Distilled in copper pots, this Single Malt Irish Whiskey is smooth and easy to drink and, if you shop around is often priced at $20, making it a great deal. Here you go. The best “cheap” bottles of whiskey … Don’t have anything more than an Andrew Jackson in your pocket? It’s the whiskey that makes you do a lip snarl and cry “more, more, mo-a-ore.” First created in Kentucky in the 1850s, the Rebel Yell brand has been bought and sold a number of times (owned for a while by Julian Pappy Van Winkle himself) and now lives at Luxco. . It’s easy to see why this one is a favorite among bartenders. Otherwise, like most of the bottles on this list, the making of this bourbon follows an “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” model, with a classic mash bill and old school methods throughout. Some would argue that Green Label is a step down from the more common Black Label or Bottled-in-Bond versions of Evan Williams. There’s the thinness to this sip that works in its favor. Old Forester Bourbon – Old Forester’s entry-level bourbon is a solid example of the high rye style, revealing big brown sugar notes, cinnamon Red Hots, and a slight peppery quality on the nose. Also, we’ve taken the liberty of recommending a few extra bottles just outside the $20 limit that we feel are well worth the few additional dollars. We’ll have to dig into the cabinet and revisit it soon! Beam went through name changes, weathered Prohibition, and was eventually bought by Suntory to form the third largest distillery on the planet. Evan Williams Bottled-in-Bond Bourbon – Another Heaven Hill product (and also sometimes referred to as  “White Label”), Evan Williams bonded frequently ranks at the top of other budget bourbon lists. . Old Grand-Dad—80 points, $17 We’re saying that they’ll get the job done if you’re looking to tie one on and don’t have a lot of scratch to spare. Average Price: $19.99. On the palate, it’s quite sweet – think cinnamon sugar, chocolate-covered caramels, and just the lightest touch of honey-doused cornbread. Thankfully in 2002, Four Roses got back to its roots and began making bourbon again. Ezra is a charcoal-filtered bourbon with a smooth, uncomplicated flavor and an agreeably warm finish. 2016 Wine and International Spirit Competition winner of the bourbon trophy. Even the less-than-premium stuff. The nose has a modest barrel char note and a surprising level of spicy red pepper. A recovering Federal government employee of 10+ years, he is happy to have finally found a career where it is acceptable to drink on the job. note: As a companion to our list of whiskies to splurge on for the holidays, we thought it apropos to present a polar opposite guide as well. You’ll need to head on up to Canada for a whisky that’s eight years old AND under $20. 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I kid you not. The vanilla and caramel really carry through with a slight alcohol burn, minor woodiness, and bitterness that leads towards the swift and mild finish. This expression actually clocks in at 51 percent rye with 45 percent corn supporting the mash bill (the rest is barley). Ezra Brooks plays the younger, lesser known brother to the saucy Rebel Yell — both solid entrants on our list and both produced by Luxco — who recently started up distilling operations in a shiny 18,000 square foot distillery in Bardstown, Kentucky. 101 proof and seven years of aging makes this a great, full-flavored bourbon. Note: Costs may vary by state and retailer, but the price tag is generally what you find in the store. Nice balance of honeyed vanilla, caramel, soft oak, with hints of summer fruits and creamy coconut on both the nose and palate. I remember paying $8 for a bottle of this at their distillery right outside Bardstown, KY. That makes this the lowest price point spirit on the list. Not just for Billy Idol fans, this whiskey is made in the style of W.L Weller’s wheated bourbons. 1 Year of Whisky Advocate for Only $10 Plus a Free Gift! The ripple is that the rye and corn mashes are distilled and then blended and distilled again. Evan Williams—84 points, $15 Mellow Corn is made with 81% corn and is the only bottled-in-bond corn whiskey on the market. But life is lived in the moments in between the big ones. Very Old Barton Bottled in Bond—82 points, $12 If you’re wondering how to drink whiskey, we’ve got you covered there, too. Distillery: Buffalo Trace Distillery, Frankfort, KY (Sazerac Company) . . 10 Best Bottles of Whiskeys Under $25: 1. At 100 proof this bourbon is a spicy kick in the teeth with some candied cherries and a quick oak finish. And for that, you need something that won’t empty your wallet, but doesn’t taste like fiery swill. Many of these whiskies ring in at a few dollars cheaper as well, leaving room for a checkout aisle purchase to pair with your pour. The insider’s guide to good drinking. This list is garbage without mention of Rebel Yell. $18, 9. Really? Four Roses Yellow Label Bourbon – Four Roses’ entry level bourbon, referred to as “Yellow Label,” is bottled with no age statement and is blended from up to all 10 of the company’s different recipes (depending on supply and the season). Jim Beam - Devil's Cut. This bourbon is another great value if you like your whiskey as strong as we do. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to come across outside of Kentucky. There are, though, a number of good, cheap whiskies to be had, and we have conveniently listed them below. Old Grand-Dad Bourbon – Created by the legendary Basil Hayden to honor his own grandfather, Old Grand-Dad became a leading brand under National Distillers, surviving the demise of many other “old” brands during the difficult days of bourbon in the 70s and 80s. Prime is a simple bourbon that meets the minimum requirements to be called straight bourbon. Drink Well for Less With These Bargain Bourbons. The end is short, sweet, and full of vanilla. Old Grand-Dad (OGD, for short) is a quintessential back ... Best Bourbon: Old Forester 86 Proof Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. The popularity of bourbon in recent years has not surprisingly coincided with an upward trend in prices. It’s now not uncommon to stare at a liquor store shelf full of bottles priced over fifty dollars, with a growing number twice that expensive. It’s a quality bourbon, if a little rough around the edges. Average Price: $13. Bourbon offers value that few other whiskies can match, meaning 20 bucks is enough to secure a weekend-worthy bottle. cheap) whiskies. © Copyright 2020. #blendedwhisky #whisky #whiskey #canadianwhisky #blackvelvet #blackvelvetreserve, A post shared by Jim (@jimtorarp) on Dec 23, 2019 at 9:52am PST, ABV: 40% While its hotter brother, Wild Turkey 101 Bourbon, packs more flavor for a few extra dollars, the 81 proof version is still a winner in the $20 and under category. , Two more Special Releases from @diageo on deck tod, Glenmorangie’s core lineup includes a 10 year-ol, We’ve been following Louisville’s Rabbit Hole, One of the most venerable names in rye whiskey has, In 2020, a review of the Van Winkle lineup is mild, It’s round three for Brown-Forman’s King of Ke, Last year’s Dalwhinnie (which wasn’t available, Next up for the 2020 Diageo Special Releases is a, Hooten Young is a new whiskey brand founded by Tim, Old Ezra Kentucky Straight Bourbon 7 Years Old, Review: T.W.

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