In fact, I have never seen another major bodybuilder or coach push it as much as Dorian! I help advanced athletes take their training to the next level and achieve results they never imagined possible. On every exercise Dorian stuck true to his high-intensity training style and performed 1 working set to failure. This means that Dorian has 10 more opportunities for growth than his competition in a typical year. Why would anyone in their right minds perform this kind of most-bang-for-your-buck exercise at the end of a workout? Suddenly your attitude changes from “maybe 6 is enough for today…” to “to hell with it! Dorian instead stays very upright the entire time. There are 7 different exercises within Yates’ back routine. For example:eval(ez_write_tag([[468,60],'revolutionaryprogramdesign_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_1',172,'0','0'])); Dorian follows up the Nautilus Pullover Machine with some hammer strength pulldowns. Dorian eventually tore his bicep doing underhand grip rows and quite understandably the exercise never really caught on. He would look at each exercise and the weights he used previously. It is interesting how much attention Dorian pays to his delts! In fact, I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who does not have at least 1-2 years of hardcore training experience under their belts. John Meadows has often pointed out the rear delts tend to respond well to higher-than-average rep ranges and it looks like Dorian has come to the same conclusion! And I know of no better tool to keep you in check than the logbook. Here’s Dorian Yates back routine: 1. It is interesting that Dorian favors an underhand grip on this exercise. © 2016 – 2020 Anabolic Bodies. Get a full stretch and contraction for every exercise. Overloading each portion of the strength curve with a diverse repertoire of exercises is a great way to improve long-term structural balance and ensure that the gains keep on coming while avoiding unnecessary injuries. Once again Dorian guts out a couple of forced reps at the end of the set with the help of his training partner. © 2020 Copyright Revolutionary Program Design. One of the first things you should notice is that Dorian trains every body part (including back!) After all, you aren’t the typical gym trainee. Just as I recommend Dorian performs his seated hammer strength rows unilaterally, or one arm at a time. Dorian Yates Workout Routine. I mean, Dorian didn’t call his training DVD “Blood And Guts” for no reason! However, because Dorian includes them in his back workout we will cover them here. I don’t understand why this should be the case as the nautilus machine pullover is a fantastic exercise for increasing the size of your lats! If you want to build a barn-door back like Dorian then you have to check out the Dorian Yates Back Workout! Similar Articles:Must-Do DeadliftsPhil Heath’s/Jay Cutler’s Phenom BacklashMass Nutrition Construction, Sign up below to receive our newest workout routines, recipes, news stories, and offers from our partners. Part of this is due to Dorian’s incredible work ethic and his ability to push beyond the normal limits of human performance. The Nautilus machine pullover was invented by Arther Jones and brought to the market in 1970. First of all it overloads the shortened portion of the strength curve. The information will be divided as follows: If you are struggling to bring up the width and thickness of your back then you are in the right place! You need to bring a do-or-die attitude with you to the gym every single training day. One of the best back workouts was created by a legendary bodybuilder, Six-times Mr. Olympia, Dorian Yates. This is a compound style of training that will really help to build thickness and stretch in the lats, rhomboids and middle traps. You can check out my article on the 15 best rowing variations of all time to get more ideas on rowing form. If he deadlifted 500 pounds for 8 reps in the last workout, then he knew he had to do 500 for 9 reps or maybe 505 for 8 reps. The lats have massive control over the mid-back and the arms, while the erector spinae serves to extend the spine and extend the leg. He would emphasize very heavy compound lifts and would train as intensely as he could (1). On every exercise Dorian stuck true to his high-intensity training style and performed 1 working set to failure. You’re here because you have big goals and the balls to go after them with everything you’ve got. With the right plan and the right discipline, you can get seriously shredded in just 28 days. On many of the smaller exercises such as pullovers and pulldowns included several forced reps to train beyond failure. This type of training is no joke and is way beyond what the average trainee is willing to do in the gym. There is just too much time in between body parts. In Dorian’s case he is still deadlifting 500 pounds for reps at the end of his workout after going to failure on 7 other back exercises! This does a couple of things: first of all, it limits the stress on the lumbar spine.

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