Director-General QU Dongyu speaks at the G20 Leaders' Summit. FAO’s Sustainable Development Goals Indicators Portal, FAO's Global Information System on Water and Agriculture, Domestic Animal Diversity Information System, World Information and Early Warning System on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture, FAO/WHO Global Individual Food consumption data Tool, International Network of Food Data Systems, Take an in-depth look at what food is being lost and wasted, and where, Securing water for farming and sanitation is no pipe dream. Currently, agriculture is responsible for 70% of freshwater use around the world (FAO, 2016), mainly by rainfed crops (Alexandratos and Bruinsma, 2012; Tadesse et al., 2015). Pope Francis received FAO Director-General QU Dongyu for a meeting at the Vatican. Problems viewing this page? Posted on August 16, 2020 by . The WTO Agriculture Agreement provides a framework for the long-term reform of agricultural trade and domestic policies, with the aim of leading to fairer competition and a less distorted sector. Each discussion can be watched live​. The World Bank Group is a leading financier of agriculture, with US$ 6.8 billion in new IBRD/IDA commitments in 2018. WTO notifications and other official documents, Introduction to agricultural trade in the WTO, WTO information on agriculture, including notifications by WTO members, Agriculture negotiations: Chairs’ texts, summary reports and proposals, Agriculture negotiations: Secretariat background papers, Agricultural Trade and Food System Transformation, FAO-WTO webinar – Agrifood trade policies in Europe and Central Asia during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond, Information session on Covid-19 and agriculture, Symposium on the role of trade in the global agri-food system, Information session on international food aid, Trends in Agricultural Markets and Policy- Presentation by the OECD, Export subsidies and other export support measures, An unofficial guide to agricultural safeguards. world agriculture organization. Global Female Voices join FAO in the need for solidarity and urgent action. Join us in the interaction . Flagship report focuses on water and improving efficiency, productivity and sustainability, FAO’s The State of Food and Agriculture (SOFA) 2020 takes a new look at water shortages and scarcity. It was founded in October 1945. The World Bank Group is a … Domestic support — the use of subsidies and other support programmes that directly stimulate production and distort trade Find out more 3. العربية 中文 WFP helps the most vulnerable people strengthen their capacities to absorb, adapt, and transform in the face of shocks and long-term stressors. The Agriculture Committee oversees implementation of the Agreement. Under the Agreement, WTO members agree to “schedules” or lists of commitments that set limits on the tariffs they can apply to individual products and on levels of domestic support and export subsidies. A more detailed 8-part technical introduction, WTO information on agriculture, including notifications by WTO members WTO members are continuing to negotiate agricultural trade reform. FAO COVID-19 Response and Recovery Programme. The WTO Agreement on Agriculture, which came into force in 1995, represents a significant step towards reforming agricultural trade and making it fairer and more competitive. See news on cotton. This digital code provides a … The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations that leads international efforts to defeat hunger and improve nutrition and food security. At the 2013 WTO Ministerial Conference in Bali, Indonesia, ministers also agreed on a package of issues in agriculture. Video: An independent, peer reviewed journal for policy makers and practitioners in agriculture and related industries, assessing the interactions between population … Sanitary and phytosanitary measures Learn what can be done to overcome the dangerous threat by reviewing some FAO’s key materials on AMR. Check out FAO COVID-19 Response and Recovery Programme. Fuzhou Jasmine and Tea Culture System, 2014, Huzhou Mulberry-dyke and Fish Pond System, 2017, Diebu Zhagana Agriculture-Forestry-Animal Husbandry Composite System, 2017, Xiajin Yellow River Old Course Ancient Mulberry Grove System, 2018, Rice Terraces in Southern Mountainous and Hilly areas, 2018, Takachihogo-Shiibayama Mountainous Agriculture and Forestry System, 2015, Osaki Kôdo's Traditional Water Management System for Sustainable Paddy Agriculture, 2017, Nishi-Awa Steep Slope Land Agriculture System, 2018, Traditional Wasabi Cultivation in Shizuoka, 2018, Traditional Gudeuljang Irrigated Rice Terraces in Cheongsando, 2014, Traditional Hadong Tea Agrosystem in Hwagae-myeon, 2017, Geumsan Traditional Ginseng Agricultural System, 2018, Kuttanad Below Sea Level Farming System, 2013, Qanat Irrigated Agricultural Heritage Systems, Kashan, 2014, Grape Production System in Jowzan Valley, 2018, Qanat-based Saffron Farming System in Gonabad, 2018, The Agricultural System of Valle Salado de Añana, 2017, Malaga Raisin Production System in La Axarquía, 2017, The Agricultural System Ancient Olive Trees Territorio Sénia, 2018, Historical Irrigation System at l'Horta de València, Spain, 2019, Oldonyonokie/Olkeri Maasai Pastoralist Heritage, 2011, Floating Garden Agricultural Practices, 2015, The Cascaded Tank-Village System (CTVS) in the Dry Zone of Sri Lanka, 2017, Olive Groves of the Slopes between Assisi and Spoleto, 2018, Argan-based agro-sylvo-pastoral system within the area of Ait Souab-Ait and Mansour, 2018, Engaresero Maasai Pastoralist Heritage Area, 2011, Shimbwe Juu Kihamba Agro-forestry Heritage Site, 2011, Al Ain and Liwa Historical Date Palm Oases, 2015, Traditional Agricultural System in the Southern Espinhaço Range, Minas Gerais, How to overcome water challenges in agriculture, Fresh kick-off for agri-food systems transformation, Pope Francis meets Director-General and renews his encouragement and support for FAO’s work.

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