Giovanni [39] The Psd'Az suffered another serious split in July, when Lussu left and founded the short-lived Sardinian Socialist Action Party. Adesso vogliamo la nostra indipendenza» - L'Inkiesta, DDL Costituzionale n. 352 sulla Costituzione della Comunità Autonoma di Sardegna, Idea secessione, gli indipendentisti sardi: «Sì al referendum, ma non ora», Italian centre-left wins Sardinian election, Murgia's pro-sovereignty coalition left outside Council -, Sardegna Possibile non esiste! PIEMONTE: Alessandria (AL), Asti (AT), Biella (BI), Cuneo (CN), Novara (NO), Torino (TO), Verbano - Cusio - Ossola (VB), Vercelli (VC). Alghero, the main tourist town in the northwest, is an attractive port of call with a centre that's a warren of medieval lanes, piazzas and Spanish-style palazzi that buzz with life, while its sand-coloured sea walls are ideal for drinks and relaxing sea views. The countryside is ablaze with colour and the warm, sunny weather is ideal for touring. I saw that you › Sardinian nationalism or also Sardism (Sardismu in Sardinian, Sardismo in Italian[1]) is a social, cultural and political movement in Sardinia calling for the self-determination of the Sardinian people in a context of national devolution, further autonomy in Italy, or even outright independence from the latter. Admission to the ravine, dubbed "Europe's Grand Canyon", is €5. Marco Ristori is his name. Create a commenting name to join the debate, There are no Independent Premium comments yet - be the first to add your thoughts, There are no comments yet - be the first to add your thoughts. don't remember the surname of the last friend I mentioned. Lookup people in Italy White Pages ( The existing Open Comments threads will continue to exist for those who do not subscribe to Independent Premium. However, you don't have to be a billionaire to enjoy it, or even bound for the beach. Here, you can bone up on the area's ancient past at the Museo Civico Archeologico (00 39 070 930 0050; at Piazza Costituzione 4, before visiting the Complesso Nuragico di Genna Maria. I tried to search for a person who should not be hard to find, but it came back with no results. Directory is in English, French, German, Italian, and Spanish. Some 100km northwest of Cagliari, the medieval city of Oristano makes a good base for exploring the ancient ruins of Tharros and the beaches of the Sinis Peninsula. Known as nuraghi, these crumbling structures are one of the few visible traces of the mysterious Nuragic civilisation, which flourished on the island between 1800BC and 500BC. If the surname you are searching is common and there are over 200 in Italy, the Pagine Bianche search engine supplies max 200 results. You will most likely find your relatives if you have the city, village or province where they are from. Doubles from €82, B&B. - di Marco Oggianu, Morto Pugliese, l' ex ufficiale del Sid che «fermò» nel '60 il latitante Mesina - Corriere della Sera, Italian Court convicts 16 as Sardinian separatists - The New York Times, Agguati, guerriglia, sequestri: ecco il complotto separatista sardo - La Repubblica, Separatismo sardo, condannati i capi - La Repubblica, Melis e il complotto separatista: "macchinazione degli 007 italiani", Terrorism in Italy: an update report 1983-1985, U.S. Department of Justice, pp.11-12, E ora alla macchia ne restano ventuno, La Repubblica, 1985, Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism. At 170 miles long and 75 miles wide, Sardinia is the second-largest Mediterranean island after Sicily, and there are more than 3 million sheep — two for every human. In the search field «Nome (=first name), Cognome (=surname) o Ragione Sociale (=company name)» write the name and surname of the person you are searching for. Parties like "Sardinian Reformers" and "The Base Sardinia" are federalist rather than outright separatist. Also in the area, the prehistoric village of Tiscali is another favourite destination. EUROPAGES is a European B2B platform available in 26 linguistic versions. These celebrations reflect the islanders' deep-seated reverence for tradition. Here we'll be examining just the "nome" option. La Sardegna e i sardi nel tempo, Arkadia, Cagliari, p.172. Of the 7,000 or so nuraghi that pepper Sardinia's landscape, the most famous is the Nuraghe Su Nuraxi near the village of Barumini. CAMPANIA: Avellino (AV), Benevento (BN), Caserta (CE), Napoli (NA), Salerno (SA). I had a few friends who helped me feel at home in my new city, but when I left I of course lost contact with them. However, this support has heretofore failed to translate into electoral success for pro-sovereignty Sardinian forces and a vigorous political action. Lussu and the Sardinian Action Party championed in fact a solution that saw the island as a state associated with a federal country,[32][18] rather than being assimilated like an ordinary Italian region within a unitary framework, but such demands were met with strong opposition from the Italian statewide parties:[33] the Christian Democracy (DC), around which the majority of the island's notables were then gathered, supported in fact a generic regional framework with some devolution, geared towards accommodation for the central government in Rome; the Liberal Party (PLI) advocated for what little autonomy was needed to carry out only the administrative functions, without the capacity to create any regional laws; the Communist Party (PCI), which shut down the Communist Party of Sardinia two years earlier, was hostile to the idea of giving Sardinia any autonomy at all, the Italian Communists considering it a reactionary tool that stood in the way of a transformation towards a single Italian Communist society; the right-wing parties and the Common Man's Front were against the idea of Sardinian autonomy as well, because of Italian nationalism. Like my grandfathers little brother and my grandmothers sister and brother and their children. Specialists offering packages include Sardinian Places (0845 330 2049;, Just Sardinia (01202 484858; and Citalia (0843 249 8825; So I would recommend you use ones that work, for example a people finder I tried today and immediately saw a picture of the person in Genova that I was looking for! [33] Some unique articles appeared in the final version, mentioning state-funded plans (going by the Italian piani di rinascita "rebirth plans"[38]) for the heavy industrial development of the island. Admission is €5. I lived in Firenze, Italy in 2000-2001 because I was studying there. To find present addresses you will need exact spelling of the surname; then you can limit the research by village or town, or province (two-letter abbreviation, listed on this page) or region of origin (i.e. [11][12][13][14] For a long time, Sardinia would be ruled in the same way as it was during the Spanish period, with its own parliament and government being composed exclusively of men from the Mainland. If it is a smaller city or village they lived in back then, but no From May to September, Thomson (0844 871 0878; flies from Gatwick. The Savoyard kings proceeded to expand their domains through the Unification of Italy: Sardinia, being already part of the Piedmontese Kingdom from the very beginning, automatically joined the new polity, which changed its name to become the Kingdom of Italy in 1861. Inland, the spectacle is no less dramatic, especially in the north and east, where forbidding peaks look down on endless expanses of aromatic macchia (maquis) and ancient cork forests strewn with weird, wind-blasted boulders. [2][113] In fact, this strong sense of regional identity does not seem to benefit any regional party at all, as it is also combined with lack of political engagement and a general distrust in institutions and parties, including those putting emphasis on Sardinian identity;[101] moreover, the nationalist movement has a well-documented history of fractionalization:[45][114] all attempts to unify the nationalist subgroups have so far failed; thus, the Sardist movement still suffers from being highly fragmented into a large number of political subgroups pushing different policies. For memorable views over the Pelosa's Caribbean-coloured waters, La Pelosetta Residence & Hotel (00 39 079 527188; has a range of sea-facing rooms and modest self-catering apartments, as well as a smart beachfront restaurant. Also, be aware that more and more people are doing away with home telephones, … CALABRIA: Catanzaro (CZ), Cosenza (CS), Crotone (KR), Reggio Calabria (RC), Vibo Valentia (VV). Directory is in Italian only. If your search returned too many results, you can always limit to a smaller area (region or province), or, conversely, widen the results to a province or region. As close to North Africa as it is to the Italian mainland, Sardinia is one of Italy's top summer destinations. The surname might be enough. If you do not insert the place, the engine will search throughout Italy. [42] Some cultural circles, like Città-Campagna and Su Populu Sardu, also drew militants from the extra-parliamentary groups based on the island, and saw many Sardinian university students joining in.

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