A wine that was left open too long. This will also sweeten the wine. A wine that’s gone bad from being left open smells abrasive and sharp. Around 678m litres of wine were sold in Britain in 1996 - a rise of 16 per cent since 1992. Sour is normal for very young or fermenting wine. I found this out when I first took the brave step of risking a reasonable amount of home-grown fruit for a chance of making something equally tasty. I have two customers with the same problem and I have no solution. Both batches were made with a four-week wine kit. Few things are more terrible than taking a sip of homemade wine that has gone bad and finding yourself drinking something closer to vinegar than fine wine. It is quite cloudy as though it didn’t settle. Red and rose wines have overtaken whites in popularity, with their sales expanding by 55 per cent since1992. I'm guessing your wine is sour since that is the forum you decided to post your question to. About 1 in 75 bottles has a common wine fault. Wine is a slow product to make. WINE TASTES FLAT OR INSIPID It will have sour medicinal aromas similar … The wine-making process creates an environment inhospitable to bacteria that could cause sickness. Remedy: Stir in a little concentrated grape juice. Smelling like rotten eggs isn't normal. Dear Wine Wizard, I own a small store in Yellowknife, Northwest Terri-tories. Wine can have some unpleasant smells and tastes when very young or still fermenting. Making homemade wine isn't dangerous in the life-or-death sense, unlike making moonshine, where a mistake can cause blindness. The body of a wine does not necessarily refer to its viscosity or thickness, but to the presence of enough fruit and an overall well balanced drink. Some suggested a fruit wine could be drunk as soon as one month after starting fermentation, but most worthwhile sources generally suggested far longer fermentation times. Bad wine is the result of chemical changes that have taken place in the liquid, making the wine unhealthy to drink and unappetizing to the taste buds. A wine that has a wine fault. Wines that are “bad” could be for 2 different reasons. The first customer lives in a small northern community and has sent me a bottle of his wine, a Merlot. It tastes fizzy, but it's not a sparkling wine. A wine which is too "thin" and watery probably had too little fruit in the must. A still wine that is fizzy or effervescent has undergone a second fermentation after the bottling and shouldn't be enjoyed.

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