Though many traditional employee health initiatives are largely ineffective, there is hope: digital corporate wellness programs. This boosts them up to work with more efficiency. They can enjoy free and healthy food and work out at the campus fitness center where they can choose between free CrossFit classes, yoga classes and massages. Rewards for every employee can even be some exciting incentives or a choice to make a donation to welfare. It has different props in its campus too, like slides and stairs instead of lifts, ping pong tables and LEGO stations too that can improve the fitness level of the staff to a great extent. The campus features a massive fitness center called “Club Genentech” where employees can work out on their breaks, take classes and have a healthy meals or snacks. Investing your time on fitness and health programs for your company can help in rejuvenating your employees so that they can work more efficiently. What will motivate your employees? Corporations are in a unique position to shift the lifestyle of employees through small daily habit change. That much time feels enough to help employees enjoy healthy meals, try recreation activities, or even take a small nap if they want to. Modern technology brings a lot of convenience to our lives, but the automation of numerous work tasks has left many workforces largely stagnant. It is the leading most company that promotes green and sustainable world, and thus it is also trying to reflect the same theme in the office community as well. Microsoft is well known for its incredible health maintenance steps for the corporate wellness of the employees which also includes weight management, smoking cessations, fitness training, etc. We’ve created a custom list of software vendors for you. The renowned book called “Search Inside Yourself” which was written by one of the engineers in the company depicts the level of the program that Google has taken to. Of course your CEO will want to know about cost and technology, but be sure to show how an employee health and wellness program can improve your core business model and help you gain a competitive edge. February 20, 2014., “Wellness Awards Shrink Health Care Costs.” The Incentive Research Foundation. Here are just some of the impressive returns on investment that employers see after implementing a corporate wellness program: Medical costs fall by about $3.27 for every dollar spent on wellness programs. Do you currently use Wellness Program software? The research and buying process can be complex, so seeking out third-party help is common. Employees have access to features like paid gym memberships as well as facilities on campus like a spa, sports fields and multiple restaurants. July 2014., “Facts on Health Promotion.” Alliance for a Healthier Generation. in the software company. There is an outdoor trail on campus for those interested in going on runs during their breaks and even outdoor gardening for those interested in growing fresh vegetables. It has greatly helped the company’s employees feel less frustrated, thus increasing the overall productivity of the company. Zappos is the renowned online retailer which is often praised for its wellness programs like gym memberships, fitness classes for free, reimbursements for marathons as well as nap rooms. Accessed December 12, 2014., “Why Gamification is Taking Over Wellness Programs.” TechnologyAdvice. A monthly newsletter is also created by the wellness coordinator Linda Brinson called “Wellness Superheroes”. Be sure to discuss benefits such as little required investment in new infrastructure or hardware, as most wellness programs are cloud-based. A Bonnier Corporation Company. Therefore improving their health conditions and making them fit too. They need to focus on a corporate fitness system that genuinely makes them engage in the programs at their own will. The Method of the company is aimed at keeping the employees healthy and thus supplies over 11,000 devices to over 4000 employees and is also syncing their data every month. Accessed December 12, 2014., Miller, Stephanie. Lastly, make sure to provide timely, supportive feedback to encourage long-term, positive behavioral change. Asana helps its employees to balance their life with works and thus takes many initiatives such as nap rooms, daily yoga, and a free gym, etc. Build a culture of participation to encourage employees to set goals, talk about them, and interact outside of work. A wide range of mindful resources is also provided by the company in its online websites, which can be checked by their employees. By submitting above, you agree to our privacy policy. Wellness Adventures is one of the newer initiatives in which a small group of employees will be taken away from their desk to involve in golf lessons, laser tags or trampoline. Contact one of our Technology Advisors today, or use our Product Selection Tool to filter employee wellness programs based on your criteria. These "wellness zones" range from quiet places for meditation and napping to fully functional gyms where employees can work up a sweat between meetings. These "wellness zones" range from quiet places for meditation and napping to fully functional gyms where employees can work up a sweat between meetings. To find the best software for your business, compare corporate wellness vendors by using our Product Selection Tool. Lifestyle change or health management: 19 percent, 28 percent reduction in sick leave absenteeism, 26 percent reduction in health-related costs, 30 percent reduction in workers’ compensation and disability claims costs, 67 percent of employees engaged in worksite wellness believe their employer cares about their health, 87 percent of job candidates consider wellness programs when choosing an employer. Besides having an incredible internal corporate wellness program, this company also upgrades the power of the fitness trackers to create some of the most compelling programs which have the potential of saving expenses in medical cost. Below are some talking points for making the case with key executives: CIOs and IT managers aim to identify the technology that best meets an organization’s current and future requirements. Be sure your program balances competence and challenge to keep users engaged. For small businesses, simple solutions, like the company-wide walking program detailed below, can be just as effective as a customizable enterprise solution. The place that they choose for their classes for employees is also strategically located on rooftops with beautiful oceanic view. Looking at their corporate routines may give you the inspiration to try a similar technique with your employees as well. Yoga can have drastic effects if the chosen place is harmonious to the activity. VIZIO. From flips and stunts to HD cameras that offer cool views from up high, these…. This company was voted the healthiest workplace in America by providing all the required tools for the employees to live a healthier lifestyle. More than all those features, the company will help pay for an environment-friendly car to the employees and the employee who chooses to transfer closer to the office to reduce carbon in the air receive $1000 too. Accessed December 12, 2014., Cassidy, Gary.”The Role of Gamification in Health and Wellness Programs.”, Karim, Arshard and Praneshkumar Wahil.

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