Considering price it’s honestly a no brainier decision. There have also been manufacturers in China who are also making counterfeit Cookies Cartridges. They are advertising 1g Carts on Cookies website as we speak! Come in a nice packaging too, and the cart is pretty fancy with a ceramic tip. In this post about revealing fake cartridges, we are going to be talking about Cookies cartridges and vape pods. Yes there is THC in the fake ones…..there’s also some other crazy shit in there for a filler to make more money. The fake ones in the boxes if you noticed from the previous photos have an open side where you can see the cartridge inside the box. Does this mean theyre fake ? I attached it to my pen but when I breathe in, nothing comes out and no smoke when I exhale. And this biscotti seems to be doing the job. Question or comments? Flavor is call Gelati. Founded by Berner (Gilbert Milam), Cookies produces different types of Cannabis products such as flowers, extracts, concentrates, edibles, tinctures, topicals, and more. Also the company that supposedly “made the real ones” closed down and the only proof of them is a Twitter page. God. Cookies has both standard cartridges and a G Pen Gio pod, a collaboration Berner made with Grenco Science. You can post photos right in our forums and start a thread, that way if anybody knows, they’ll tell you. They might not be fake as in they are real THC, but 100% they are not real Cookies branded carts. Anything not from a shop will be almost for sure fake. But since the market just continues to sell fake carts, who knows- soon enough they might be selling something with a more similar packaging to the authentic Cookie cartridges. Real one bubble moves and is harsh ass fuck for 3 times the price. Whisk flour … Smh it’s kinda dark too. None of the products reviewed or featured on this site are approved by the Food and Drug Administration or recommended by a doctor. Has anyone gotten this kind from a legal weed dispensary, I wouldn’t…. If any one can info me about this plese respond. Dude don’t be fooled this cookie they claim are real ??? DabConnection is not a healthcare site. The Fresh Market Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies ... Price. May We Suggest. It’s not just the cookies carts that are fake….. They also have this packaging in line with the Cookies Gio Pen Vape. Overall, this feels uplifting, not overbearing, or racy, also happy and creative. If you are hesitant, you can even ask the company itself. Sorry ;(. they make me cough every time i hit even a small hit, maybe its the gorilla glue and the Resin in the DRIP? It’s in the all white box with blue writing and has a “C” on the glass. Just want to know if it’s still safe to smoke it or not!! Your dumb as hell why would it be fake if so many motherfuckers have been getting them and likeing them I’m high off the cereal one it smells alright too. It will eventually break loose and you get one heckuva hit so be prepared. Blasting headaches, nausea. Or develope harmful health effects? Not outdoor that bugs gonna eat. Hm. Knowledge is power! Ya shouldn’t be dark. Ty. Delightful zingy lemon notes, with a subtle cake note. But how much concern should a person be? 13 oz. They also probably aren’t seeking crazy high margins like most of the designer bud companies. They ate also fake so is,every pen they make and brand there is no real never has,been its,just a brand name and the people who claim this cart is real is not !…. I have one everything looks the exact same but its a full G cart? Most of them can be found in online websites like Alibaba. The result is soft and sweet lemon cookies … So what are the issues related to smoking “fake” carts? Can someone tell me a little bit more about fake carts with good oil? So in turn your still getting high. Did you ever get a response to this. Guys i just bought some of those fake cartiges !! It looks like a full gram too. The packaging does not show the actual cartridge. i bought one in LA with the flimsy packaging in the photo (clearly the fake) and brought it back to the weed store but they said i was lying about it being fake. I have a cookie cart that comes in the same package as the real one showed but mine is one gram, so it’s fake? Make it strain specific. It’s clear with the oil color but the top is white. The Cookies carts have a little bit of a yellow tinge. Up to you but you never know with these street oils, COOKIES 1G GRUNTZ CART (HYBRID) Hi Jordan thanks for commenting – you can always post here: and someone will check from our staff. Bought them straight from dispensary. See our fake cartridge posts on Dank Vapes, Dr. Zodiak’s Moonrocks Clear, Exotic Carts, Eureka Vapor, Stiiizy, Space Vape and King Pen. Both have a great looking color to them. i have plenty cookie thats are 1g and their great mine even has the C on its cartridge This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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