Avoid using particleboard, MDF, and softwoods like pine for bookshelves. I ended up trying the IKEA hack for the Billy bookshelf hack and ended up with two of those in the living room, they are perfect. Pinterest has photos of this one, but she actually shows you how to build the infamous crate bookshelf you’ve probably seen on Pinterest more than a few times. All rights reserved. Typically, bookshelves are 11 to 12 inches deep, but if you are building your own bookshelves, this is your opportunity to customize your shelves to fit your books. Rustic Bookshelf from Crates and Pallet. If you would like your shelves to be thicker than the standard 3/4 inch, you can glue and clamp two pieces of wood together and finish the edges with a wider trim. There are photos, diagrams, a material list, cutting instructions, and building instructions in this bookcase plan. Before you grab a saw and begin a DIY bookshelf project, there are a variety of factors to consider. This cute DIY crate and pallet bookcase from Jen at House of Wood is a pretty easy build, very cheap and gives a lot of rustic appeals. Maximize functionality in a small space with this small bookshelf that doubles as a side table. Here’s how to get your Christmas tree on a car and take it home safely. Want an elegant way to display books in your house or apartment? Somehow, I imagine this one is sturdier than the shelf in that Pin, anyway. Unfortunately, plywood is not very pretty, so look for primed, cabinet-grade plywood and expect to finish off the forward-facing edges with a veneer trim, using glue, and possibly nails, to hide any unfinished edges. For a playroom decorating idea, this is also the way to go, for sure. Cool paint finishes are nice, but when you add a stenciled background, they really may a statement. Jazz up your plain looking bookcase by painting some spots and sputnik at the back. Choose the same wood species to trim the edges, using glue, and nails if needed. First and foremost, the wood you use for making bookshelves will impact the design as well as the cost of your project. These cheap DIY bookshelves are perfect for storing toys and books at kid level, so they can easily reach them to get them out and if you are lucky, put them away. When it comes to cute decor ideas for girls rooms, this wallpaper backed bookshelf is a must. Keep reading to learn how to get rid of gnats and how to prevent future infestations. Build It | Simple Bookshelf from Stair Treads, Cherry—strong, lightweight, and easy to handle and cut, Birch—widely used for cabinets and furniture; an excellent choice if you plan to paint your bookshelves, Maple—lends itself to a variety of stains, so you can easily match it to existing wood in the room or customize the wood color. Here's how an inventive redo made an 1830s artifact just right for a 21st-century household, How to Transport a Live Christmas Tree Home. What a great project, indeed. This cute DIY crate and pallet bookcase from Jen at House of Wood is a pretty easy build, very cheap and gives a lot of rustic appeals. The design of your bookcase will influence the size and the number of boards you’ll need, but in addition to the wood, you’ll need the following materials to assemble and finish your bookshelves: Get the latest This Old House news, trusted tips, tricks, and DIY Smarts projects from our experts–straight to your inbox. When it comes to building pallet bookcases, Jen definitely wins the award for my top pick. From the quick, cheap and easy crate shelf you can make with boxes available at your local craft store to cute ideas for the kids’ rooms to dreamy, vintage-inspired shelves that already look like heirlooms, you are sure to find the perfect DIY bookshelf here. It just gives this cool and chic vibe. Copyright © 2020 This Old House Ventures, LLC. Centsational Girl has a great technique in achieving the look by using a simple sponge. But before you grab a saw and begin a DIY bookshelf project, there are a variety of factors to consider. I just love the idea that it’s both a bookcase and a nightstand. What a wonderful reading nook accentuated by a super practical crate bookshelf! Ensure that your cross-cut saw is in good shape. I am in love with the washed colors that they used. After perusing most every DIY bookshelf idea on Pinterest, I came up with this list of 34 awesome DIY shelving ideas and thought I would share it with you. Very clever, isn’t it? You can even put it in between two narrow chairs. I quickly went looking to find a new home for my favorite books but wanted something stylish for the new house. For a cool DIY room decor idea, we are big fans of this unique DIY bookcase design. If you have a lot of oversized books, measure the largest one, and add 1 to 2 inches to the depth. This is a neat DIY idea for teen boys to make and help decorate their rooms, both my 13 and 15 year old sons had no problem making these with Dads help. She also has this great tip to never use pallets and crates straight from a dumpster which I think is worth mentioning. Which DIY book shelving idea will you choose? How deep should the shelves be? Please also read our Privacy Notice and Terms of Use, which became effective December 20, 2019. This free bookcase plan from Lee's Wood Projects will get you a simple but elegant bookcase that will last for years to come. Beautiful bookcase makeover as always from Confessions Of A Serial DIYer. Painting it pink is such an adorable idea and a perfect addition to a little girl’s room. a pretty DIY for all white decor or farmhouse style home furnishings, this shiplap DIY bookshelf is simple and lovely. Poplar trim is easy to work with—it takes paint easily and is also relatively inexpensive. The benefit of a thicker shelf is that the shelf ends up being stronger, so it can support heavier weight loads without sagging. Indeed, a great idea to renew a bookshelf. High-end specialty woods like these are typically available at millwork outlets or and lumberyards that cater to woodworkers, but not at your local hardware center. The benefit of a thicker shelf is that the shelf ends up being stronger, so it can support heavier weight loads without sagging. Unfinished solid mahogany runs anywhere from $6 to $28 per board foot, while koa starts at $15 but can run as much as $140 per board foot. Whether in a home office, bedroom, or living room, bookshelves are handy for storing and displaying books and decorations. You can use a 2X4 clamped to the board that is being cut as a guide to ensure a straight cut). They sag under a lot of weight, dent and scratch easily, don’t offer long-term rigidity, and require extra support for long spans. You can also try buying spotted wallpaper if you prefer that. However, reading about how easy they made it look gives me the inspiration to try stenciling for sure. Whether you live in a dorm room, a rent a condo or own a home, this stylish paper backed bookshelf will certainly add to your decor if you are going for a sophisticated, worldly look that almost always makes a good impression. jenwoodhouse. DIY kids room decor is the way to go, and this crate book storage solution is one of my favorite ways to decorate a boys room or baby nursery. My boyfriend actually threatened to throw them out, since I was no longer actively reading any of them! Lee's Wood Projects. When it comes to building pallet bookcases, Jen … Whether your need bedroom decor ideas or some DIY living room projects, these inexpensive bookcases you can make yourself will add a creative touch to any room. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. The Nest Secure and Ring Alarm systems might seem similar, but they are two very different home security systems with unique benefits. Are you a reader that has run out of room for your every growing book collection? A DIY furniture makeover that looks like it came from a designer furniture showroom. Far from boring, this patterned back is easy to add to your existing bookcase or you can pick one up at a thrift store or garage sale, too. Try this DIY stenciling idea to really get creative when it comes to furniture. As a lifelong reader, I could not bear the thought of getting rid of some of my most prized possessions just because we did not have adequate storage in our new home. When choosing wood, avoid boards that are rough-hewn or have knots or poorly graded sides, making them more difficult to finish and paint. You need not have kids, of course, to make this book storage idea. There’s a lot of confusion over the difference between these two popular wood sealants, and it’s important to know what sets them apart so you can choose the right topcoat for your project. Our Nest vs. Ring will help you decide which is right for you and your home. If you are making shelves where the color and grain of the wood is an important part of the design, look for oak, maple, or cherry plywood—these options will still offer durability, but will help keep costs down compared to with non-manufactured hardwoods of the same species. It’s so simple to re-create, all you have to do is stack them together. Projects made with paper backs like this are trending on Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram right now because they are super easy to make and look amazing, in real life and in those photos you just might need to post once you see how cute this homemade bookshelf idea is in person.

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