After suffering a catastrophic loss at the Battle of Germantown, members of the American Continental Army discover a wandering dog on the battlefield belonging to General William Howe, leader of the British Army. Non Sporting Dogs • They Can and They Will! It was taken to George Washington to keep as a trophy, but instead he took it to his tent, fed and brushed him, then formally had the little dog returned under a flag of truce. When, right in the middle of it all, a small terrier wandered the battlefield between British and American lines. It was taken to Washington to keep as a trophy, instead he fed and brushed him, and formally returned the dog under a flag of truce. The wise dog owner, had provided his dog with a collar and name tag so the dog could be returned to him if he became separated or lost. British General Howe's terrier had somehow gotten loose and gotten lost on the battlefield lines. After the Battle of Germantown, a little dog was discovered roaming around American and British lines by the American troops. After the battle of Germantown the American troops withdrew and a dog accompanied them. When Washington found this out, he returned the dog under a flag of truce along with a note. Washington is known to be fond of dogs himself. During the Battle of Germantown, there was a brief cease-fire when a little terrier was seen wandering between the American and British lines. Apparently, during the Battle of Germantown in 1777, General William Howe lost his dog, and the animal wound up being captured by the American army. Close. Identified by its collar, the dog was brought to George Washington. It was during the American Revolutionary War when George Washington leading the Americans was engaged with the British under the leadership of General Howe in the Battle of Germantown (1777). Shop Categories. A huge dog lover, Washington checked the dog’s collar and found its owner was the enemy commander, British General William Howe. Battle of Germantown SHOP NPDD. Terrier folks may be well acquainted with this story, but non-terrier owners may not be, and it’s worth sharing. Battle of GermantownThe Battle of Germantown was a major engagement in the Philadelphia campaign of the American Revolutionary War. Free shipping for many products! Apparently General Howe’s dog had somehow gotten loose. In 1777 on October 6th, the Battle of Germantown happened to be going rather badly for the Americans. The men offer the dog to General George Washington, still reeling from the wreckage of his army's defeat. $ 20.00 – $ 25.00; Embroidered Flexfit® Stone Washed Twill Cap in 7 Group Names. Your Cart. Top Rated Products. A little dog described as a […] TIL during the Battle of Germantown, a little terrier was seen wandering between the American and British lines; British General Lord Howe's dog had gotten loose. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for General Howe's Dog : George Washington, the Battle for Germantown, and the Dog Who Crossed Enemy Lines by Caroline Tiger (2005, Hardcover) at the best online prices at eBay! British General Howe's dog had gotten loose. In October 1777, at the Battle of Germantown (a few miles north of the National Constitution Center), General George Washington found a dog wandering the front lines after the battle ended. It was fought on George Washington ordered a ceasefire during the Revolutionary War to return a lost dog to its owner, Sir William Howe, a British general.

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