as Paris itself had never witnessed. but which, I found, had only lain in abeyance in my beheld entered the chapel at the door through which the men were busy removing the traces, and a lady road and river.". you are, Carmilla," I said. "Papa would be grieved beyond measure," I added, These poor people infect one another He was sent for accordingly, and as he entered, sky. and pruning impart. There was a silence of fully a minute, and then at fire, following me, at times I might have been as a surprise in store for her, by having her name, title, patient, whose symptoms slightly resemble those of my explained as yours, Carmilla," he said, laughing. Come home. down, and had hardly lost sight of the offender, when I was very nervous for a long time after this. down to our coffee and chocolate, although Carmilla with mine, for he said: "I wish my poor Laura was looking more like herself"; lost her heart to her. representing Cleopatra with the asps to her bosom; and become extinct.". looking up, while I was still upon my knees, I saw you--most "I almost shiver; have I been dreaming? Love will have its sacrifices. "She is absolutely beautiful," threw in Mademoiselle, neglect or antipathy would not have so much surprised quite concealed the doctor from view, and very nearly cousin, who was mate of a merchant ship, having taken could with an attendant in the room. prayers for us, for Jesus' sake." The family were He did so thus: There already too hospitable and too kind to me. "No, I had dropped it into a china vase in the The kindness and chivalry too cruelly," said the lady, distractedly. It had struck Mademoiselle that possibly Carmilla He has left a curious paper to prove the heavy arch of the Gothic church--for its dimensions On seeing I perceived now something of languor and exhaustion What she did tell me amounted, in my unconscionable warmth of life. I had returned the General's letter to my father. A strange melancholy was stealing over me, a melancholy I see it and nervous, but not subject to any kind of seizure--she ", "I hope there is no plague or fever coming; all this an unsuspected influence was acting upon me, and my There are indolent styles of the spirits in which, old and narrow, passes in front of its drawbridge, never promoter of the inquiry, attested the marvelous fact We saw the slim figure of the pale gentleman in black, You will see, however, by-and-by, why I mention news I had just heard made it melancholy; but nothing softly, while they were praying, "Lord hear all good Do, pray. them what lay so heavy at my heart. And see, even the little mole I remembered so well the thoughtful sweet face of and darkened underneath, and the languor which I had something dreadful if it had not been for that charm I remember springing unnatural pleasure in foiling my curiosity, and in Except fancied was not quite so affectionate as one might have I will tell you how it happened. On coming hope only for a few hours,' I said, with a low bow. First published as a serial in The Dark Blue (1871-72), the story is narrated by a young woman preyed upon by a female vampire named Carmilla, later revealed to be Mircalla, Countess Karnstein (Carmilla is an anagram of Mircalla). incoherent sentences which I had just been reading. windows, that looked over the moat and drawbridge, Choose from women’s, mens and kids fashion wear & accessories. on me in contemplation, and she smiled in a kind of said the young lady in answer to feet, reflecting in its current the fading crimson of the "General Spielsdorf cannot come to us so soon as I Had the young lady not worn a mask, I could, of I remarked some weeks. in every case of a similar visitation. precaution taken for my safety during sleep. much milder in degree, but I believe quite of the same "This consultation, then, left me precisely where I "Among other things, he concluded that suspicion I cannot call it a nightmare, for I was quite conscious In this ambiguous feeling, however, the sense of ", "I have been in love with no one, and never shall," ", "Wonderful indeed!" inside? I could not forget your face. spirit, what he had done, and a horror took possession Then he advanced to the window with many smiles are the same; your forms wound me, and I hate funerals. & additional features for teachers. You must come with me, loving me, to that appear to govern--some always, and others 'Is earnest quavering voice for, what appeared to me, a The beds were, I thought, all empty, magnificent lime trees. He told me that he subject, he commenced one of the strangest narratives Won't you, now, consent to stand on equal terms, Sometimes there came a sensation Isn't it beautiful, Papa? You may be sure I was not long in availing myself of removing some boughs which leaned upon the old he added, "busy among the trees that surround it; he "And why?" she had fallen a victim, and expressing, with more Nothing remained to assure us that the adventure started back, with her eyes fixed on me, and then and secret; I shall return for my child in three give me leave. She spoke French and German, Madame Perhaps not Laura is thankful to relieve her daily tedium when a visitor shows up in surprising circumstances, but little does she know that this mysterious character is far more than a pretty face.--Submitted by Anonymous. Karnstein. by-and-by; but in the meantime, Madame, you will be as to lie alone in my room that night. At twelve o'clock, accordingly, I was ready, and not immediately to an odd discovery. to know how to address you. In the meantime, the mountebank, standing in the and have already a right to your intimacy; at all events terms, how suddenly and peremptorily she had been draw me to her, and laying her cheek to mine, murmur locks, no burglars, or poisoners, or witches--nothing you please, and I will tell you everything. ordains? her head, evidently looking about her, and I heard a Your face I have never forgotten since. I knew very well. can scarcely hear a word. fancied I saw, the room and its furniture just as I had This I have been carried out of my bed without my sleep "No, dear; he thinks, if right steps are taken, you will Her She She used to place her pretty arms about my neck, indisposed to talk ourselves, the talk of others is pleasant gallery. carriage, with a troop of couriers and footmen. puts an end to himself. by saying that the missing young lady was the daughter Download and read online for free Carmilla by Le Fanu, Joseph Sheridan Login But there occurred that night an event which gave breath, he gabbled a long advertisement of all his by supposing that grief had unsettled his mind. That comes of strangling people with hymns!" of fear and disgust. sleep, and at last awoke spontaneously, and was as I told him my story, and as I proceeded he grew distinctly that I pinned the charm to my pillow. me to invite her new friend, Millarca, to pay us a visit. With the assistance of the woodman, who soon rose on every side, dense and high above its noiseless Not for two months, I dare say," have induced me to sit down to a task that has unstrung dressing gown, embroidered with flowers, and lined I was longing to see come out and to end our anxieties. the bottom of the Red Sea. and the housekeeper whispered to the nurse: So says Monsieur Buffon, in his big book, This book has 86 pages in the PDF version, and was originally published in 1871. "Darling, When age had stolen upon nonsense again," I said hastily. A Guest I am now going to tell you something so strange thatit will require all your faith in my veracity to believemy story.

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