You can either use your spade to separate the fern or your fingers and a pair of gardening scissors/pruners. Take a sharp pair of gardening scissors and literally cut through the roots until you have separated the plant into two parts. It can grow outdoors year round in U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 9 through 10, either in the ground or potted, and can also do well grown indoors as a large houseplant in any region. Can you advise me of what to do? To divide your fern take it out of the nursery container it was purchased in and lay it on its side. And as long as you keep it well watered, your in-ground or potted fern should reward you with dramatic, sweeping foliage. This can be done in two ways: Simply pull out a clump of the fern, with a little bit of the rhizome attached to it. To divide fern plants with underground stems, or rhizomes, use a clean, sharp knife to cut the root ball into halves or quarters and loosen the roots. If you enjoy growing ferns and have room to spare, give a Macho fern (Nephrolepsis biserrta 'Macho') a place in your garden or indoor environment. I assume these are not considered tropicals for you since you are gardening in Florida. Hi, Alice: Dividing larger ferns is a great way to rejuvenate them and is also an economical way to create more plants. Some species go … Make sure your fern is well-hydrated as the plant’s ability to absorb moisture will be diminished for a week or two after it is divided because its root system will be compromised.Step 2, Dig up an outdoor fern with a shovel. After you have divided them, pot them up in containers that are adequate for their new size using a nutrient-rich potting medium. The Macho fern lives up to its name with its large size. This way you will have equal parts. If a fern's growth in the wild is rampant, it is likely to be even more so in your garden. Is there any special. Place your Macho fern on your covered deck or in the shade garden during the Spring and Summer. Whether you’re planting your Boston fern in a container or into the ground, ensure that the soil is well-draining and that the fern can stay evenly moist at all times. I've no need for a fern to cover ground so I'm reining in the spread of it in containers. Macho fern makes a striking contribution to container plants and is also recommended for use as a ground cover. Take the time to prepare the spot that you are going to put your fern in prior to dividing the clump. Send us your best photos for a chance to be featured. Macho fern has a compact form and the fronds tend to grow shorter and more upright than the arching or drooping frond of Nephrolepis biserrata. I thought this would b a good time to transplant into a much larger pot. I need to do after the move. This fern thrives in low light, so it's ideal for shady areas under trees. To divide a large fern into several smaller ferns, dig out the plant and its roots. Have a question? Fill around the edges, gently firming the soil to the roots. Some organic materials like bark, pine needles, and leaves can help a lot with drainage. Get in touch. The Gardener’s Answer. Depending on the variety, they may thrive in shade, low light, or bright indirect light. Water them and give them a half dose of either slow-release or liquid fertilizer. It is helpful in terms of cleanup to do this on a piece of plastic or in the garden. They will eventually grow into their new home and even out, but aesthetically it may not look very pleasing until they do. I divided the second fern into several adorably-small exhaltatas. Be sure to place them in your garden where conditions are comparable to those supporting the native ferns in the wild. And when summer rolls around next year, you can bet they will make my porch look like a sumptuous southern veranda. To divide your fern take it out of the nursery container it was purchased in and lay it on its side. Then, replant each of these sections in a new area far away from each other in your yard to give them enough room to thrive. With that kind of size, we can hear all the other ferns singing, “Macho, Macho Fern. I just bought a macho fern and am curious if I can split it. Reach millions of readers across the Commonwealth by sharing your business or product with people who care about the same things you do. It is fine that you cut back the foliage; otherwise you would have been sweeping the greenhouse for many months since they have a tendency to drop their foliage during the winter months. Hi, Alice: Dividing larger ferns is a great way to rejuvenate them and is also an economical way to create more plants. Push the shovel straight down into the soil about 6 inches away from the fern stems, all the way … Thanks Val It really will depend on how root-bound the fern is. It’s easy to propagate macho ferns, which spread readily, given their invasive habit. treatment. I saved mine from last summer and put them in a greenhouse. How do you split up large Kimberly Queen ferns? I chose to tackle mine now so they’ll get plenty of water during our rainy winter. First, let the plant dry out a little. Spring and fall are the best times to divide ferns. Best in Kentucky Great Outdoors Worth The Trip, Byron Crawford Commonwealths Gadgets & Gizmos Kentucky Kids Smart Health Uniquely Kentucky, Incentives & Rebates Co-Operations Cutting Cost Energy Guides KAEC CEO Our Power. Fern friday season 2: episode 1 starting things off with the amazing and easy to grow Macho Fern! Your Boston Fern likes to live in a spot where the temperature is a little bit cooler than many houseplants. Hi, Tina in Florida: It is possible to divide your macho fern, in fact this is the most common method of propagation for this fern. Each one of them is capable to grow a new bunch of ferns. Whatever your indoor or outdoor conditions, theres probably a fern thats right for you. I hate to buy new ferns every year. Ferns are a great garden or container plants. It is helpful in terms of cleanup to do this on a piece of plastic or in the garden. It will take them a while to fill out into their new containers but the effort is well worth it. It is an easy process but can also be quite messy, so you may choose to do this in the garden when the temperatures warm up or lay a sheet of plastic down in the greenhouse for quick cleanup. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. Make sure your urns have drainage holes and fill with a good nutrient-rich container mix. Step 1, Water the fern generously two days before digging it up. Another option is to again remove the ferns from their containers and lay them on the ground and then use a sharp spade to divide them. I need the pot that it is in. Planting too deep will result in the sections rotting 3. See more ideas about macho fern, plants, planting flowers. I also have Petticoat ferns and a Macho fern that I want to do the same thing with. … Macho Fern!! Macho fern comes by its name honestly. Life happens quickly, so take a snapshot! It’s easy enough to divide a Boston fern. Get in touch. If your area has a hard frost in the fall, you might want to wait until spring so the roots have time to adjust. You can either use your spade to separate the fern or your fingers and a pair of gardening scissors/pruners.

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