eval(ez_write_tag([[250,250],'totalmotorcycle_com-banner-1','ezslot_6',145,'0','0']));Combine the peak power of 70Kw @ 7,500rpm, with 99Nm torque @ 6,000rpm and you get plenty of strong acceleration when you need it. The Adventure Sports model comes standard with a larger sump guard and front light bars. Although this could have been down to Honda’s pricing strategy... A major blot on the Africa Twin’s copybook has always been its price tag, or more precisely Honda’s willingness to undercut its RRP through various deals when a new model is on the horizon or when sales are slow. Enter the 2019 Honda Africa Twin and Africa Twin Adventure Sports. Developed from our racing experience in the Dakar Rally, the Africa Twin’s windscreen helps shield you from the wind and the elements, especially during long miles of high-speed touring. On the manual-transmission versions, the aluminum clutch center and pressure plate use “assist” cams to ease shifting (with light lever feel) and “slipper” cams for deceleration and downshifting. © Copyright TopSpeed. Clearly set up for work in entirely civilized areas and pon paved roads, the name just seems a bit pretentious, and the AT more like a soccer mom’s SUV than a globetrotter proper. Wheelbase (mm) 1580mm, Clutch 2 Wet multiple clutches Our Adventure Sports version offers 9.9 inches of travel up front and 9.4 inches of travel in the rear. It also comes standard with heated grips and a 12V accessory socket, facilitating longer tours in wide-ranging conditions. You can also turn it off. You can dial in exactly the kind of power delivery you want for the conditions at hand. You’ll have to decide if the greater price is worth the power and ride-quality tech. Instruments Rally style negative LCD instrument display including: Riding Modes, Speedometer, Tachometer, Fuel, Gear position, ABS, HSTC, Odometer, Trip and Clock (529 pounds DCT). There’s even a standard-equipment rear rack. True to their off-road heritage, the Africa Twin models feature spoke front and rear wheels in size 21 and 18 inches, respectively, wearing 90/90-21 and 150/70-18 tires. The head has four valves in each combustion chamber with dual spark plugs for improved induction and ignition all around, but the 10-to-1 compression ratio may make it hard to find gas in, shall we say, less-developed areas. The steering head comes set for 27.3 degrees of rake with 4.37 inches of trail and a 62.2-inch wheelbase which gives you stability and low fatigue at speed. The Ducati has the adventure-typical bird’s-beak fairing up front in contrast to the Africa Twin’s snub nose, and from an aesthetic standpoint I prefer the Honda. with a Rider Mode function that controls the engine braking levels, power delivery and traction-control intervention, all enabled by the ride-by-wire throttle control. There are no vulnerable hoses leading to it either, a weakness on some bikes. Dual Clutch Transmission, Throttle By Wire, with 3 ride modes, G switch, Honda Selectable Torque Control and Engine Braking, 18.8 litre fuel tank and fully adjustable SHOWA suspension system. Starter Electric, ABS System 2-Channel with rear ABS off switch Most twins use a 180-degree crank. Rear ABS on/off switch. travel, Front: 90/90-R21 tube type Rear: 150/70-R18 tube type. Also, irritatingly, the Sports has tubed tyres (the 2020 model is tubeless) which tourers don’t like as punctures can’t be easily plugged and the seat height is a very tall 900/920mm (this was lowered in the 2020 update), which means low speed tip-offs are common. 2Kg lighter, but with the same liquid-cooled, 998cc 8-valve parallel twin engine and revised exhaust. The Dual Clutch Transmission makes it easier getting to the top. In the right hands, this bike would be an absolute weapon off-road and on the streets. Get a quote for this motorcycle with, Bennetts is a trading name of Bennetts Motorcycling Services Limited, registered in England and Wales (company number 11453343) with its registered office at Worldwide House, Thorpe Wood, Peterborough, PE3 6SB. Unfortunately, the stock bike lacks cargo capacity, but the large saddle boxes in the accessories catalog fit the bill nicely and add a nice utilitarian finish to what is already a tough-looking ride. Like to ride in cold weather? Standard model: 229 kg (507 lbs.) Manufacturer Specifications and appearance are subject to change without prior notice on Total Motorcycle (TMW). The Africa Twin uses a unique twin air-intake design with two vertical filtration elements. That planted a seed that grew into a well-rounded appreciation of all things mechanical, and eventually, into a formal education of same. For 2018, the “True Adventure” spirit of the award-winning model expanded with the introduction of the CRF1000L2 Africa Twin Adventure Sports, which pushed the platform even further into the long-range off-road-ready territory. travel, Pro-Link® system w/ single shock; 9.4 in. Available with either a six-speed manual or Honda’s revolutionary Automatic DCT transmission. The Africa Twin is extremely narrow where you sit, and the peg-bar-seat triangle lets you move up and forward and far back as well, to enhance handling, especially under demanding trail conditions. Credit where it’s due, the factory atoned for those sins with the “Adventure Sports” variant that inspires confidence, especially once you get past the point where black turns to brown. With a 24.2 litre tank, you are looking at a realistic 250-270 mile range, which isn’t bad at all. Some people just can’t take “No” for an answer. Cookies improve the functionality of our website and offer you the best experience. GRAVEL mode allows lowest Power (3), Engine Braking (3), and high HSTC (6). Honda comes off looking like the better choice for off-road work. Yeah, that’ll make it harder for vertically-challenged riders, but it’s to be expected on an off-road machine as it allows for the 9.9 inches of suspension travel up front and 9.4 inches out back. It’s composed, accurate, and thoroughly enjoyable to ride. This generation of Twin has the ‘older’ 998cc engine, which is a motor that while perfectly effective it has to be said isn’t the most thrilling of engines. Models sold in California meet current CARB standards and may differ slightly due to emissions equipment All that clean air helps the engine deliver excellent performance, even under prolonged operation in dusty conditions. Designed for the most ambitious explorers, and loaded with features like a bigger fuel tank, more suspension travel, a larger skid plate, a flatter, more comfortable seat, wider footpegs and a taller windscreen. That means the front wheel can tuck in closer to the engine, reducing the wheelbase and making the bike more nimble off road and on pavement. When buying used, always check the front frame rail as it sits directly behind the front wheel and gets stone chips, leading to rust spots where the paint is missing. It’s fully adjustable for both compression and rebound damping. This year, the Africa Twin is available in stunning Matte Black Metallic and Blue/White/Red, while the Africa Twin Adventure Sports is now available in Light Silver/Gray Metallic. The fork features huge 45mm tubes and 9.1 inches of travel, while the single-shock Pro-Link® rear suspension is also fully adjustable, with 8.7 inches of travel and a convenient remote preload adjustment.

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