We would be very responsive to seeing people because there is a lot of misinformation out there.”, Much of the process of counselling pregnant women about Down syndrome screening will remain unchanged for GPs, says Professor Suthers. Screening tests are most useful when they are done early in your pregnancy. Antenatal Results and Choices  [accessed 10 February 2015], NHS RAPID Project  [accessed 10 February 2015], 'Tommy's Midwife' Alexa and Google Home app for pregnancy questions, Health conditions and planning a pregnancy, Planning a pregnancy when you have a mental health illness, Forceps or vacuum delivery (assisted birth), Get your baby into the best birth position, Fetal growth restriction (Intrauterine growth restriction), A resource for health professionals working with women who are managing severe mental illness, Personal stories from our research centres, Major study shows that pregnant women are not at greater risk of severe coronavirus, More questions about the postnatal period answered, UK health bodies urge all pregnant women to have a flu jab this winter, Your questions about the postnatal period answered, Bipolar disorder and planning a pregnancy, Mental wellbeing and planning a pregnancy, Overweight, fertility and planning a pregnancy, Physical activity and planning a pregnancy, Planning a pregnancy if you’ve had gestational diabetes before, Type 1 and type 2 diabetes and planning a pregnancy, Underweight, fertility and planning a pregnancy, Planning a pregnancy with a mental health condition, Conception and Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS). While it would be wonderful for GPs to enlighten patients about these possibilities, Ms Freeman recognises that these conversations take a lot of time. At the very least, however, GPs can add a few more sentences to their consultations, and explain that the NIPT could unearth some unnerving results – and offer to provide more information, she says. Last Menstrual Period: 15-12-2016. 113 The Ropewalk I’m intending to have the NIPT (probably Harmony). To think DS’s GF’s mum is a bit out of order? When deciding when to have NIPT it’s important to remember that it will usually take about 3-10 working days for the results to come back. The only way to confirm your result is to have an invasive test such as CVS or amniocentesis. NHS RAPID Project  [accessed 10 February 2015] ‘What is NIPT for Down syndrome?’ http://www.rapid.nhs.uk/guides-to-nipd-nipt/nipt-for-down-syndrome/. How will I get time off work for all the appointments? (“S” stands for “screening test”). London “They’re getting answers earlier,” says Lucinda Freeman, genetic counsellor at Royal North Shore Hospital. NIPT was first introduced in Australia in 2012. By the time a woman turns 30, the risk that she will give birth to a baby with Down syndrome is one in 1,000; by age 35 the risk rises to one in 300; and by age 40 the risk is one in 100. Nothing was rushed and she took her time to make sure baby was in the correct position to get the best results. Will I find out straight away if I have miscarried? I’ve had an early scan so quite sure on dates. (I know two couples this happened to. In rare cases, maternal cell-free DNA may be mistaken for the baby’s, and the mother’s genetic problems may be attributed to the baby. The results of the Nuchal Translucncy Test can tell you if your baby is at higher or lower probability of the abnormalities we screen for during NIPT. Would highly recommend The Birth Company for all scans. ' It is therefore best to schedule your NIPT as soon as possible so that you’ll have time to confirm the results if necessary. We had received possible worrying news from our NHS anomaly scan, without much information provided or confirmation. Family planning and contraception when you have a mental illness, Giving up smoking and mental health medication, Mental health treatment before, during and after pregnancy, Planning a pregnancy with a serious mental illness: 5 top things to think about, Thinking ahead to after the birth: 8 tips for returning to work, Thinking ahead to pregnancy: practical tips on staying well, Thinking ahead: early days with a newborn. If you have a valid indication for the test, most insurance plans cover it. W1G 6BF, The Birth Company “Most of the NIPTs would go through a GP now,” says Ms Freeman. If you think you are having a miscarriage, Other people’s reactions when you've lost your baby, Remembering your baby after a miscarriage, Supporting someone who has had a miscarriage, Your relationship with your partner after a miscarriage, "People ask if I would do it all over again....and they get an immediate YES! I have been through two missed miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy. The number of invasive prenatal tests has halved during the first two years of NIPT in Australia, with further gains expected. When you have an NIPT test done, your doctor or a qualified lab technician will take about 20 ml of your blood, which will be sent to a lab for testing. Can I start doing yoga now that I am pregnant? We both walked out of that room in utter shock and didn't speak the whole way home. What is NIPT and when is it done? Labs that use single nucleotide polymorphism methods require at least 4% fetal DNA in the blood sample. It has been an emotional journey but if I can get through this I can get through anything. It is currently used by the majority of pregnant women despite costing $450, which is not Medicare rebatable. “[CFTS] is not a particularly accurate test,” says Professor Graeme Suthers, a pathologist and the head of Sonic Genetics. We had been scared by our NHS dating scan and left feeling like there was something wrong. ), How a second pregnancy can differ from the first. That said, NIPT has the best overall detection rate of all screening tests at 99 percent. “With CFTS, we have to do about 20 amniocenteses for every pregnancy that really does have Down syndrome.”. Also they said that the gold standard next steps for a higher risk result from the harmony test is an amino at 16 weeks rather than the cvs so if you have a harmony at 10w and get a high risk result then it can still be a long wait to find out if there is anything wrong or not. Site map, City Hospital I honestly never thought I would have another healthy baby, I thought I knew of everything that could go wrong - then they mentioned molar pregnancy, Women need to know they are not alone and that they have someone they can talk to, Charlotte Crosby talks about her ectopic pregnancy, For the first time, the screen was turned towards me. In 2015, a stunt by two Boston-based specialists raised serious concerns about NIPT quality control. “More recently, people are adding in something called sub-chromosomal aberrations, that is changes that are less than one chromosome in length,” says Lo. The NIPT was appealing as it’s a simple blood draw – quick, relatively painless, with no risk to the pregnancy- and it can be done in the first trimester. Pregnant women with a very high risk of Down syndrome, such as those with a 1-in-10 risk based on CFTS, may be best served by an invasive test rather than an NIPT, says Associate Professor Grivell. I've had an abortion in the past. While its accuracy in predicting Down syndrome is better than 99%, NIPT is less accurate for predicting Patau syndrome (Trisomy 13) than for predicting the other conditions for which it tests. Note: The password should be at least four characters long. Email this page A failed test result will only be reported after testing of both samples). We'll tell you how it works and what results really mean. Another important point to consider when deciding when to have NIPT is that you will have more options earlier in the pregnancy. Please whitelist our site to get all the best deals and offers from our partners. There have been abnormal results from a pregnancy, There is a family history of chromosomal abnormalities, such as the birth of a previously affected child. TheHill The evidence was stark; some pregnant women had traces of Y chromosome in their blood sample. “You can’t prevent people from getting upset when a positive result comes back,” says Ms Freeman. Most of the tests that check your own health can be started whenever you begin your antenatal care – even if it’s later in pregnancy.

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