According to some users, one-piece bats sting a lot more in case of mishits. The two pieces of the bat are connected using the advanced 2-piece link technology which immensely reduced feedback vibrations on the handle. To start off, you should use dry leather softballs that have a compression rating of 500lbs or less. This makes it better suited for power players who can use the endload to their advantage. These markings are basically stamps of approval that allow you to play in the given league. Rule 1‑5 requires that a bat “…bear either the 2000 or 2004 certification mark and not be listed on the USA Softball non‑approved bat list…”  Bats must be approved. You must keep in mind that there is a tradeoff between swing speed and inertia generated. This added weight increases the likelihood of your bat getting damaged. A heavier knob is preferred for beginners who are in their training phase. A lighter bat generates faster swing with less inertia. The Juggy OVL bat features a 12-inch barrel which is slightly smaller than the barrels of other bats on this list. Sadly, the vibrations on aluminum bats do not get dampened easily. We had an Easton Ghost bat show up in one of our recent games. Some players use tape to taper the end of their bat so it is, in effect, made smooth at the end. #2. When a player is up to bat, she must have both feet completely inside the batter’s box. Rubber balls in the cage or wet balls that weigh a lot should be avoided at all costs. The good thing is that you can find some amazing quality single wall bats in the market including the popular DeMarini steel. The high school baseball bat rules implemented in 2012: BBCOR stands for Batted Ball Coefficient of Restitution, which means that a bat meets pronounced elasticity requirements. Their rules were made to ensure the safety and comfort of the players as well as to allow for a fair competition amongst the teams. This completes our explanation of the important features linked with softball bats. They will meet BBCOR standards. You should hit a softball off a tee for break-in period. As a rule of thumb, remember that a bat is lighter in weight if its drop is higher. They are hot out of the wrapper. Their TRU3 technology is one of the most innovative and popular 3-piece technologies present in the market. Such a bat is able to withstand fast pitches and it won’t get damaged. Copyright © 2020 Texas Association of Sports Officials. Midload bears the true quality and performance which is a hallmark of Louisville bats. Unfortunately, composite bats are a bit expensive. For someone who is looking for power and an experience which mimics wood bats then a one-piece bat is what you need. As the name suggests, one material is used to make one-piece bats. On the other hand, if you want a barrel with extra flex, a composite bat such as the Mizuno Ghost is the perfect option for you. As far as the weight of a softball bat is concerned, there are two types – balanced and end loaded. High School Sports; Softball; Rules & Guidelines; Softball. There are some two-piece bats — composite handle and aluminum barrel — that are manufactured to look like one piece, and do not have this bump. This is the standard for all the slowpitch bats. Choosing the right softball bat length is an important aspect. When it comes to softball bats, their weight is given in terms of drop weight. Going for bats that weigh a lot isn’t really a good idea. The bat is ready for use right out of the wraps, so it needs to break-in period. This ensures that you are able to hit right with the barrel no matter which side you use for hitting. 2019 AIA State Softball Tournament Guide; Certified ASA/USA Softball Equipment; AIA MaxPreps Roster and Stats Instructions; New Definition for Damaged Bats Highlights High School Softball Rules Changes; Conference & Region Recognition Voting Process; How to Sanction an Invitational Meet; NFHS GUIDELINES ON HANDLING PRACTICES AND CONTESTS DURING LIGHTNING OR THUNDER … Pittsburgh, PA 15203, UPMC Lemieux Sports Complex Let’s take a look at these rules briefly: High School Bats Rules. Wood bats that you use in NFHS leagues do not require any stamp of approval. The barrel needs to have a smooth cylindrical shape and a solid transition to the handle (taper). The end loads adds more momentum to your swings and let you target the incoming softball with greater power and speed. The batter is given three strikes before she is considered out. To schedule an appointment with a physician or other Sports Medicine expert, call 1-855-93-SPORT (77678). All the approved bats from Easton are listed by model number and description. So, we did not allow it in the game. Softball Overview; COVID-19 Information; Rules & Guidelines; Manual; Alignments; Softball Forms; Playoff Brackets; Post Season Packet; State Tournament; Officials; Sanctioning; FAQ; Softball Contact Info. A wood bat can be made up of ash, maple or bamboo wood. Required fields are marked *. At the same time, it reduces the vibrations on the handle. Do you wish to be the best player in the field? The 2018 Ryan Harvey bat features a 2-piece composite construction. Based in Oregon, United States, DeMarini is a world famous softball bat manufacturer. The handle of the bat features a 100% composite construction. This big sized barrel allows for a greater sweet spot. The bat is ready for use and requires no break in period. Aluminum bats are extremely durable and long-lasting. The size of the grip should be between 10 and 15 inches. A -12oz softball bat will weigh lighter than a -8oz bat. Hold the bat and extend your arm for half a minute. Such a bat is commonly known as hybrid bat. Once you have taken your right measurements, you combine them with your weight and this combination will give you the appropriate bat length. One of the most popular high school softball associations is NFHS – National Federation of State High School Associations.

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