They do this through a series of questions and computations on... Students participate in reading a story and writing a book report on the computer. Learners discover how to make even the most mundane data more exciting with the 26th video from the 27-part Microsoft Excel 2016 series. website features and search engine to look for information needed to complete an Internet scavenger hunt. The handy video from the Microsoft Word series has the answer! In this poetry lesson, 2nd graders use a computer program to type an acrostic poem. Biological and Biomedical Computer Literacy Career Research Project, Name Parts of a Computer and Terms for Interface Elements, Illustrating Student Writing in Grades 1-3, Computer Use in a Special Education Curriculum, You Can Say That Again! This resource on Diamante poems begins with a group activity that activates the class' thinking through a word association exercise. They collect research materials from the library and Internet. Microsoft PowerPoint Lesson Plans. Formulate your computer skills class outline using the suggested classroom tools offered in the lesson plans. Google Docs: Supporting Lessons and Resources, Google Mobile Apps: Supporting Lessons and Resources, Writing with Technology - Publish a Story or Report, Computer Use: Essential Skills Checklist “What are YOUR Skills?”, Z-Type Concepts: typing, basic computer skills, keyboarding, Computer Literacy in the ESL Classroom: An Introduction to Formatting. Columns! Viewers discover how to... With the guidance of a helpful video, viewers explore Word's Open and Repair command. Several engaging activities are included for all levels of learners. Prepare middle schoolers for life in the tech world with a lesson on entering, storing, sorting, and creating database collections. Save time lesson planning by exploring our library of educator reviews to over 550,000 open educational resources (OER). Scholars explore the line and paragraph spacing command. Student practice their computer skills on a daily basis. Is it possible to save a lot of data with customizable worksheets, all within the same Excel workbook? Watch this video lesson to see the different ways an Excel spreadsheet can be used. Students use tools in Kid Pix, creating a page with colors, numbers and shapes. They include... Students open an e-mail account and send e-mails using Yahoo Mail in this lesson. Using the resource, viewers discover a shortcut for returning to the last edit they made to a Microsoft Word document. We've put together interesting lesson plans you can use to teach your students important computer skills. Beginning eBay users may benefit from this scripted procedural for using the popular online marketplace. Your students will be typing faster than you in no time with the help of this fun game. Learners can hone their word processing skills and... Pupils explore computer text. The students use a tongue twister to practice font features, etc. It's vitally important that our students have a good understanding of computers, how to use them, and how they work. Freeze! In this word processing and computer lesson, students practice changing color, font, and the size of their text with guided instruction from the teacher. They are to create a basic flyer. Scholars explore the Word interface and learn how to access a blank document in a matter of seconds. But times have changed, … With the 11th video from the 44-installment Microsoft Word series, pupils discover how to use page layout features. They... Students review basic terminology that they would use to reference computers in media arts. The feature helps prevent Word users from having to search through long documents,... Hola! Third graders create reports in the fashion of small books. They rotate to different stations on paper cutting, airbrushing, and computers. Microsoft Access is a premiere database software that can be tricky for students to learn. Viewers also learn about screen clipping to create more precise... Let's pick up where we left off! Pupils learn how to use the Undo and Redo features in Microsoft Word. They utilize basic computer... Students complete Internet research to learn about weight training. 1.1 Computer Basics Lesson Plan Prior to Class Student Computer Setup: 1. Upper graders choose a foreign country to research. Word Processing - Copy, Paste, Footer, etc. Scholars discover how to use data... Two heads are better than one! Four videos make up the "Use Information Correctly" series designed for 21st-century learners. Please update the form below to suggest a new category. Alternatives for classrooms without access to computers are provided for the activities. They also discover the difference between column, section, and text wrapping breaks. Technical Director: Job Description & Salary. Viewers of a short video from Microsoft discover how to add hyperlinks to text to provide quick access to e-mail addresses and websites. A comprehensive online edtech PD solution for schools and districts. Using the resource, scholars learn how to insert charts into a Word document. Ever think, "If only I had a robot to do this for me!" An all-in-one learning object repository and curriculum management platform that combines Lesson Planet’s library of educator-reviews to open educational resources with district materials and district-licensed publisher content. Pull up a chair ... it's time to learn about tables. Students write a poem and use it to develop their storyboard. First, scholars review how to use the order of operations to solve math equations. A lesson from the Microsoft Word series shows viewers how to save and share Word documents online. Cells aren't just for biology and prison. They watch a video and complete a second worksheet. Scholars learn how to use preset headers and footers and work within the Design tab. Additionally, scholars discover how to accept or reject changes... Make mailing a snap! Once they have defined critical 21st-century skills, groups... Is your city's history a mystery to your class? One convenient feature of Excel is that it allows users to collaborate on documents. Using video 22 of 27 in the Microsoft Excel 2016 educational series, pupils learn how to use the conditional formatting command. While working in groups, learners refine the negative prints, floppy disks, and photographs they've been working on. Young scholars publish and share their... Students conduct research on the Internet. Test your knowledge of the entire course with a 50 question practice final exam. Middle schoolers make new friends as they practice their drawing, writing, and computer skills. The convenient option helps save time so users don't have to interrupt the flow of their... What's a quick way to copy text formatting in Microsoft Word? Using a helpful lesson viewers discover a library of professional graphics at their disposal. In this technology worksheet, students find the definition for each vocabulary word related to the subject of computers. They discover how to crop images, add borders, and make adjustments to enhance a document's appearance. The feature allows users to remove text formatting, returning text to its default style. They practice basic processes, keyboarding and word processing. Learners complete an evaluation sheet of the activity. From creating and editing workbooks in Microsoft Excel to designing presentations using Microsoft PowerPoint and documents in Microsoft Word, this is your one-stop, must-have resource for lessons on Microsoft Office (2010). After a teacher-led demonstration of how this technique works,... Learners engage in producing responses to "what" questions and their written responses will be recorded in a Travel Journal. Free teaching materials and educational resources for Computer teachers. They learn how to source images and how to create symmetry and asymmetry in their digital designs. Utilizing collaborative activities, students will write and debug programs to strengthen their understanding of programming. In this technology studies lesson, students use a variety of Internet search engines to research a topic of their choice. Pupils discover the answer through a short, instructional video. Here, groups determine a task that can be performed by a robot or computer program and then tap into their imaginations to design a solution. Students use their creative skills to explore the major parts of a neighborhood. They also learn cut and past skills. Express this sentiment with a certificate for the computer savvy.

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