Ends turn. Not sure if these are totally right since it’s been a while since I watched the anime. Discuss tactics, episodes, decks, or whatever you'd like. : The Dark Side of Dimensions English Subbed, Yu-Gi-Oh! Hoping to see you again. Sets two cards. : The Movie: Pyramid of Light English (dubbed), Yu-Gi-Oh! He told Orbital, "Get him ready for the launch. I'll try to buy as much time as possible.". ● If desired, detach 3 Xyz Material that monster, destroy all monsters with "Quarantine Counters" and cause damage to your opponent equal to the ATK of the monsters added destroyed by this effect. Yu-Gi-Oh Card Maker Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. has a way of bringing back the past. -Infection Bug Token three, four, and five were forced to attack Extra Veiler. Drew Photon Thrasher. 5D’s – Bonds Beyond Time (subbed), Yu-Gi-Oh! After Kai won the duel, Heartland was engulfed by black flames. 4 level 9 monsters Continuation of Synchronic Sacrifice. We have a full Yu-Gi-Oh! Sets one card. Kai activates Destiny Break (trap): when an opponent declares a Direct Attack, reveal the top card of your Deck and add it to your hand; if it is a Monster, the attack is negated. Sets two cards. You should just give up. Duel ends. Bonds that Transcend Time, Yu-Gi-Oh! ". The top card on his deck began to glowed yellow-, Yuma commented, "No way, Atlas … He can do a Shining Draw? Kai: Activated the magic card, Luminous Dragon Ritual. 5Ds and were used by Carly Carmine, known as Carly Nagisa in the Japanese version.] Ends turn. 4 level 9 monsters
When this card is invoked, put a "Quarantine Counter" on all monsters your opponent controls. I am Nash, leader of the Barians." Ends turn. Heartland: Equips XYZ Unit (spell card) to Infection Buzz King. -Without even looking at the card he drew, he knew what card it was. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Their dragons in respective order are: Stardust Dragon... As you may have known, this movie is to commemorate Yu-Gi-Oh! Normal Summoned Photon Cerberus (Special Ability: no one can activate traps on the turn it was Normal Summoned). He could feel the hatred they have towards him grow as he prepared his Duel Disk. -Activates facedown card, Infection Medium (trap): when a Fiend-type XYZ monster is destroyed, Special Summon five Infection Bug Tokens. * Try to hover the cursor over the Japanese cards for it's English name to appear. Kai activates Mirror Force (trap): when an opponent declares an attack, destroy all Monsters in Attack Position. Suddenly, seven pillars of light collided on top of the buildings in front of them. Destroys one monster on the opponent's field and deals damage equal to its Attack Points. 10th anniversary and did they do a good job of making it. ● If desired, detach 3 Xyz Material that monster, destroy all monsters with "Quarantine Counters" and cause damage to your opponent equal to the ATK of the monsters added destroyed by this effect. Your review has been posted. /center Number C1: Virus Buzz King C.No.1(カオスナンバーズ) ウイルスバアルゼブル Romaji Kaosu Nambazu Ichi Uirusu Baaru Zeburu Translated Chaos Numbers 1: Virus Baal Zebul Attribute Dark Type(s) [ Fiend/Xyz/Effect ] Rank 9 ATK / DEF 3600 / 3000 Lore4 level 9 monsters When this card is invoked, put a "Quarantine Counter" on all monsters your opponent controls. Monsters with "Quarantine Counters" can not attack, and also can not activate their effects. Heartland's Life Points: 4000 to 2500. Number 2: Ninja Shadow Mosquito Number 3: Cicada King Number 4: Stealth Kragen [No number 26, 27, and 29 cards.] Overlaying his three Level 8, he XYZ Summoned Number 1 Infection Buzz King. I’m only going to name the characters who were most significant to the story and plot of their respective series. He regained his lost memories and powers. Yuma stood in complete shock and stammered, "Sh-sh-shark! ", Kai smiled and replied, "It'll hardly be fair as I'll be the only person dueling. database is one of a kind and offers an easy and intuitive way to search for any Yu-Gi-Oh! Pictures and information about Yu-Gi-Oh! ", Astral replied, "It looks like a more ancient method, but it should fulfill the same purpose.". Infection Buzz King is destroyed. Kai turned his back and quietly whispered to him, "You deserve every moment of agony for messing with my family.". If you do, your soul will never know peace.". One of these days, I'm going to regret those decisions. Everyone had a look of surprise and horror on their face. Once Orbital became a speck in the horizon, the walls created from his psychic power disappeared. Sensing it was a moment of vulnerability, Kai played Labyrinth of Nightmare. ", Nash, formerly known as Shark, scoffed and retorted, "You hold an empty title. Laughter from a single person broke the silence, bringing everyone out of their shock. I can't give up now, not after everything I sacrificed. Sets one card. 5D's + Yu-Gi-Oh! For your viewing pleasure. "Are you so sure about that?" The Signers (so far) are: Yūsei Fudō, Jack Atlas, Aki Izayoi, Luca, and Crow Hogan. Sets one card. Feel free to look around the blog. https://ycm.fandom.com/wiki/Number_C1:_Virus_Buzz_King?oldid=219459. Ends turn. Let me praise the... Now this is actually a Yu-Gi-Oh movie that can hold onto my attention for more than two hours long. We have a Syntax guide to aid users in easily finding what they need. Duel Monsters (dubbed) episodes, Five Signers & Their Dragons = Crimson Dragon, Yu-Gi-Oh! card game, video games, or fans of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Heartland's Life Points: 1000 to 0. Ends turn. Kai activates All-Out Attack (trap), all Monsters that were Special Summoned must attack. When this card is invok. ZEXAL Crossover. Uses the magic card as an Overlay Unit and detaches it to activate Infection Buzz King's Special Ability. ", Before Kaito could register what he just said, Kai knocked him unconscious. Shark stepped forward and announced, "The Shark you knew is no more. Heartland: Attacks face down Monster with Infection Bug Token one, Special Ability activates; takes no damage from the battle and can destroy one Monster on the opponents side, dealing 300 points of damage.

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