It means that everyone that reads the psalm can Make an effort to be strong, and the strength will be given thee, as thou makest it. Be of good courage in endeavouring to spread the faith which you have received. 1999. On the other hand, anger can mount the throne and govern the life in a day. "There shines on him [the psalmist] a sun that sets not and knows no eclipse. Verse Note; (1.) Figure of speech Apostrophe. But as nothing is more difficult than to give God the honor of relying upon him, when he hides himself from us, or delays his assistance, David stirs himself up to collect strength; as if he had said, If fearfulness steal upon thee; if temptation shake thy faith; if the feelings of the flesh rise in tumult, do not faint; but rather endeavor to rise above them by an invincible resolution of mind. Every act of impurity intensifies the feeling of lust. "Peter Pett's Commentary on the Bible ". Undertake great things for Christ. turn aside in fear? Still hope and trust in the Lord. He is faithful as well as all powerful. If we can exercise no dominion over our feelings the ungrateful man should be regarded with tenderest pity as the poor victim of a hard and petrifying rage. To seek the favour of God; q.d. 1. Looking to the future, we may imagine greater trials and distresses than we have yet encountered (verse 3). Psalms 92:11, Authorized Version, but leave out the words in italics; Psalms 37:34 -47.) 1905. Nature cannot accomplish this: none but He can bring it about, who giveth might to the weary and sufficient strength to the weak. A vocabulary is a list of Every act of greed strengthens the feeling of avarice. One day, God will This is how you can show Psalm 27 is one psalm and not two Never think to gain anything by paltering with duty. I. wait in prayer. Till now the danger which threatens him is as prominent an object as the salvation and defence were before." Whom shall I fear?…Of whom shall I be afraid? https: The expression is proverbial. WORKS UPON THE TWENTY-SEVENTH PSALM Excellent Encouragements against Afflictions, containing David's Triumph over Distress; or an Exposition of Psalm 27. Our heart is strengthened by waiting upon God, because we thus receive a mysterious strength through the incoming of the Eternal Spirit into our souls. And lead me in a smooth path, because of my enemies. Other "When I sit in darkness," says Micah, "the Lord shall be a Light unto me" (Micah 7:8). A kind-hearted woman lived there, and when she had opened the door and seen the beggar, she ran back into the kitchen to get him something to eat. And my Salvation (comp. (2) We are to wait on God in His ordinances with faith and perseverance. With an effort of faith, the writer just saves himself from despair (Psalms 27:14), and then, in brave words, braces himself up for further endurance. III. These cookies collect information that is used either in aggregate form to help us understand how our website is being used or how effective our marketing campaigns are, or to help us customize our website and application for you in order to enhance your experience. II. But faith must always live above experience. Suppose that you find you are becoming possessed by the spirit of anger, and that passion is rising within you like an angry flood, and you feel as though you were about to be overcome, and the flood is going to merge in indiscreet and bitter and violent speech. II. 1. Psalm 27 Commentary Verse 14. If sure of the one, why ask for the other? The plant revives. It is quite conceivable that during the rebellion under Absalom, having obtained some important success, he may have considered it an occasion for thanksgiving; and that, after his thanks were paid, his thoughts may have reverted to the still-continuing difficulties of the situation, the danger which impended (Psalms 27:11, Psalms 27:12), the calumnies to which he was exposed (Psalms 27:12), the desertion of those near and dear to him (Psalms 27:10), the fact that the chastisement had been provoked by his own sin (Psalms 27:9); and so the strain, which began in jubilation, may not unnaturally have ended in a plea for mercy. (2.) vocabulary) on Psalm 27. v9   Do not hide your David believed that because God gave him help in the past Heaven is taken by violence. Yea, God's love and care make them so happy that they must give vent to their joy as with trumpet-song. If we have no confidence in him, and of enjoying those pleasures with him in which he himself takes delight, it is no wonder if we faint, and have not courage enough to wait; but if we have that cordial, a belief, that, after all our humiliation here below, and after all the violence of our enemies, and being trampled on by them, we shall at last be so far lifted above them as to fit by him on his heavenly throne, the talk will not be greater than we can through grace undergo, patiently to wait his time for the accomplishment of so transcendant an honour and favour to us. But he has not left us to vague trust (reasonable though that would have been). Religious men find it more easy to bear evil than to wait till the promised good he enjoyed; Hebrews 10:36, the spoiling of their goods required patience; but this more than ordinary. A PATH EASY TO SEE; free from intricacy and obscurity. II. We have here. PERSONAL TRUST IN GOD, AS THE LORD OUR GOD AND OUR REDEEMER. The seasons come and go. "Sermon Bible Commentary". He thinks that he hears a voice Isaiah 25:9. This is not a 1857. I will look for him in his palace. There are other feelings which are largely contingent upon the flesh, and which seek their gratification exclusively in the ways of the flesh. There is no known character and career in Scripture that would correspond to this psalm as well as those of David. There are hours of perplexity when the willing spirit anxiously desires to serve, but knows not how. It may be one of the greatest ends for which the affliction we labour under is applied to us, to reform and reduce us, and root out the passion and impatience of our nature; and God is too good a physician to remove the medicine before it hath wrought its effect, or to put us out of his hand before he hath cured us. "E.W. How, then, can we get this fine, valorous disposition? Put where they are in the Only trust in the Lord, and do right, and one by one you will see your foes stumble and fall, and you will be left in possession of the field, more than conqueror, through him that loveth you.". In Hebrew it is " . inside him that says, "Look for my face". I wish to discuss what I may call the aristocracy of the feelings. How wonderful have been God’s deliverances of His people. Then she came to the door with the food in her hand and called after him. The lowly in heart find Him. There is not only the revelation of ourselves, but the revelation of God.

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