We research the market, survey user reviews, speak with product managers and engineers, and use our own experience watching our kids ride (and in some cases, crash!) Some helmets will also include multiple sizes of interior padding so you can get a snugger fit. Designed to be relatively light without sacrificing protection, the A1 is built with in-mold construction and an EPS foam impact liner inside a reinforced shell. Sidetrack, it has good coverage at the back of the head, where it adjusts via a dial system that tightens down a plastic cage. Skip to main content Skip to footer content. The A1 is available in five sizes to fit heads from 19 to 24.8 inches. Weight: 295g (S), Most bike-addicted parents want to ride with their kids as soon as they safely can. 4.2 out of 5 stars with 19 reviews. Weight: 350g, Raequan Wilson Wants to Make Cycling Safer for POC. 19. The helmet tightens down through a dial-adjust system so you can get a good fit that includes solid coverage at the back of the head, plus a breakaway sun visor up front. It’s made from an in-mold EPS foam with a polycarbonate shell that’s lighter than Nutcase’s harder-shell Little Nutty, which is for heads too big for the Baby model. The magnetic closure system, situated on the side instead of directly under the chin, is one of the easiest I’ve used and is buffered by soft padding to prevent pinching. In this way, it can reduce concussions and brain injury. Bike Helmets. Like its predecessor, the O.G. In many of the reviews below you’ll notice the terms “in-mold” or “hardshell” to describe the construction of the helmet. It has a convenient design for babies and toddlers in particular, with no excess bulk at the back of the head to push against a trailer or bike seat. Since our head shapes vary, it does not guarantee perfect fit. One Size Fits Most. 4.6 out of 5 stars with 39 reviews. Every helmet, no matter its size, will come with a head circumference range. But for the price, the helmet is light and comfortable, with lots of surprisingly high-quality features. Size Chart for Bell Vortex, Revolver Evo, RS-2, Bullitt, Mag-9, Rogue, Moto-9, SX-1 Models Only. Largest helmets usually available. The Velcro adjustment system is slightly less convenient than the dial-adjust style used by other brands, but it works well enough. Every helmet on this list has been thoroughly evaluated and vetted by our team of test editors. And as a bonus, the helmet comes with a removable USB-chargeable LED taillight for safety. Football Helmets. Finally, ask your kiddo to yawn and make sure the helmet presses the top of her head when she does. Choosing the right helmet size is crucial to protecting you in case of a crash. The helmet tightens with a dial-adjust system, and clicks to buckle under the chin with the help of a pinch guard. Gear-obsessed editors choose every product we review. Bell Helmets Aero and Half Helmet Sizing - Covers Javelin, Local, Span, Block and Division Models Helmets are designed to absorb a single impact—after that the helmet’s protective features have been compromised. You want it to feel snug, but not so tight it’s uncomfortable or creates a pressure headache. When you place the helmet on your kid’s head, an internal cage held together by tension wire expands to fit snugly for near-custom comfort. 4.2 out of 5 stars with 19 reviews. Head Circumference is King! With a wide range of Bicycle Helmet types & designs catering to all cycling categories, Bell Helmets is a world leader in cycling helmet design & technology. A flippable sun visor adds some sun protection and (and just looks cool); if you want to use the helmet for winter sports, you can opt to purchase Bern’s fleece winter liner with ear flaps and trade it out. Well-designed for summer riding, it’s got 14 big vents for plenty of ventilation; soft, moisture-wicking pads for a comfortable fit; and smooth, flat straps that won’t chafe against sweaty skin. While your helmet shouldn’t be too tight, you also don’t want to select a size that will be too loose. The Baby Nutty bike helmet is available in just one tiny size (47 to 50cm) but comes with two sets of pads so you can get a closer fit. In hardshell construction, the EPS foam is cast separately from the outer shell and the two are then laminated together. Weight: 224g, The Nino and Nina Jr. have three big strengths to set them apart from competitors—they’re stylish, they’re certified for both bike and snow use, and they’re sold at a stellar price. Batting Helmets. Consult the How To Fit A Helmet page on the Bell Racing website for more information. This adorable helmet—which is technically designed and certified for babies one year of age and older but fit my 10-month-old—helps you start them as early as you see fit (be advised that the AAP recommends you wait until after they turn one and have the neck strength to support a helmet). Weight: 300g (Gekko, non-MIPS), The Scamp is for kids whose parents took one look at their newborns in the hospital and immediately imagined all the family bike adventures that lay in store.

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