Upton advises her clients to stay away from French fries when they are sick because of their ability to cause inflammation. In 15 Foods That Can Make You Congested, Rene Ficek, RD, explains that foods that are high in refined sugar, such as chocolate, can increase the production of yeast in your body, which will lead to an overgrowth of bacteria. Play it safe and steer clear of seitan until you're no longer congested. If you want to know what you should be eating, we have a list of 17 Magic Foods That Relieve Cold Symptoms. Only check the salt content. Histamine has the ability to make your nasal passages swell, leading to feelings of congestion and stuffiness. No matter how much you love breaking into this crustacean, it's best to do it when you're feeling on your A-game. The fishy favorite is particularly high in histamines, which can increase inflammation and contribute to sinus congestion. In fact, the bite-sized shellfish may make your cold symptoms worse because they contain a compound that stimulates histamine production in the body. "While you are sick, sugar decreases your immune response, impeding your body's ability to fight the infection off," explains Bess Berger, RDN, CDN, CLT. Consequently, it's best to hold off on the simple carbohydrates, especially when your immune system is already taxed. Dried figs, in particular, contain high levels of histamine, which can worsen some of your most irritating cold symptoms such as a runny nose or a headache. This one's probably pretty intuitive—lay off highly processed sugary foods when you're sick or else you'll take longer to recover. These cookies do not store any personal information. Once you pour milk on top, you're adding mucus-thickening dairy to the mix which won't do your sinuses any favors. Additionally, the high-fat content may be difficult to digest if your stomach is unsettled. Foods you should avoid when you’re already sick include: Sugar and Junk Food. Flour tortillas are filled with unrefined carbohydrates, which will trigger inflammation in your body and weaken your white blood cell's response to disease. Finally, frying the sandwich adds even more difficult to digest fat, which can be especially rough on an already sensitive stomach. It causes dehydration and decreases your immunity. Shrimp and most other shellfish contain compounds that trigger the release of histamine, which will exacerbate feelings of congestion and stuffiness. Save the bubbly celebrations until you're feeling on your A-game. In 15 Foods That Can Make You Congested, Rene Ficek, RD, explains that foods that are high in refined sugar, such as chocolate, can increase the production of yeast in your body, which will lead to an overgrowth of bacteria. Play it safe and wait to eat this wholesome grain until you are totally recovered. Our weight loss meal plans are designed to help real people achieve real and lasting success. "If you have a poor diet high in excess sugar, you will be prone to get sick more often," Kimszal says. Julie Upton, MS, RD, emphasizes the importance of avoiding pro-inflammatory foods, as they can reduce your body's immune system response. If you want to know what you should be eating, we have a list of 13 Foods to Eat When You're Sick. "Grease/fat can cause inflammation, which in turn suppresses your immune system," Mimkha explains. Its warmth can heal a sore throat and cure congestion. Most crackers are made with refined flour, which means they will quickly turn into sugar when you digest them. Mussels are another major don't when you are battling a cold, flu, or sinus congestion. Even if broccoli cheese soup is your favorite, it might be a good idea to wait until you’re well before eating. Many of kombucha's health benefits come from its fermentation process, which also causes the level of histamine in the beverage to rise. Only drink soda if you want to make the inflammation in your body worse. Dr. Hoberman recommends diluting sports drinks with water to ingest the electrolytes that stave off dehydration and boost adrenal glands. Even if you regularly consume these legumes, eating peanuts when you are sick may lead to increased inflammation and nasal congestion. Kelli Shallal, MPH, RD, urges her clients to avoid alcohol when they're feeling under the weather. Sweet snacks, fatty foods, dairy products, caffeinated beverages, jagged or hard foods, processed foods and simple carbs are to be avoided when sick. Think of this as a double don't when you're trying to keep your immune system functioning at full capacity. If that wasn't bad enough, deep frying the dough adds a ton of fat, which further contributes to inflammation. The 11 Worst Foods to Eat When You’re Sick. Dr. Petre acknowledges that many people crave these kinds of foods when they are ill, but emphasizes that indulging in them may lengthen your recovery time. You need to rest when you are sick, not try to push through with the help of caffeine-laden energy drinks. Additionally, the sweet stuff has plenty of sugar, another ingredient that has been known to increase inflammation. “Alcohol suppresses the immune system, and your body is fighting a battle with that bug that infected you — it isn’t a good idea to add in one more element that is going to make that battle an uphill one.”. Nothing good can come out of it. Because ice cream takes center stage in most milkshakes, it's best to avoid them when you are under the weather. Certain foods contain mold, the starting point of penicillin production. Butter is high in saturated fat, which will increase inflammation and hinder your immune system. However, during a sickness, our body's mucous production goes into overdrive," Zamarripa explains. Check out below the 21 best and worst foods to eat when sick. Finally, by sandwiching the burger between a bun made with white flour, more inflammation is created because the bread will quickly break down into sugar in your body.

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