Included with the rack / cage is a multi-grip pullup station, x2 safety bar catchers, x4 J-Hook bar catchers (2 Connected to the safety bar), Training band posts, and pre-drilled holes for cable attachments: Lat Bar Pull Down & Row and Wide Cable Crossovers. SIGN UP TO LEARN ABOUT NEW PRODUCTS, EXCLUSIVE SALES, PROMOTIONS AND MORE. To minimize the risk, always follow these simple rules. If in doubt about a specific part, do not use the equipment. Frame: LIFETIME (Construction or Material Defect). S2LEC. HulkFit. Refer to product manual or contact archon to speak with a product engineer. Use only genuine archon replacement parts. You, (The Buyer), are subject to the rules, guidelines, terms, and conditions of this agreement having been informed and accepted these terms. An unbelievably solid product, the Bodycraft … Vanswe LAT Pulldown Low Row Cable Pull Down Machine Removable Front Steel Foot Rest?VERSATILE: High and low pulley stations make the lat machine ideal for strengthening biceps, forearms, shoulders, traps, triceps and more muscle groups, long curve bar, short stright bar and lower pulley cable … A power of attorney will need to be set up so that they can act on your behalf and help you clear the shipment. Warm up properly before engaging in weight resistance training. and understand all enclosed instructions before using this equipment. Failure to do so will void warranty and could result in personal injury or even death. Adjustable band attachment points to add resistance. 2 Years: Pulley Bearings – Must be taken care of under proper maintenance. Our cage has performed excellent both in the home and commercial industry. Steelflex PLLA Leverage Lat Pull Down Machine. The Rogue LP-2 is a dual function machine – it can be used for both the lat pulldown and the low row. VERDICT: ROWS . Dip bar attachment also available for purchase. The seated row and lat pulldown each … It is recommended that your secure equipment to the floor to prevent possible tipping. These machines feature a limitless number of exercises due to the versatility of their pulleys and unrestricted multiple planes of motions. It sports an 11-gauge steel 2 inch by 3 inch mainframe construction … Weights and bench not included, maximum weight stack 100kg. Rows appear to be a better exercise for stimulating more of the lat muscle fibers and, therefore, helping to build a bigger back. Click Here for Lat Pull/Low Row Attachment Details. Same as above, either you buy from online, which suits you the best. Body Solid Pro Lat Pull-Down Machine: Plate-loaded lat pulldown machine. Most all other exercises will just use a single high or low pulley, and in those cases the lat pull down will be much more secure and effective for the movement. ... Series II Lat Pulldown & Seated Row. This attachment includes a Lat Bar for performing lat pulls; however, you may use any of your favorite cable attachments. A multi-grip pull up bar sits in the middle, which allows up to five people to train on one piece of equipment at the same time. First of all, it’s a dual function machine – you can perform both the lat pulldown and the low row. In-Stock. Capable of carrying a whopping 250 LBS smoothly per carriage, you can use Standard 1” plates or 2” Olympic or Bumper Plates. Maximum load capacity of the machine is 400 lb. The Men's Health cable crossover includes triceps rope, seated row/chin bar, lat bar, revolving straight bar, 2 x nylon cable handles and 2 x snaplock hooks. This is another kind of pulldown machine that comes with low row lat pulldown cable machine (XM-7618). Once you’ve placed an order, the Rogue Shipping System allows you to track it from our factory floor all the way to your door. Shop Fitness Factory's inventory of cable weight machines featuring cable crossover machines, pulldowns, multiple station machines, home gyms, functional trainers, and more. 5 Years: Structural Damage Under Proper Use. Lat pulldown and seated row machines from Body Solid, York, XMark, Valor, Legend and more! 400 lbs weight capacity. Body-Solid Best Fitness BFFT10R Functional Trainer and Cable Machine … Children should be kept at a safe distance when equipment is in use to prevent the injury. As with other ARCHON Fitness cable carriage systems, this unit is constructed with Steel Ball Bearings that travel up solid steel rods, unlike competitors with plastic bushings and hollow rods that deteriorate and stick over time, our unit is built to last. All Rights Reserved. Body Solid LVLA Leverage Lat … Compare At: $769.00. 1,000-pound capacity storage. T-Bar Row machine is the perfect example.

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