It may be noted that since November 24, 2010 all the Village Councils in Aizawl have functioned as Local Councils. "Vice Chairman" means the Vicc-Chairman of the Aizawl Municipal Council. The AMC office is being administered by one council Chairman, Vice-Chairman and three executive members. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. File:First time young voters for the 1st Aizawl Municipal Council Election, at Aizawl on November 03, 2010.jpg. Reproduction without prior permission of the publisher is strictly prohibited.Standard disclaimers applicable. The Chairman, Vice Chairman, Executive Councillors and Councillors shall be entitled to a sum of Rs. The term of the Ward Committee is five years. The first actual transfer of function from the state government to the AMC was regarding the transfer of management of Ch Chhunga Bus Terminal at Thuampui Veng and Ch Saprawnga Truck Terminal at Rangvamual Veng on May 27, 2009. Aizawl Traffic Police has no separate building on its own and is presently occupied one storey of the Office of Superintendent of Police, Aizawl District located at Treasury square near DC, Office, Aizawl District, Aizawl. Besides this, the Ward Committee Chairman shall appoint three others from amongst prominent citizens of the Ward, one of which shall be a woman. C. T. Zakhuma, who represents Ward 15 of the AMC was elected as the first Chairman; Zarzoliana, Councillor of Ward 7 was elected the Vice Chairman and three Councillors -  Lalzirliana,  Hmingthanzami and  F.Lalhuthangi were nominated as Executive Council Members, the last two being women. Issue of Admit Card: 27th July - 4th Aug. 8. 6.000/- each per month. There is an Executive Council of the AMC consisting of the Chairman and the Vice Chairman, both elected by the elected Councilors, besides three members of the Executive Council known as Executive Councilors, to be appointed by the Chairman. BRIEF REPORT OF AMC Area of Aizawl Municipal Council : 152.8 (approx) Population of Aizaawl Municipal Area : 2.9 Lakhs No. 6.000/- each per month. The act provides for establishment of: (a) A Municipal Board for a specified transitional area, (b) A Municipal Council for a smaller urban area, (c) A Municipal Corporation for a larger urban area. The first election to the 19-member AMC held in November 2010 saw the Indian National Congress and Zoram Nationalist Party alliance forming the council (INC =5, ZNP =5) and the opposition alliance Mizo National Front and the Mizoram People Conference trailing by just one seat (MNF=5, MPC=4). Exam Fee Payment for 6th Sem: 27th July - 4th Aug. 5. The Ward Committee consists of a Chairman, who is an elected Councilor from that Ward, and two members each from all the Local Councils within the Ward. The Council office was headed by Chief Executive Officer. Re-admission to 3rd & 5th Sem: 3-28 Aug. 9. The AMC has extensive powers to punish persons for violation of provisions of the Mizoram Municipal Act. Lucy Kate Hale is an American actress... Jhené Aiko 13017/36/2010-UD&PA (AMC), the 29th December, 2010. 3,000/-, Rs. One-third of the total membership is reserved for women, these … At the apex of the AMC organization structure is a Board of Councilors consisting of the 19 elected members and 12 members appointed by the Governor. The Chairman is the executive head of the AMC. Since July 4, 2011 the AMC and the state government has implemented solid waste management project within Aizawl city on a PPP (Public Private Partnership) mode. (vii) community health and protection of environment including planting and caring of trees on road sides and elsewhere, (ix) promotion of educational, sport and cultural activities, and. The AMC started functioning from July 1, 2008 at its office at Thuampui Veng, Aizawl. Orianthi Panagaris was born on 22nd Janu…. For example, it has the power to demolish buildings or structures found to be either unsafe for the public or that are likely to spread diseases. The swearing in ceremony of the 19 newly elected Councillors of the Council was held on the 16th of November at the Session Hall of the AMC located at Thuampui and was attended by a large number of Ministers and MLAs. C. T. Zakhuma, who represents Ward 15 of the AMC was elected as the first Chairman; Zarzoliana, Councillor of Ward 7 was elected the Vice Chairman and three Councillors - … Dibru-Saikhowa : Abutted with lavish Nature, Post Covid Scenario: A rigmarole of conjectures, Dissidence against Tripura CM: BJP In Deep Crisis. There are barely six months left before fresh elections are scheduled to be called. The counting of votes was held on 4th November and the result of the election was declared in the afternoon. of Local Councils : 82 First AMC election held : 3rd Nov., 2010 Swearing-in of Councillors : 16th Nov., 2010 1st Local Council Election : … Lucy Hale Austra... Orianthi Panagaris Jump to navigation Jump to search. of Wards : 19 No. Transition from old to new at times is often painful and complex but the change of guard in the administration of Aizawl from the Village Councils which held sway from 1954 to the Municipal Council this year has been welcomed by all quarters of the population. and Councillor of the Aizawl Municipal Council; "State Government" means the State Government of Mizoram; "Vice Chairman" means the Vicc-Chairman of the Aizawl Municipal Council. On being elected Chairman, C. T. Zakhuma was asked by a section of the press about the priority areas he had in mind for Aizawl, he responded by saying that drinking water, roads, traffic-jams and the supply of essential commodities were some issues that he thought were important and which need to be addressed as soon as possible.As announced earlier in its press conference, the SEC gave out the Awards for Best Electoral Practices in five categories - Best Polling Party; Best Ward in observance of Model Code of Conduct; Highest Voter turn-out Polling Station and oldest Male & Female Voters at a function on the 18th of November. The change that a majority of Aizawlites had wanted has come and now it is the duty of everyone in Aizawl to take the Council from infancy to maturity. Jhené Aiko began her musical career co... Selena Gomez – Back on Booze? It was formed in 2010 with 19 Members when the Congress-ZNP party coalition was voted to power in the state legislative assembly. There shall be, in each locality, a Local Council. File; File history; File usage on Commons; Metadata; Size of this preview: 800 × 531 pixels. R.s. (iv) preparation of plan-for economics development and social justice. There are currently 78 Local Councils in Aizawl city. Exam Fee Payment for 6th Sem: 27th July - 4th Aug. The Aizawl Municipal Council is the authority of civic administration of Aizawl city.

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