This experiment employed the molar ratio of nitrite ions to chloride ions (NO 2 − /Cl −) as a test parameter. Definitions of molecular mass, molecular weight, molar mass and molar weight. Preparation. ››Lithium Nitrate molecular weight. It is a nitrogen oxoanion, a member of reactive nitrogen species and a monovalent inorganic anion. Lithium nitrite LiNO2 structure Molecular Formula LiNO2 Average mass 52.946 Da Density Boiling Point Flash Point Molar Refractivity Polarizability Surface Tension Molar Volume Predicted This study concluded that a lithium nitrite dosage of 0.6 in the nitrite-chloride ion molar ratio is a successful dosage for mortar containing chlorides. Molecular mass (molecular weight) is the mass of one molecule of a substance and is expressed in the unified atomic mass units (u). Molar mass of LiNO3 = 68.9459 g/mol Convert grams Lithium Nitrate to moles or moles Lithium Nitrate to grams. It will calculate the total mass along with the elemental composition and mass of each element in the compound. Finding Molar Mass. Lithium nitrite can also be prepared by the reaction of nitric oxide (NO) with lithium hydroxide (LiOH) as shown below: 4NO + 2LiOH → 2LiNO 2 + N 2 O + H 2 O Molecular weight calculation: 6.941 + 14.0067 + 15.9994*3 • HNO2 + LiOH = H2O + LiNO2 :: Chemistry Applications:: Nitrite is the nitrogen oxoanion formed by loss of a proton from nitrous acid.It has a role as a human metabolite. Lithium nitrate (LiNO 3) will undergo thermal decomposition above 500 °C to yield the evolution of lithium nitrite and oxygen as in the following reaction:. Structure, properties, spectra, suppliers and links for: Lithium nitrite, 13568-33-7. Examples: Fe, Au, Co, Br, C, O, N, F. You can use parenthesis or brackets []. It is a conjugate base of a nitrous acid. Lithium Nitrite LiNO2 Molar Mass, Molecular Weight. Use uppercase for the first character in the element and lowercase for the second character. 2LiNO 3 → 2LiNO 2 + O 2 (at ~500 °C).

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