That is neither praise nor critique. If you are considering buying a mattress with mixed reviews on durability, do a last look at the warranty and return policies to make sure you are safe. At least that's what I hear.As everyone else indicates, this shows up in a duffel bag. The company turned to indoor comfort products in 2003. All of them were lovely, but none of them were cheap. Memory foam provides the comfort, while the support foam provides the base you need to keep the mattress firm. It is extremely comfortable! I was directed to Sealy through RTG customer service. I returned to the website and their were no reviews but I searched some other mattresses with the same features and price points and discovered that it would, when unfolded, rise to it's full 12 inches and it did indeed have cloth covered coils (innersprings). Also, unlike Temperpedic, this mattress doesn't trap all of your body heat! Unsubscribe at any time. My old mattress was very soft, in comparison this one is a rock, but I don't wake with the same sore spots. In this section of our review, we’re going to take a look at all the additional benefits you’ll receive alongside your Zinus Mattress. If I'd left the room closed up, the smell could have been overwhelming.So, the rundown:* Great price* Easy to set up* Works with bad back* Cushy, but not overly so* Not too firm, just about right* Even comfortable on the floor* Smell, but not overwhelming and gone quickly. It has a knitted jacquard cover and is infused with green tea extract to enhance its cooling properties. This mattress does not sleep hot in any way shape or form. I wish I never bought this mattress. Disgruntled employees? Type: Memory Foam You can feel the space in the frame when your head is raised through the mattress…terrible!!! Helix mattresses are one of the best options for an alternative to Zinus. I like memory foam, and I found it comfortable. Construction: This firm mattress features Zinus’ patented iCoil technology to reduce motion transfer with the added softness of comfort foam and a microfiber quilting in the top layer. and give us feedback about your visit today. Zinus Mattress Models. Zinus Green Tea 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress It’s made from a knitted jacquard cover, microfiber quilted fabric, 1” of comfort foam, and 7.5” of iCoil pocketed springs. We bought this mattress 2 3/4 years ago and I've been having chronic severe back pain for over a year. When I first received this mattress, in a square box, I was soooo disappointed and upset. Middle Layer – 2” Pressure Relief Density Foam, Second Middle Layer – 3.5” High Density Foam. As mentioned previously, prices will vary depending on the thickness variation that you choose. Below we’ll take a look at the exact layer design of each size of mattress. The thick memory foam layer and the individually wrapped pocketed coils absorb motion so that there’s barely any disturbance across the surface of the bed. Mattress may become hard and uncomfortable over time. As of today (10/18) the mattress is on sale for almost $100 off! And I might just have to buy one for my own bed, I'll be doing a sleep test this weekend! Zinus CS cannot give me an estimated shipping date, they do not have any idea when Fedex will pick it up, they won't cancel the order because it has already been processed to ship (which also makes no sense considering they still have possession of it). My bride kept saying "You're gonna love this" but I was dirty from all the work and didn't want to try it out and mess it up.In our house, we have a king sized pillow top that is pretty good, but I have been still waking up stiff. 8.21 received shipment is on its way email with a FedEx tracking number. Everyday when I wake up after sleeping on this mattress my back hurts more than it does all day. If you’re wondering whether or not you should purchase the new Zinus Mattress, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons. Zinus Innerspring Mattresses are Best If: You enjoy a firm mattress with a thinner profile. Type: Memory Foam $399 Of FREE Accessories With Every Mattress (FREE Mattress Protector worth $99, Free Sheets worth $150 and FREE Premium Pillows worth $150). I chose this particular model for several reasons. It could only have come from the mattress because there isn't any mold anywhere else in my entire home. What Makes DreamCloud a Great Alternative? Construction: This 10” version of this mattress features a knitted jacquard cover, 1.25” of Comfort Foam, a 1” High-Density Foam, and 7.5” of pocketed coil springs. This mattress features .5” of high-density foam, 1” of ViscoLatex foam, and 6” of innerspring coils. There was a mild odor at first that was gone by the second day.The white cover was opaque so I couldn't tell for sure which side was the top (hint: the zipper goes down). Well, 6 months later I’m laying in a huge gully or canyon again. Type: Memory Foam This high-quality mattress is a terrific option for kids and adults alike. Firmness Level: 6/10 ConsumerAffairs is not a government agency. Hot sleepers who need a mattress with excellent cooling features, Folks who want to save money on their mattress purchase, People who like a memory foam feel that lets them slowly sink in, People who like a bouncy, more responsive mattress, Stomach sleepers, who need plenty of support under their hips, Most heavyweight sleepers, who probably need a more supportive mattress, Those who like a classic memory foam feel, Side sleepers who need plenty of pressure relief, Those who want a more substantial, higher-end mattress, Folks who prefer a more responsive mattress, Folks who want a memory foam mattress that’s a touch firmer. I noticed though before my back would be unsupported I would sleep deeper and easier. His next film, At The Hop, is a hot rod actioner with a horror twist. As I did it literally popped open on the box springs wrapped in a heavy plastic cover. Now, Zinus does not have the name recognition of Tempur-Pedic, nor the same high-end reputation, or prices. Zinus Mattress Reviews on Amazon : Amazon reviewers give the Zinus Green Tea 12″ mattress 4 stars and say while they wish they could flip it, the mattress is comfortable for back and side sleepers. I then had to find a preferably foam mattress for a twin bed. Very pleased. The traditional innerspring support system creates a bouncy feel that many sleepers love. Additional products: Some have described them as supportive and report being comfortable, but others didn't feel that the mattress was equipped to provide comfort. I was definitely leery about buying a mattress online. You may be able to find faster shipping if you purchase your Zinus through and have an Amazon Prime membership. Easily worth twice the price (though I wouldn't have paid that much). Remember – Zinus mattresses are available in limited firmness variety, mostly medium to firm. They have a variety of different models that help people at almost any price point. Make sure to check out our list of the best cooling mattresses for more like the Zinus. Copyright © 2020 Consumers Unified LLC. What Makes Nectar Sleep a Good Alternative? If you are heavier than average, you may want to do additional research to make sure these mattresses will work for youEdge SupportEdge support is a key item for anyone that likes to sit on the side of their mattress. If you’re heavyweight, the thickest Zinus Green Tea mattress will be a better fit. The Zinus Hybrid’s support layer is made from pocketed coils, which are wrapped individually to promote body contouring. I am thinking of getting another mattress and it will most likely be the same one. Like all things you read on the Internet, understand there is no better judge than yourself. Construction: This mattress features .5” of high-density foam, 1” of ViscoLatex foam, and 6” of innerspring coils. It does "dent" for a while after using it, but does return to original size within a few minutes. Type: Memory Foam He covers the mattress industry as well as sleep science news. See the con section below for more on that, but given all of the complaints about the firmness I was pleasantly surprised with the softness of it. I wish I would have found this bed years ago. I was hesitant because some said its not good for daily use, others said it smelled, some said it was cheap. This mattress’ special features, like the encased coils and swirl foam, help it sleep cool, relieve pressure, and eliminate motion transfer. Sleepers should find that this mattress feels firm but isn’t so supportive that sleepers can’t find pressure relief in its construction. If you’ve been sleeping on the same mattress or the past few years, it might be time for an upgrade. If you get the mattress and it arrives after 7PM, let it inflate and sleep on it the next night.3) Smell: Unlike others I did not have any type of overpowering smell. The Zinus Hybrid is notably softer than the Casper. I bought this bed from another place and thought I would give it another review to help others out. Click the button for the best deal on this mattress. Our content is intended to be used for general information purposes only. The wife may have to order a king sized just to keep me sleeping in the house!BTW, we have the 8 inch thick mattress and it's actually more like 10 inches. It was soft enough to be comfortable and fall asleep in easily. There are parts that are very nice, but there are edges that haven't risen back up, and sections of the mattress that are inches lower the the higher points.

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