Bicine is one of the zwitterionic amino acids known as Good buffers. Bicine Buffer is an amino acid buffer, active in the pH 7.6-9.0 range. Save up to 40% buying from Hopax. Hopax is a manufacturer and supplier of Bicine (≥ 99%), a biological buffer useful at the 7.6–9.0 pH range. It is a tautomer of a [bis(2 … Most biological reactions occur at a neutral pH, from 6 to 8; the buffer needs to be effective in this range. It is a conjugate acid of a [bis(2-hydroxyethyl)amino]acetate. N,N-bis(2-hydroxyethyl)glycine is a bicine that is a Good's buffer substance, pKa = 8.35 at 20 ℃. Buffers, mixtures of appropriate weak acids, and their conjugate bases, are usually used. Working pH range … ABS_Bio TM ready-to-use Bicine Buffer is formulated 1 M buffer … It is a recommended buffer for low temperature biochemical analysis and is used extensively in molecular biology work. Buffers, Solvents and Solutions Tocris Bioscience 5881: General purpose buffer Tocris Bioscience 5881: Reagents Tocris Bioscience 5881: Widely used general purpose buffer for biological research. Furthermore, the acids and bases used in the buffer … Used as a biological buffer and chelating agent.

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