Google Pixel battery not charging? Most of the time, it will only take less than 20 minutes to swap your battery with a new one. Let us do your back glass repair and save you from buying a new phone. After we inspect your device, we will identify the problem and suggest an adequate service. Do you have any problem on your GOOGLE PIXEL to make it able to charge it? We are offering you also the best warranty and quality parts on repairs. Many experts have suggested that it’s probably a bad connection with the motherboard that leads to this problem. Please submit your order again. Here in Boulder Phone Repair, we will do our best to fix your back glass and make it look like just brand new again. This means that you have to strengthen battery connections. To help people fix Google Pixel 4 XL battery issues, we have created this guide that includes solutions for the most common problems with this phone part. We are here to help you and to fix your charge port. Next, a sudden drop may have caused this issue. At Boulder Phone Repair, we can fix your GOOGLE PIXEL and make it look brand new again. We can understand that having an GOOGLE PIXEL broken screen could be terrifying, but do not worry about it. It will not be a problem for us to fix a broken screen, battery problems or even charging issues. It does not matter if your GOOGLE PIXEL has the worst or specific issue, we recommend you not to worry about and bring it to us for a free diagnostic. We want you to know that anything is fixable in your GOOGLE PIXEL from a broken camera glass to Wifi issues. Fix battery drain problems on a Pixel phone. So, the button is draining the last juice from your device. This means that you have to keep your fingers pressed on the power button to keep using your Google Pixel 4 XL. It can very frustrating that you left your phone charging for hours and the battery does not get charged at all. That could be a sign that your charging port may be broken and it needs to be replaced. There are several reasons for you to have a battery replacement. Most repairs done in an hour or less. Some of the wires/chips are loose and that makes it difficult for the phone to use the battery in the right way. You will get the best service and get the best technician to get your device repaired. The exact reason why Google Pixel 4 XL battery swelling occurs is different from phone to phone. Again, water can affect all the internal system of your GOOGLE PIXEL and it needs to be fixed immediately. Do you have a battery problem on your GOOGLE PIXEL? We are capable of performing Charging Port Repair. This is not a very common problem, but it’s something that a few users of Google Pixel 4 XL have experienced in the past year. Get affordable and fast Google Pixel XL repair near you. After we inspect your device, we will identify the problem and suggest an adequate service. According to some experts in this field, maybe you are leaving you are using the charger for a very long period (you are leaving your phone on charge even after the battery is completely full). We Come to You! Additionally, we will provide a few other helpful tips. If that happens, it is our expertise to fix it. When left untreated, this problem can lead to additional damage. Other devices, LG, Samsung, Motorola,  Nokia typically 30-45 minutes to repair. Keep in mind that sometimes it’s a software issue that makes the smartphone turn off. After that, you are holding the power button to turn it on, but once you release it, the phone turns off. We are offering you also the best warranty and quality parts on repairs. Do you have problems with your Google Pixel 4 XL smartphone? Device: Screen repair price: Battery replacement prices: All other repair prices: Pixel: £110: £60: £20 - £100: Pixel XL: £130: £60: £20 - £100: Pixel 2: £150 In any case, there are different Google Pixel 4 XL battery issues, but there are also solutions for these issues. Stop this practice to prevent the problem. When your 4 XL needs anything from a screen repair to a battery replacement, CPR has the parts, tools, and experience to get the job done right – quickly and hassle-free. The technicians will find the loose or damaged part and find a solution. The faster you get to a repair professional once the damage happens, the better the chance at a full recovery. To activate your phone, you have to hold the power button for a few seconds. If so, your phone may have a broken screen, and you should get a repair as soon as possible. Battery Replacement: $ 79: ... You will get the best service and get the best technician to get your device repaired. Your order is still being processed. First of all, you can ask Google for replacement, but you have to prove that it’s a hardware issue that’s not caused by your actions. Please call ahead if you have time constraints for a repair. Even if you take extra special care with it, they will wear out. Finally, you can try fixing it yourself. Eastside's only repair center that can repair the Google Pixel and Pixel XL. In cases like this, it doesn’t matter how much people are charging their phone or using it, it’s stuck at 50%. Don’t refresh the page. We Can Fix It! Batteries do not last forever. So, you can completely transistors as we have specialist in house who can take complete care of all kinds of issues you might have with your respective device. For example, you are not even using your phone, the battery indicates that it is in good health and the phone keeps turning off. Keep in mind that sometimes you will notice that the phone is hot after charging it. Is your Google Pixel 4 XL acting weird? We compared Google Pixel battery replacement options and costs so you can decide whether to fix it yourself or pay a battery replacement service. Screen Fixed is in no way affiliated with Apple, Inc, Samsung, OnePlus, Huawei or Google, Inc., but we do love them and the products they create. Do Not Waste Your Time. At One Hour Device Repair, we offer something unique, and we are eager to get your cell phone or tablet working optimally. ... As Canada’s preeminent device repair company, we have locations from coast-to-coast. Despite the fact that your GOOGLE PIXEL may be waterproof, believe us that we have seen and repaired a lot of water damaged phones. However, we would love to make sure if your GOOGLE PIXEL does not have other problems that are affecting your device functioning properly. We will do our best for bringing your best friend back to life, so make an appointment today for your Google Pixel Repair. For $149 you will get your phone fixed (you’ll get a new premium-quality battery). ... We provide a free diagnostic and battery check with every service; We offer a full line of reconditioned and new products for sale or trade; We stock parts for all major brands Well, you are standing on the right place as we are highly acclaimed in the business when it comes to providing Google pixel screen repair services to Google pixel battery replacement services. Our repair store can handle both hardware and software issues. Most iPhone repairs can be done within 15-30 minutes. You should monitor the battery and see whether the percentages are going down normally or rapidly. Unfortunately, they can be broken if you drop them on a hard surface, but fortunately, we can also fix back glass of GOOGLE PIXEL. We have helped dozens of owners with Google Pixel 4 XL battery (and other) issues. This problem is not exclusive to Google Pixel 4 XL – it can happen to anyone. NOTE: Google will replace a faulty battery for free if your Pixel is still within its standard 12-month warranty period. Have you noticed a question mark on the battery indicator of your Google Pixel 4 XL? So, you’ve decided to restart your phone by pressing the power button. After we run a quick diagnostic, we will give you an accurate quote and we will get your GOOGLE PIXEL screen replacement done very quickly. Consider the following: We service the following areas in and around the Seattle area: Contact us today and let one of our technicians ensure that you don’t miss that important call or text. Next, you can look for a professional repair service provider. Copyright 2019 Boulder Phone Repair by boulderphonerepair | All Rights Reserved. * iPad’s can take 2-3 hours to complete depending on workload. We have helped dozens of owners with Google Pixel 4 XL battery (and other) issues. You may think that you need another phone, but before that please bring your broken GOOGLE PIXEL, and we will do our best to bring it back to life. Even though the Google Pixel 4 XL phone was released in October 2019, some users have experienced battery issues. In this case, there’s something wrong with the hardware and has to be checked by a professional. Our repair store can handle both hardware and software issues.

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