This has to be one of the most loved and used kitchen appliance I have in my home. Less hassle like cleaning up those greasy oil if using conventional way to cook The greatest helper! Dengan adanya Philips All In One Presure,kerja memasak menjadi lebih mudah dan cepat..Bagi isteri bekerja seperti saya,amat memerlukan alat seperti ini..Untk memasak 3/4 hidangan tidak memakan masa yang amat lama tidak seperti sebelum ini.. Break spaghetti in half stir ensure pasta is just covered by liquid add more water if needed, pressure cook 15 minutes, perfect. Not so bitter. 50 x great recipes with many showing 2 cooking methods – a which pressure cook or a leisurely slow cook. Every house should have this in their house. Terutama tulang daging , sangat cepat lembut.walau harga mahal bagi saya, tapi disebabkan kualiti dan sangat membantu dalam masakan, jadi sangat berbaloi untuk memiliki! Any cook should be able to adjust temperature – this goes without saying. . Philips All-in-One Pressure Cooker HD 2137 Review + Rendang Tok Perak Recipe Try out Jun 12, 2017. If you have grown up with a steady diet of all things related to video games, Star Wars, Star Trek, sci-fi, gadgets, toys, Transformers one way or another, this will be your second home. Login to leave a review. Sangat membantu saya di dapur. It is very safe to use. Stews and Soups are made easy also can be prepared in a jiffy with its multi-function menu setting. Was looking at other multi, fry, air cookers but ended up being this multi at Noel Leeming. No more wasting time to prepare lunch and dinner. It also gave me the chance to add in mince meat and sliced pork, so that the meat would not be overcooked. Saya beli dengan harga yg sngat murah masa shopee sale. Valuable for money. 这个phillips all-in-one 的气压锅 让我们在忙碌了一整天回到家 半个小时就可以煮出几道美味佳肴。真的太棒了. elianimaisarah51 No hassle in preparing dishes and cooking pressurised dish is easy and convenient. The food is cooked to perfection and we would be lost without it! Very great product, easy to cook, multi function. It’s easy to use and can cook such a variety of dishes with no fuss and no mess. My latest creation in the wonder machine is ‘Middle Eastern Chicken’ delicious easy & on the table an about half an hour! The end result is a sleek looking machine that looks great in your kitchen, without looking like an appliance. Tak perlu risau kuah atau sup kering apabila masak sup, atau gulai. Paling best rebus sup tulang sekejap je dah empuk dan lembut je bila dimakan. 5)All in one,all type of dishes can be cook using this cooker!truly love this product.. sangat memudahkan kerja kerja memasak. Winner! It’s like a miracle machine which makes cooking easy and fast.Highly recommended, will always have one in the kitchen. Since I used the Risotto mode for this, the final version was more to my liking, and not hers. Walupun harga agak mahal,tapi berbaloi dengan pelbagai kegunaan. Pressure cooker mmg Owesome ? Still, making lamb shank or prawn noodles from scratch in under an hour is nothing to scoff at. Because the lid here is a hinged on, the underside of the lid comes with a removable plate and rubber seal/gasket that reveals the pressure release knob. Reccommend to come out smaller size product for cooking. Hanya tekan button yg kita mahu. Once you seal the pot, it takes some time to build up the pressure before the cooking timing starts. It really is quite easy to use and clean. Preparing 7 to 8 dishes within an half hour is impossible if cook using traditional way. It does not take much time to cook especially during Hari Raya, I don’t feel the meat is toughed anymore. I’m using it since one year ago. Unlike the earlier models from Philips, which look like gold/black versions of the world famous Instant Pot appliance that has the button controls on the front, and a removable lid, the HD2145 looks more like a modern rice cooker – the longish unit has a hinged lid as well as a touchscreen display that manages all the settings. With Philips All-In-One Pressure Cooker, I able prepare my food 8x faster. 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Tak payah da tunggu lama2 nak masak lauk.. Wajib ada 1 di rumah anda ❤? I’m still loving my Philips & ever so grateful to have been chosen for this review. ITS FANTASTIC well worth the money. I could go on… Great product, now Philips lets just get a web page with recipes only for this product. For the first time, I didn’t believe this thing can cook a rice in only two minute, after trying to cook nasi tomato in only 7 minute, I feeling in love with this one pressure pot.

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