are the popular channels of communication. are used to condense or clarify the information. It can be used as a device for controlling the business activities to ensure the achievement of organisational goals. So, care should be taken to send the information, message or order and receive feedback without any loss, alteration or distortion of information. It is the responsibility of the managers to establish and maintain the channels whereby they can convey their own thinking and policies to the subordinates, and can receive their reactions and an account of their problems. A worker works overtime when he/she is allowed extra wages. This might be opinion, order, suggestion, attitude, feeling, view, etc. The process of transferring information from one person to another, within and outside the business environment, is termed as ‘Business Communication.’ The term ‘Business Communication’ is derived from general communication which is associated with business activities. Communication, therefore, involves two-way traffic from the managers to the employees and from the employees to the managers. They are as follows: This is the subject-matter which is transmitted or passed by the sender to the other party or group of persons. The style, length, form, clarity, etc. (d) Communicate (addressee, respondent, audience) to influence his behaviour as seen in his (e) response (reply, reaction). A leader can lead and a manager can direct effectively by establishing perfect understanding with the subordinates, peers and superiors in the organisation. According to Keith Davis, the role of communication in business is as essential as the blood veins or arteries in human body. The process of communication can best be expressed by Laswell’s popular five ‘Whs’: “‘who’ says ‘What’ in ‘Which Channel’ to ‘Whom’ with ‘What effect’?”. A departmental manager issuing orders to the supervisors in writing is an example of business communication. By promoting mutual understanding and meeting of minds, communication paves the way for co-operation. It will encourage him/her to strive for better performance and greater involvement. So, good communication does not produce good manager. ‘Oral Channel’ includes different media e.g., face-to-face conversations, speeches, meetings, telephone, voice mails, audio and video tape, teleconference or video conference, etc. According to a recent study, companies with good communication practices are three and a half times more likely to outperform their competitors. Such communications may be aimed at a variety of audiences and can occur in a number of formats. of the message varies from person to person. It conveys important information to the receiver. Report a Violation, 7 Major Elements of Communication Process. The greater the degree of understanding presents in the communication the more possibility that human action will proceed in the direction of accomplishing the goals. Business Communication is regulated by certain rules and norms. Communication creates condition for mental acceptance of the work before its actual performance. But now with advent of technology, we have cell phones, video conferencing, emails, satellite … This is an example of upward communication. It is the tool of managerial efficiency. It may be present at every step and make the communication less effective or ineffective. Steps are required to be taken for the removal of such barriers. Channels are the routes or paths of the communication. Interaction of suggestions and ideas help the progress of an organisation. Thus, channel is used at least twice in the process of communication. Business communication is primarily internal. It must maintain cordial relations with each of these groups to develop a favourable image. This is one of the important objectives of communication. This, ultimately, increases managerial efficiency. A motivated worker is an asset of any organisation. In general a business message contains facts and figures in place of overall idea. Business Communication—Definition and Meaning: Classification of Channels of Business Communication. Before publishing your articles on this site, please read the following pages: 1. When communication takes place between the persons of same rank a ‘Horizontal Channel’ is said to be formed. So, communication must be a continuous process and move up, down and sideways for active participation of all concerned. 3. In the lower level communication there is a possibility of distortion of information through gossip or ‘grapevine’ communication. Sharing of understanding would be possible only when the person to whom the message is sent, understands in the same sense in which the sender of message wants him to understand. The managers should know in details the social, political, economic and other conditions of the place where the business is situated. Business communication is, thus, said to be a pervasive function. Thus, communication signifies sharing of ideas in common.

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