Or, more technically, Muslims are to face the Ka'aba--the sacred cubic monument that is found in Makka. Qibla Locator is one such program. , five times a day, every day. Be a part of IslamicFinder and write for us! When traveling, Muslims often have difficulty determining the Qiblah in their new location, although prayer rooms and chapels in some airports and hospitals may indicate the direction. It uses Google Maps technology to identify the Qiblah for any location in a user-friendly, fast and free service. After death, Muslims are usually buried at a right angle to the Qibla, with face turned to face it. The direction of Qibla can be found throw the compass, latitude, and longitude or the Qibla indicator/ Qibla … Join 1,000,000+ subscribers and be the first to know about latest articles and a lot more. I bought a globe and tried to look from Alaska, I see that Makkah is still down somewhere, therfore, it should be South-East, not North-East. Now draw a line from the base of that stick to the marked tip. Now draw a line across this west-east line, and you will get north-south line. Although the Qiblah faces the Ka'aba in Makkah, it should be noted that Muslims direct their worship only to Almighty God, the Creator. It was built by Hazrat Ibrahim (A.S.) and became the prime focus of all our Prophets and the guides of monotheism that followed. Depending on your location, we will use the 'Qibla Angle for Compass' degree offered to you. If you are somewhere is Japan, it is in the west-northwest. Question: I think, it does not matter whether the earth is flat or round, the direction for Qibla as I see from North America is South-East. This is possible through various apps and online platforms which pinpoint the precise direction of the Qibla within seconds. Artwork by: Ahmed Mater. The second line will be a north-south line By using Learn Religions, you accept our, The Architecture and History of the Kaaba, The Stages of Hajj, the Islamic Pilgrimage to Mecca (Makkah), Du'a: Muslim Prayers For Healing Sickness, The 5 Muslim Daily Prayer Times and What They Mean. • July 16 at 9:27 UT. Learn Religions uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. Wherever they are in the world, guttural Muslims are instructed to facing Makka (Mecca) in modern-day Saudi Arabia. IslamicFinder presents a new platform - 'Muslims App'. How to Find Qibla Direction – Easy Methods & Techniques, Sunnah Of Jummah Prayer – An Opportunity for Muslims to Be Blessed Weekly, Some Interesting Facts about the day of Jummah. Because the earth is a sphere and the distance to Makkah measured from northeast is actually lesser than the distance calculated from southeast. If you’ve located south, you can now determine the other directions as well. The Qibla holds deep and everlasting importance in the lives of Muslims everywhere. The Ka'aba is merely a capital and focal point for the entire Muslim world, not a true object of worship. Subscribe to our e-newsletter today and receive latest news and updates about our products. Conditions and Privacy The sun’s positioning can also be used to determine the precise location of the Qibla on two occasions during the year. So if you turn towards the Qibla, you are turning towards Allah and testifying to his Greatness, Magnificence and Oneness. Travelers and navigators, from ages, have used Sun to determine the direction, Simply by knowing the formula that the sun rises from the east and sets in the west. If you simply type in your address, US zip code, country, or latitude/longitude, it will also give the degree direction and distance to Makkah. The half way between the hour hand and 12 o’clock will be the south. Can Muslims Perform Missed Daily Prayers at a Later Time? • Draw another perpendicular line to this line. During Muslim prayers, worshipers stand in straight rows, all turned in a single direction. The half way between 12 o’clock and the hour hand will be north. So, that is how to find Qibla Direction easily. Rainbow St. 12, Kingsford, Sydney, AU). Find a piece of flat or level ground and position a vertical object on the ground, approximately 3 ft. long, just a little before noon. These apps will tell you exact direction using your mobile GPS. • The direction in the middle between the hour hand and 12:00 o’clock on your watch is south. Now connect the first mark with the second mark. If you have an idea about where your current location is in relation to Makkah, you can decipher the directions by noting where the sun rises from and where it sets in that locality. It won’t tell you the exact direction of Mecca, But at least will tell you where north is. From any point on the globe, the Qibla is the direction which faces the Ka’bah in Makkah, Saudi Arabia and it is in this direction towards which Muslims offer their The Qibla serves as our identity and as a symbol of unity among Muslims. If you know where north is, you can now figure out the other directions as well. You can follow any of the methods told above in order to offer your prayers towards the right side of Qibla. If you face the sun on these exact days and exact times (converted to your local time), you will essentially be facing the Ka’bah itself. The Qiblah refers to the direction that Muslims face when engaged in ritual prayer.Wherever they are in the world, guttural Muslims are instructed to facing Makka (Mecca) in modern-day Saudi Arabia. The downside is that this particular method can only be used twice a year. The Arabic word Qiblah comes from a root word (Q-B-L) meaning "to face, confront, or encounter" something. For those who want to find the direction of the Qibla with the compass, we also give the Qibla angle. The Imam (prayer leader) stands in front of them, also facing the same direction, with his back to the congregation. • The direction between the 12:00 o’clock mark and the hour hand will be north. Let’s take an example: If Makkah is north of your city or country and you notice that the sun is setting to your left, then you are facing the Qibla. Locate the direction of the qibla right from your browser, wherever you are. The tool quickly draws a map of your location, along with a red line towards the direction of Makkah and makes it easy to locate a nearby road or landmark to orient yourself. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. For this purpose, you will need an Analog wrist watch. Where ever you are, IslamicFinder helps you locate the exact direction of Qiblah with Qibla Finder and Qibla Direction so that you don’t miss your prayers. This is only possible if your location is somewhere west of Makkah at that point in time. The Ka'bah, in essence, is the House of Allah and it is the oldest center of monotheism. The most efficient and trusted method is to go to internet. For this purpose, take a stick or any other vertical hard object of around 1 meter (3 Feet approx). There are several reasons why Rabi ul Awal is of vital importance for Muslims. Today, we will discuss some methods and techniques, to determine the exact direction of Qibla. • Join both marks using a straight line In this day and age, locating the Qibla is not a tedious job. Sometimes a compass is sewn into the center of a prayer rug for this purpose. Let’s take an example: Even though Makkah appears to be southwest of USA on a map, many American Muslims pray in the northeast direction! • Draw a circle around the object, using its length as the radius When possible, mosques are constructed in such a way that one side of the building faces the Qiblah, to make it easier to organize worshipers into rows for prayer. There is a common misunderstanding that Qibla location is always on your east. Now, as the day passes by, The shadow of the stick will move, it will gain length and shorten again.

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