Reprinted with permission of Sophia Press and the author, Archbishop J. Michael Miller, CSB of Vancouver, B.C. When literary forms in the Bible-genealogies, legal instructions, prophetic oracles, historical narratives, devotional lyrics, poetry, proverbs, letters, parables, short stories, essays, and mystical visions of the future-are studied in a critical manner, much can be learned. Instead, Cepelka believes the secret to authentic Catholic education consists of four essential parts, and she relies on her staff and the principals of the 99 elementary schools and 14 high schools in the archdiocese to ensure that each day, all four standards are met. Speaking to Catholic-school teachers, Pope Benedict XVI had the following words of encouragement: To all of you I say: Bear witness to hope. Copyright 2019 Lisa Julia Photography/Bayard Inc. All rights reserved. But this is precisely what makes successful Catholic schools utterly unique, and well worth paying for. (Catholic Herald photo by Allen Fredrickson). with Scripture and the Magisterium of the Church. This goes beyond the personal relationships of those involved. One 2011 study, “Educating Our Children: Catholic Schools Doing More with Less,” demonstrated that average SAT scores among Catholic school students were 23% higher, while expenditure per student was nearly 25% lower. It reinforces the understanding that the parish and the school are in mutual support of one another. Those who minister in the Catholic school cannot give what they do not possess. This produces an ever more creative and attractive program – a successful school! The principal is the administrator of the school and is responsible for the daily operation of the school program including: 1) the spiritual leadership of the school, 2) the employment, supervision and evaluation of the school faculty and staff, 3) the establishment and review of educational programs, and 4) the guidance and management of student behavior. For the minister in any aspect of Catholic education, the question becomes, “How is the community that forms in my classroom, library kitchen, gym, or club different from that which forms in the same type of setting in a public school?”. The Incarnation, which emphasizes the bodily coming of God's Son into the world, leaves its seal on every aspect of Christian life. 2) He hears the confessions of the students individually during the year (and by so doing, he gains a unique perspective on the spiritual and moral development of the students). Catholic schools are Christ centred. What steps are you taking to improve your effectiveness? Everyone is respected and valued. More than 7,000 Catholic schools are educating upwards of 2.3 million students annually. We offer them a modest stipend of varying amounts to perform the following valued functions: Athletic Director, Volunteer Coordinator, Newsletter Coordinator, Recess Supervision Coordinator, Marketing Coordinator, Scrip Coordinator, Library Coordinator, Habitat Coordinator, Hot Lunch Coordinator, and Virtus Coordinator. If Catholic educators, parents, and others who dedicate themselves to this apostolate fail to keep in mind a high supernatural vision, all their talk about Catholic schools will be no more than "a gong booming or a cymbal clashing" (1 Cor. This means that educators should develop a willingness to collaborate among themselves. The school apostolates, just like other parish ministries, are ministries and programs of the parish. No parent, other than those trained and placed in a supervisory position, takes a direct role in disciplining a student (even their own child); yet the fact that students see their parent or the parents of their friends moving about the building during the day performing various tasks for the faculty and administration, reinforces an understanding on their part that school is not a place to escape observation by adults. In an ad limina address to a group of American bishops in June 2004, Pope John Paul II summed up this point: "The Church's presence in elementary and secondary education must . The third is that they are committed and motivated to move toward greater learning and instructional effectiveness. It helps them to see how their words, actions and attitudes measure up to their religious faith and their commitment to follow Christ. A good description for what we want in the faculty of our Catholic school is: Unity in faith, diversity in personality, approach and style. Vatican documents speak of an education that responds to all the needs of the human person: The integral formation of the human person, which is the purpose of education, includes the development of all the human faculties of the students, together with preparation for professional life, formation of ethical and social awareness, becoming aware of the transcendental, and religious education. The real task is to cultivate faith in the hearts of our students. The faculty is organized for the professional growth and success of its members. Our school communities are places where the uniqueness and individuality of students and families is recognised and welcomed, and the human dignity of each student is promoted. Our Catholic Schools Practice operates with a sense of urgency, realizing the importance of these schools.. Catholic schools offer: 1. It is the Catholic faith that provides young people with the essential principles for critique and evaluation. To all of you I say: Bear witness to hope. “In other words, if we want to look at what the Kingdom of God is like, that’s what the Catholic school should be: living the Gospel.”.

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