Increased water levels in streams used by Louisiana Waterthrush would likely have negative effects on the reproductive productivity of the species by reducing the number of available nesting areas in flash-flood conditions or by depleting food resources through an increase in stream flow. 2008. The State of North America’s Birds 2016 North America has ninety species of wood-warblers in twenty-six genera; included in this family are the yellowthroats, a seemingly dizzying array of warblers, and the waterthrushes. Mulvihill, R.S., F.L. Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources, Bird Studies Canada, Environment Canada. The species winters from northern Mexico south to central Panama, and throughout the Greater Antilles and some smaller Caribbean islands (COSEWIC 2006, Mattsson et al. Environment Canada, Ottawa. Mulvihill and W.D. Furthermore, thinned forests can lead to erosion and run off along steep-sided slopes. Master, T. L., R. S. Mulvihill, R. C. Leberman, J. Sanchez, and E. Carman. Critically Imperiled – Critically imperiled in the jurisdiction because of extreme rarity (often 5 or fewer occurrences) or because of some factor(s) such as very steep declines making it especially vulnerable to extirpation. Cowbirds lay their eggs in host species’ nests during the breeding season, where they are then cared for by the host adults. var gaJsHost = (("https:" == document.location.protocol) ? undergrowth (Prosser and Brooks 1998) near rapid-flowing water of hill and Deforestation rates in South and Central America, where the Louisiana Waterthrush winters, are among the highest in the world (FAO2006). The number of fledglings produced was lower in areas disturbed by shale gas, suggesting these disturbed areas cannot produce enough fledglings to offset adult mortality. Louisiana Waterthrush, we examined various ecological characteristics of breeding territories in relation to reproductive success. Louisiana Waterthrush foraging behavior and microhabitat selection in southern Illinois. and Dendroica Environnement et Faune (2006, 2007). Wildlife with specialized habitat needs that overlap forested areas undergoing shale gas development may be the most vulnerable to disturbance, which made the waterthrush an ideal organism to assess potential demographic consequences from shale gas development. Habitat: Brooks, ravines, wooded swamps. Butcher, D.W. Dedmarest, E.H. Dunn, W.C. Hunter, E.E. They act as filters to pollutants that run off the land from farms, towns and cities. Not Applicable – species is not a suitable target for conservation activities. Partners in Flight North American Landbird Conservation Plan. Beck, D. Lepage, and A.R. It’s our duty to keep our true north strong and green. Over a six-year period, researchers examined how increased shale gas development influenced waterthrush demography. The Louisiana Waterthrush also prefers to make its home along moving water, whereas the Northern Waterthrush favours swamp forests with a coniferous element. This bird is an extremely fast feeder, These trends could lead to flooding and drought conditions in areas where Louisiana Waterthrush are found. UPDATE – Conservation Reserves is open for all recreational activities as of May 22, 2020. Louisiana Waterthrush: Breeds throughout the eastern states, from Minnesota, southern Ontario and central New England south to Texas and Georgia. The Louisiana Waterthrush is a relatively large member of the wood-warbler family (Parulidae). The WV Unit initiated research on Louisiana Waterthrush in 2009 when shale gas development began at their study area. 2)  Patches of 'bottomland' forest (wetland deciduous shrub and forest) Forested land used by Louisiana Waterthrush may be threatened by thinning of forests (COSEWIC 2006) due to logging and other forest management activities, which increases the amount of sunlight that reaches streams used as foraging areas.

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