I'm trying to calibrate my speakers to 79dbSPL for film mixing. The idea is that you use a noise generator (I’ll recommend a free one in a moment) to create the pink noise, and calibrate it so that, at the stereo bus, it registers a sensible average level for mixing on your meters. Easy enough. Pan the pink noise to one speaker and slowly bring up your monitor volume until the SPL meter is registering 82 dB SPL. Play pink noise through the main PA speakers, and click “Find Delay.” This value equals the amount of time it takes for sound to arrive at the listener’s position from the mains; Click “Add Delay” so that TRACT will remember this value; Now play pink noise … I've watched videos, read articles, etc...one video suggests simply setting up a mono track, with the signal generator in Pro Tools set to pink noise, rms, -20db. Now you’ll need a pink noise file for the calibration. 2. The pink noise produces an equal amount of noise across the frequency spectrum. STEPS TO CALIBRATE YOUR DAW Step 1: Open your DAW Step 2: Play -20dBfs rms pink noise through one speaker at a time. Pan the signal to the other speaker and verify that you have the same 82 dB reading (less than ± .5 dB between the left and right speakers is close enough). With the noise level set, you solo your first source, so that it alone plays alongside the pink noise, and balance it directly against the noise by ear. I mix a lot of music and stuff, but am currently mixing a film and read that this is a good calibration for this. If you have an untreated room, you can restrict the pink noise to 500Hz-2kHz to minimize low-frequency standing waves or reflections. The pink noise file should match the level you chose in step 1.

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