The activities planned for this day of recognition a.k.a. You've inspired me to plan a hike in Castlewood, Mike! The rains caused Castlewood Dam, an irrigation reservoir located 32 miles southeast of Denver, to collapse. Soon the country south of Franktown was settled by groups of Germans, a few French, and some Scandinavians. I like the muskrat theory; a small furry animal could undo what it took 85 men eleven months to build. Castlewood Dam was a masonry rock-fill dam constructed in 1890 across Cherry Creek approximately 30 miles southeast of Denver, Colorado. Thanks, Hillary! [3], "The other Castlewood Canyon State Park - a phototour", Castlewood Canyon State Park: A brief history,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 19 August 2020, at 21:31. Western History/Genealogy Central Library 10 W. 14th Ave. Pkwy. Also contained within the park is the historic Cherry Creek Bridge. The Castlewood Dam was planned as part of the agricultural development of Douglas County, which remained an isolated, sparsely populated region until the arrival of the Denver & Rio Grande Railroad in 1871. The Castlewood Dam in Castlewood Canyon, built in 1890, suffered an utter collapse following heavy rains at 1 am on 3 August 1933, resulting in a 15-foot wall of water rushing down Cherry Creek to Denver, some 15 miles away. Ruins of Castlewood Canyon Dam Burst on August 3, 1933, killing two and causing the second-largest flood in Denver's history 30 miles downstream. Or take I-25 south to Castle Rock, use the Founders Parkway/Highway 86 exit to Franktown and turn south. Short Walk: A couple miles walk either from the Homestead or West Side Trailheads to the west or the Canyon Point trailhead to the east. A day pass costs $8 per vehicle. Please explain. Castlewood Dam History Castlewood Dam was built in 1890 by the Denver Water Storage Company partnered with the Denver Land and Water Company, a committee of landowners who were View of downstream face of Castlewood Dam showing leak near left abutment, May 1900 (Fellows, 1911, Photo Courtesy of Denver Public Library, Western History Collection) Figure 5 . Copyright 2017 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Learn about library services available now and the latest COVID-19 information and updates. To find Castlewood Canyon State Park head south on Highway 83; it is 5 miles south of Franktown. From a Master’s thesis on construction materials used, to substandard fill, to muskrats. Submitted by Katie Rudolph on August 4, 2015., Submitted by Katie Rudolph on August 10, 2015. Travels and Curiosities. [1] Located within the northernmost extension of the Black Forest, Castle Wood Canyon encompasses 2,136 acres (9 km2) with elevations ranging from 6,200 to 6,600 feet (2,010 m). If you're caught climbing on it, you could be fined up to $50 a person. This week, we're focusing on the floodwaters that deluged the Denver area 82 years ago this August. And while it seems to be a relatively popular destination—I’ve been here at least half a dozen times, and never once have I been alone—it still feels tame in comparison to similar hikes within driving distance of Denver. Family Friendly: This area is only a couple miles from the Homestead trailhead via the Creek Bottom Trail and is tons of fun to explore. Cherry Creek Reservoir was built in place of the Castlewood Canyon dam after it failed. Visitors can still see the remnants and damage from that dam which burst in 1933. FRANKTOWN, Colo. -- Whether you're a Colorado native or a transplant, it's clear the Centennial state shines when it comes to outdoor recreation. You really get the feeling of how the break must have sounded. Your FREE account works with all Adventure Projects sites. The rains caused Castlewood Dam, an irrigation reservoir located 32 miles southeast of Denver, to collapse. The Castlewood Dam was built in the late 1800's and you can imagine firsthand the destruction that followed the dam breaking in 1933 when one of the worst floods in Denver's history ensued. Fifteen feet of water rushed down the Cherry Creek. In 1889, a dam was born. Try again later. The dam failed at approximately 12:15 am on August 3, 1933 after a heavy rainfall. In 1889, a dam was born. A Dam Good Potato farming and dairy ranching became principal industries in the county. Lunch to benefit Friends of Castlewood Canyon State Park. Warnings to the city by 4 am allowed most people to move out of the way of the flood waters. The water that rushed towards Denver was significant, as Castlewood Dam was roughly three times the size of Sloan's Lake. Why did Castlewood Dam fail? The Castlewood Dam was built in the late 1800's and you can imagine firsthand the destruction that followed the dam breaking in 1933 when one of the worst floods in Denver's history ensued. Construction projects soon got under way to rebuild the destroyed bridges in the area. "Castlewood Canyon is an absolute phenomenal park," said Cathy Fischer. the Dam Caretaker, will be at the Dam to tell stories and answer questions. In 1889, a dam was born. Hikes to The partial dam still sits on the west side of the park. A bakery that stored its flour in the basement was flooded; imagine cleaning up that mess…we do not re-enact that. Note: The two photographs above were taken from vastly different vantage points, yet they help provide somewhat of a scale for not only how much water the reservoir held, but also how differently things look today post-collapse. History Colorado. Of stone mason construction and built in 1890, there are numerous historical articles documenting long-raised questions around its stability. "People would ride their buggies or drive their Model A's out to the dam and they would spend a week out here, camp along the sides, they would fish.". It was 43-years-old when it let go. The water made it all the way to downtown Denver, flooding the streets. In the late 1880s, a plan was … This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

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