The energy of an individual photon depends only on the frequency of light, so is proportional to the number of photons. The wave function of a light wave is given by E(x,t), and its energy density is given by , where E is the electric field strength. With a classical system and Newton's equation, you would obtain a trajectory, showing the path something would follow: the equations of motion. The wave function is one of the most important concepts in quantum mechanics, because every particle is represented by a wave function. (An odd function is also referred to as an anti-symmetric function.) This function is produced by reflecting \(\psi (x)\) for \(x > 0\) about the vertical y-axis. The wave function is the solution to the Schrödinger equation, given your experimental situation. By comparison, an odd function is generated by reflecting the function about the y-axis and then about the x-axis. Otherwise, the wave function will lose its characteristics and it will be no more as a wave function. What is a wave function? The powers or the exponent of wave function is one. It can’t be quadratic or contains the higher exponents. Wave functions. Wave Function must be Continuous. A wave function in quantum mechanics is a description of the quantum state of a system. Figure \(\PageIndex{7}\): Examples of even and odd wavefunctions. They are functions of the coordinate x and the time t. But ψ(x,t) is not a real, but a complex function, the Schroedinger equation does not have real, but complex solutions. A)represented by (Ψ2) B)represented by E C)represented by Ψ D)represented by H E)a mathematical function that describes the wavelike nature of the electron F)a mathematical function that determines whether the electron will behave like a wave … This is one of the main properties of wave function. Is there more than one? So, therefore it is continuous. Wave function must have linear mathematical representations. In one dimension, wave functions are often denoted by the symbol ψ(x,t).

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