There had been various times I considered buying it for the 360 but I'm glad I waited, Sine Mora and the PS Vita are a perfect match. The title is a visual tour-de-force on the Vita's OLED screen, enhanced by a mature narrative with anthropomorphic, Hungarian-speaking characters, an original, haunting soundtrack from renowned Silent Hill composer Akira Yamaoka, and some of the best shooter dynamics of this generation. This is great. And yes, beating this mode unlocks a Trophy, so no matter how hard it is, you’re going to try and complete it, aren’t you? The Vita version looks great. We wanted to include something memorable — a game mode which is more difficult than other parts of the game on insane difficulty setting. Or if that would ever be thought of as an expansion later down the road. Some games are made to be cheap digital only titles. Looking forward to getting all sets; your concept artists are incredibly skilled! I’m afraid these artworks are not included in the PS3 version, so unlocking them is not an option without an update or dlc, which is not planned atm. Don’t worry if you won’t initially succeed. review by Asher Asghar Thu 29th Nov 2012; Share: 1; The side-scrolling shooter genre, so prominent in the 8-bit and 16-bit era Liebt seine PS Vita, seinen Hund und Wordpress. Hosted by 44 Bytes. Quick question on the distance traveled thing: is that cumulative as to how far Near has tracked overall, or just since I’ve purchased Sine Mora? Having exclusive levels is cool, but a brand new game mode is even better. Your ships feel nimble but powerful; the primary weapon, upgradable to a factor of 9, is a sight to behold at maximum capacity, but is still perfectly serviceable should you lose all of your power-ups. This is all great but where is the PSN Store update!! The story is stylishly narrated and the game is so smooth to play. SINE MORA is a horizontal shoot'em up that provides a unique take on challenge, where time is the ultimate factor. Senior Manager of Game Services Content, SIE. Best visuals I’ve seen in a SHMUP in ages and your artistic achievement looks stunning on Vita’s OLED screen. If you visit Grashopper’s studio in Tokyo, you’ll get them all. This game I've been waiting months for and it's actually exceeded those expectations. PlayStation gamers had to wait the longest, but we hope you will be satisfied with the results. Those forerunners, however, tested lightning reflexes and memory skills, offering supreme playability across a variety of titles: Sanxion, Salamander, Raiden, Xenon II: Megablast, Axelay, Ikaruga, Panzer Dragoon Orta, and, now, a bona fide candidate for the best of modern times, Sine Mora. I know I already made a comment, but my first was made while downloading. The genre-staple health bar is eschewed for a constantly depleting clock, which denotes game over upon reaching zero. In fact I’m downloading the Plus content for Vita right now as I type. Leidenschaftlicher Gamer, Ehemann und IT-Berater. Hold on there, you need to login to post a comment... Review Spirit of the North: Enhanced Edition (PS5) - A Beautifully Brief Adventure, Review Devil May Cry 5: Special Edition (PS5) - The Definitive Version of a Truly Exceptional Action Game, Mini Review Overcooked: All You Can Eat - Remastered Culinary Co-Op Is Still a Tasty Treat, Mini Review Rocket Arena - Competent Shooter May Be Fun for Free, Review Just Cause 4 - An Explosive Open World Romp. This game reminds me of one of my favourite DOS games (Stargunner). If the developers are responding to this that would be great. Senior Combat Designer, Sucker Punch Productions, Adam Michel Have been waiting forever for this to move from Microsoft to Playstation and Steam. @1 Thanks for the comment, I had no idea I could be download Vita Plus content right now. Can’t wait to get my hands on “Under Defeat HD” once I’m back home. Website © 2020 Sony Interactive Entertainment. It’s when publishers who bring over retail games as digital only ala: New Little King’s Story when it should be an issue. . The collision detection is also satisfyingly exact, meaning that the game never feels unfair. Controls adhere to basic shooter scripture: the left analogue stick handles movement, the X button operates your primary weapon, while the Circle input is reserved for secondary attacks such as homing missiles. I agree with the other guy that said it would be nice if we could pay $15 and get both versions (in addition to being able to purchase them separately at $9.99). Awesome idea and gorgeous artwork (unlocked the first set already as my university is over 4 km away ^^). Want to play this but no physical copy = no buy. * Mindestbestellwert 20 USD - Aufladekarten sind ausgenommen. I wasn't sure if it was for me before, but you've sold me, Asher! Sine Mora uses a different way to gauge damage - time. Great games for all!!! Crap, it actually looks really good. Michael House Between a new challenge mode, the collaboration of a Japanese shoot’em up giant, and the special abilities of the PS Vita hardware, we truly think the wait for Sine Mora on PS3 and PS Vita was worth it – these versions are the richest we could possibly deliver. 11.08.2012 Es sind weitere Bilder zu Spiel veröffentlicht worden. Publisher: Digital Reality. Sine Mora is launching on PS3 and PS Vita today, including some content that was cut from other versions of the game. Does that mean all the artwork will be unlocked once I switch my Vita on back home? Nobody chose Latin ever before, as far as I am aware. We’re especially proud of how the PS Vita version turned out — neither the framerate nor the resolution was sacrificed, delivering the highest possible rendition of our original vision on a handheld. Senior Partnerships Brand Manager, Theodore Fishman I don’t like that some games only offer a Cross-Buy price but no stand alone prices, if that makes sense. Will this game be released on disc ? Oh, wait, it HAS published! Game Info. What made the aforementioned luminaries classics was their combination of stylised graphics, satisfying weaponry, memorable audio, and precise, balletic shooting mechanics. Nov 20, 2012 (0) View all videos . Under Defeat however . Edit:// Kudos for the concept art goes to Grasshopper’s concept artists and to Maeda-san! 3 2 g b n o t e n o u g h ( ∩ ︵ ∩ ). Amazing job guys. Played the demo and it’s pretty awesome!! Bought the unlock key yesterday and finally checked the travelling system out as well. We’ve tried to find a way to show how much we respect their work, and during the last weeks of the development, Theodore Reiker (the project’s director) was able to negotiate a deal with them — we got to include Wilhelmine Muller, a heroine of G.rev’s Under Defeat as a token of our appreciation. Grasshopper Manufacture and Digital Reality have blended those ingredients effortlessly in this definitive release. Hopefully this still has the 3D Stereoscopic option! Oh, and thanks eveybody involved!!! If you bought Wipeout HD + Fury, then you have the DLC for Wipeout 2048. @ 31 ok i have the wipeout 2048 that came with plus today but wipeout hd fury bundle still has a price on it do u just mean the add on content. Anyways, Sine Mora is awesome, beautiful and incredibly tough, thank you guys! I prefer physical discs to PSN digital copies. Would love to gaze at it from a big screen in addition to Vita’s OLED gorgeousness. Typo: “care for” in earlier post. :D Mature themes, great graphics/aesthetics, great mechanics. Version Reviewed: European. Too bad it’s rated M! Sine Mora is launching on PS3 and PS Vita today, including some content that was cut from other versions of the game. Nice trailer. yourPSVita ist deine Newsseite rund um die Playstation Vita. During the development process, we identified five distinct skills the players have to acquire to master the game: evasion, aim, time management, weapon handling and using time capsules. I was wondering if this game had co-op mode? Thanks for your support! OMG that spider enemy, reminds me of, of, of……………….EINHANDER!!!!!!!! @ 12 where do you see WipEout HD + Fury bundle for free ? büszkék vagyunk rátok). If I were a developer it doesn’t really seem to deserve an “M” rating thus Possibly reducing the number of people who might play it. The catch is, we want you to make some effort to unlock them all – the more you travel with your PS Vita, the more concept art you get. I proud of you Digital Reality :D, Hungaryan :( Jó látni, hogy van még Magyar fejlesztőcsapat aki a világ élvonalába tartozik. Immensely satisfying gameplay and one to show off to Vita naysayers in particular. Remove the pages of text too as an option and let me just play the game. Es sind weitere Bilder zu Spiel veröffentlicht worden. When you start a stage, a timer begins to count down. Can’t wait to try the PS Vita version of the game especially, assuming there’s a demo, when the Store publishes later today. I’ll mention this again in the Store post, but it appears you can get WipEout HD + Fury bundle (which I already have through the 2011 PSN snafu) for free when you download those tracks for WipEout 2048….

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