A vanity is your avatar specific to a server. 2. You can change your avatar with one line of a command and your future messages will transform into your new avatar. -------------------------------------------------- 2352 This is the picture used for your profile which can be changed in your settings. ---- To get a channel ID, turn Developer Mode on in Discord, then right-click on the target channel and click "Copy ID". var:toggle_engraved_id ---- Example: @SUPER MECH M500 or "SUPER MECH M500#2352" -- Use this command to turn said feature off. This feature-set allows you to block Ram from transforming your message if it is in a certain channel or starts with a certain prefix. Your ownership of a vanity message is acquired using a special method Ram uses to engrave your messages with your ID. -- This won't work if name doesn't exist in your closet. You can change your avatar with one line of a command and your future messages will transform into your new avatar. Owner: unknown #0000 Library: discord.js. Go here, click on your bot and then click on the empty blue circle under app icon. Note: This command functions very similar to the var:blacklist command. -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -- name is required to distinguish between closet entries. Specifies as a message with a description of how commands are included in the bot. var:see_server_blacklists Also consider blacklisting the bot's prefix. You may notice this here: var:set_vanity With this bot, roleplay doesn't have to be played with a profile picture intended for work or other communities. First, click the cog in the bottom left of the side menu: Next, press the "My Account" button: Then, press your profile picture (as highlited in the below image): All you need to do is select your desired image from your album and then press the save button. These can be managed cross-server because they are tied to your user id. This, however, can make emoji-only messages appear in-line instead of large. ---- channal-add or ch-a - add a channel to turn vanity avatars off for that channel. -- If multiple file attachments are added, the first one is used. This applies only in this server. ---- A URL cannot be provided to substitute this. Use your earned achievements and credits to show-off how you want to! The only few differences:\. I’m not quite familiar with that field, sorry. -------------------------------------------------- ---- This won't be a problem if a user with Manage Messages permission is available. -- You require the "Manage Server" permission in the target server to do this. DUE TO THE 100 SERVER LIMIT, THE BOT CANNOT JOIN MORE SERVERS. Using the downloaded app won't work; you must access the website online so you can use Inspect Element. Owner: unknown #0000 Prefix: . ------ Whether or not a user is blocked is an attribute of a user's vanity status. Assigns your avatar, or who mention avatar, as a message..avatar @user. This feature-set allows you to store your favorite vanities into a Key:Value dictionary. If you have already made a bot user, you need to change the bot's avatar programmatically. var:remove_vanity Commands. With web configuration, moderation, anti-spam, auto roles, music, custom commands, and much more! You have the option to blacklist channels from transforming your messages. React to a message with "❌" to delete a vanity message. -- You may also attach an image to your message to disregard your current vanity avatar if you have one on or not. SirThane# You must be logged in to upvote bots! 1. -- A bot could detect your original message, operate, and then detect the transformed version, and operate again. Powered by GitBook. -- This "quick_delete" feature allows user who find it difficult to react to delete their message provides them a shortcut for 5 seconds. Profile Picture Bot #6131. Ilexis# -------------------------------------------------- -- You cannot add closet entries with the same name as one already in your closet. If not, you may get an error response. With a little browser workaround, you can download a Discord user's profile picture to your computer. Sending a message starting with a prefix in your blacklist will not transform it. -------------------------------------------------- Sends a message with the vanity avatar of closet entry name. Specifies the photo of the person you are tagging. Profile Picture Bot The bot that will allow you to get the avatars you envy!

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