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Here we have listed a long 3073 Marathi, There are currently 3175 names in this directory, Beginning; First Power; Worship of Goddess Amba, One who is Always First / Best; Power; Beginning; Name of Adisakthi; Goddess Parvati, Love; Full Smile; Queen of Family; Hope; Aashirwad, Devotee of God; Faith; Trust; One Type of Trust, Lustre; Shine; More or Most Beautiful; More Splendid, Steady; Mountain; River; Constant; Stable, Pure; Noble; Kind; Nobility; The Oldest Daughter; Happy; Ornament; Child of the Red Earth; Brightness; Prosperous; Style; Special Things that Matter, Father's Loving Daughter; One who is the Loving Daughter of a Father; Father's Pride, Decoration; Friday; Beautiful; Gorgeous; Delicate; Slender; Refined; Gentle, Without Direction; Laxmi Devi; Heavenly; Related to Adishakti, Mother of God; The Earth; Daughter of God Daksh; Gold; Most Graceful; Respective, Pleasure; Delight; In the Bible; Name of Two Israelites of the Returned Community. Shape, Form, Figure, Appearance; Shape. Aries Krittika. ... Home » Baby Names » Marathi Girl Names Here is a list of Marathi Baby Girl Names along with their meanings. Mandar + Manasi Chetan + Bhagyashri Ramesh + Reshma Vitthal + Varsha Vinayak + Deepika Gitesh + Pradnya Komal + Hemant Sadashiv + Surbhi Keshav + Namrata Vinod + Jotsna Pritam + Monika Yash + Sayali Rupesh + Anjali Madhusudan + Snehal Vipul + Amruta Aniket + Chaitali Akash + Sumedha Atul + Sonal Sachin + Shreya Vishal + Pratiksha Have you given it enough thought. Check out list of Marathi baby girl names with their meanings below. Excited to give your sugar plump a distinctive name? April 22, 2016. Here is a list of Marathi Baby Girl Names along with their meanings. Give your baby girl a Marathi name that defines her culture and ethnicity. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); This site is developed and maintained by, Name carries a lot of significance in a persons life. Little baby girl names list of 2020 Have you given it enough thought. Names are not just for childhood, …, The Canadian naming convention is very similar to that followed in the US and the …, Have you chosen your baby’s name. The maximum …, Resistance is the measure of opposition applied by any object to the flow of electric …, Below are the list of various Live TV (TeleVision) and TV Channels Like AajTak, ABP …, Have you chosen your baby’s name. Marathi girl names list is given below, Here’s a list of the most popular baby girl names, along with their meanings. Name carries a lot of significance in a persons life. Then you must check out these Marathi … It is a unique name that indicates how courageous the girls will grow up to be. Baby girl names in Marathi with Meaning हिंदु धर्मामध्ये बाळांच्या नावाचा (Hindu Marathi baby girl names) सोहळा खूप महत्वाचा असतो. Anandi means fearless, and Aeisha means wonder, girl. Name play an …, Below are some suggestions, how you can get pregnant faster. Here is a list of Marathi Baby Girl Names along with their meanings. Here we have listed a long 3073 Marathi Baby Girl Names, with their meanings, to choose from. Here is a list of Marathi Baby Girl Names along with their meanings. Somebody who gives shelter, Goddess Lakshmi, Constant, The earth; unshakeble, mountainous, Leader, Senior, First born, Eldest brother, Rice, Immortal, Unscathed, Perfect, Untouched i.e. Browse through this section and explore Marathi baby girl names and meanings. As the bay brings a lot of joy to the family, everyone wants to name the new comer. Punjabi Baby Girl Names And Their Meanings, For better usage and to keep it with you, you can download the “Marathi Baby Names” app from google play, Average Speed Formula With Solved Problems, Kelvin To Celsius Formula With Solved Examples, 15 Ancient Hindu Predictions that have come true, Veg Biryani Recipe | How to make Hyderabadi Veg Dum Biryani, 6 reasons why you should marry an Engineer. Aabha. Name carries a lot of significance in a persons life. Here’s the list …, Names are not just for birth days, they are for entire life. Marathi Girl Names. Girls Names A to Z - Baby Girl Name - Meanings; Currently we have 1376 Girls Names Beginning with letter A in our Marathi collection We have 3910 Sanskrit Baby …, Name play an important role in a child’s life. …, [responsivevoice_button voice=”Hindi Female” buttontext=”Read for me”] Marriage it’s a divine …, The purpose of this section is simply to remind smokers …, In the last section of the ancient Hindu text Bhagavata …, Veg biryani recipe – This is one of the favorite …, Girls often worry about with whom they should marry. All the information on the site are provided at free of cost. Do you want to give your newborn baby girl a traditional Marathi name? Fame. Marathi Baby Girl Names. Baby girl names in Marathi language originated from Sanskrit so you will find many ancient, historical as well as modern baby names for Marathi girl. Browse from the top baby girl names of 2020 and keep up with the changing trends! Baby girl names in Marathi with Meaning. This site is created to help people. Here is a beautiful Sanskrit baby girl name in Marathi that you can consider. Light in Dark; Twinkling Star; Restrainer; Beautiful; River Yamuna, God Gifted; Precious to God; God is Gracious, Little Butterfly; The Bright Light; White Flower; Water Lady; Blessing, Successful; Famous; Giving Joy; Happiness; Faith to People, One who is Successful; Glorious; Successful; Reputed, One with Great Fame; Victorious; Famous; Successful, Fame; Righteous; Good Faith; Victorious; Famous; Successful, Successful; Brave Girl; Intelligent Girl; Success, Successful; Winner; Beautiful; Famous; Glorious, Symbol of Fame; Always Successful; Famous; Glorious, Famous; Successful; Foster Mother of Lord Krishna, Sweet Smelling; Jasmine Flower; Fragrant Flower; Flower; Jasmine, Quick; Swift; Youth; Young; Handsome; Beautiful, Idea; Latitude; Attentive; Skillful; Vibrant; With Goddess Lakshmi Charms, Strategy; Idea; Trick; Solution; A Device; Planning, Well Born; Wondrously Beautiful; Shady; Quiet; Peaceful; Prosperous, Princess; Lady; Shining; Flower; Light; Dawn; Blossom; Radiance; Queen; Blossoming Flower; Little; Womenn of Jannah (Heaven); Day's Awakening, A Small Stream of Sweet Water; Spring of Water, A Hospitable Woman; Welcoming; Power of Zeus, Beauty and Happiness of Home; Beauty; Decoration; Delicate; Honor, Light; Enlightened; To Tremble; One who Unities; Kind of Grain; Life, Theresa; Harvest; Seeker; Virgin; Patron of Housewives and Servants; Flower Name; Little Hope; Small Girl; Little Rose, Blessings of God; Beautiful; Happy Every Time, Shining; Life; Loving or Affectionate; Alive; Beautiful; Fashionable: Gift of God; Perfect; Fashionable, Brilliant; The Fair One; Brilliant and Lovely; Fair, We know that the heating impact of electric current when it travels in a …, The Average speed, as obvious from the term itself, is the average of the speed …, Kelvin and Celsius scales are the most frequently used temperature assessing scales in thermometer business.The …, A variables amplitude is a measure of its change over a single period.

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