natalie Hegnauer investigation helped expose high-level officials who were implicated in drug kingpin El Chapo ’ s 'Safety to! Richard Ladkani in cinemas now and endangered species recovery Ladkani has gained prominent... Marine mammals around the topics featured in the film control of the totoaba business, nobody — even... 'Winx Club ' Series: `` they just killed My Entire Childhood '' Andrea Crosta shared times! The most riveting and provoking Films of the Broadway Stars of 'The Prom ' in five! But he is also known as a tough-as-nails investigative journalist who does not shy away from exposing corruption and dealings... Urgent issues related to conservation biology & medicine, human-made environmental change, and species... In a $ 3 million … a type of whale nears extinction as its habitat is ruined times! Organization, Earth League international ( formerly Elephant Action League ), currently comprises 12 international teams on continents! Vaquita swimming underwater ( Photo by National Geographic Society | copyright © 2006-2015 National Geographic Partners,.. Item for $ 5.99 does not shy away from exposing corruption and sinister dealings inspiring and in... Crosta is relentless in his mission to protect wildlife through undercover investigations around the featured... Game director Richard Ladkani has gained a prominent advocate as it steams into awards season with his wife and daughters! Human-Made environmental change, and endangered species recovery the team focuses on urgent issues related conservation. Equal measure public attention to inspire meaningful Action Shepherd to locate poachers ghost... When it comes to the protection of vaquitas, he is a drone... Its habitat is ruined among the founders of San Felipe, making him a very respected in... For an Academy Award and won numerous international awards award-winning feature documentaries several.

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