Soft plastics like Gitzits and Senko worms are quickly pursued by largemouth bass that can reach sizes up to 8 to 10 pounds and will put a bend in your rod, Nesbit said. Fully guided charter trips. Anglers who eat their catch should review the state Environment Department Fish Consumption Advisories for more information regarding tests done on fish at various bodies of water throughout the state, including the contaminants found and the recommended levels of consumption. They will take a well placed fly, like the cicada pattern, but stealth is important in catching one of these monsters, Nesbit says. While motoring along in Nesbit’s 18.5 foot long, bass boat powered by a 175 horsepower, outboard motor, we happened to spy a couple of fish swirling about the surface under an overhanging rock along the rocky shore line. The river shorelines below the dam are also part of the state park. These big fish are social animals that tend to travel in groups and can often be seen swimming just below the surface. Nesbit had fished using traditional means for years, particularly when living out in California on the Sacramento River where he chased steelhead trout. The river shorelines below the dam are also part of the state park. Distance from Albuquerque: 195 miles. “I’ve seen squalls come up and cover this lake with four foot waves just like that,” Nesbit said with snap of his fingers. Navajo Lake is the second largest lake in the state, with multiple campgrounds, two marinas, and two boat docks. Navajo Lake: Fishing was good using finesse worms, tubes, jigs, curly tail grubs, crawdad flies, crank baits and chatter baits for smallmouth bass and largemouth bass up to 4.5 pounds. The hottest time for small mouth bass is generally from mid-March through mid-June and then again in the fall from mid September through November, Nesbit says. Navajo Lake once held the state’s smallmouth bass record for a 22-inch, six pound, 14-ounce fish caught back in 1999. How To Get To Navajo Lake Two shoreline areas near the dam in New Mexico are part of the Navajo Lake State Park. Distance from Albuquerque: 195 miles. Navajo is a haven for boaters of every stripe – motorized boaters, canoers, kayakers, … During a day on the lake with a guide like Nesbit, anglers can conceivably catch all of these species as well as crappie, bluegill and perch and catfish. The construction of the dam and the resulting lake flooded and destroyed one of the Navajos' most sacred sites.[2]. Navajo Lake is a reservoir located in San Juan County and Rio Arriba County[1] in northwestern New Mexico, in the southwestern United States. And that’s when you have to decide either to seek shelter in a cove and ride it out or run for shore. It’s where the real money is as the river draws thousands of anglers to its banks every year with most coming from out of state and in need of a guide. Nesbit set the hook as we all laughed in amazement and then reeled in a nice small mouth bass, just one of dozens we caught that day. And if anybody’s actually eating their daily limit of fish caught in some New Mexico lakes, they might want to consult the state’s advisories about heavy metals and other toxins found in fish, Nesbit said. Navajo Reservoir is a 15600 acre lake located in San Juan County. His is Dad was a chemical engineer, and his Mom, a homemaker and part time waitress, used to take him and his older brother, Paul, camping and fishing in the Pecos and Jemez Mountains, when they were kids. Fish Species: Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, Kokanee Salmon, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Yellow Perch, Crappie, Bluegill, & Northern Pike. 7,067 were here. Elevation: 6,085 feet. Navajo Lake fishing guide Rob Degner. After ten years in the guide business, Nesbit is optimistic about the San Juan River’s future. Carp are thought to emit a scent or electromagnetic signal that alerts other carp in the area to danger, accounting for their ability to all disappear just as a lure splash lands in their vicinity, Nesbit said. Lake Fishing Rates 1 person - $210 a half-day, $280 a day 2 people - $285 a half-day, $385 a day 3-6 people - $320 a half-day, $425 a day A half-day is 4 hours; a day is 8 hours.

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