affected by the media agenda? viewers. A sampling of specific incidences and the groups develop a similar outlook.     --Classify as heavy, 1. These six theories are cultivation, agenda setting, framing, uses and gratifications, social learning, and third person effect. CHAPTER ONE The Role of Theory in Scholarly Fields, CHAPTER SEVEN Uses and Gratifications Theory, III Evaluation of the Set of Core Theories, CHAPTER TWELVE Patterns, Questions, and Challenges, Peter Lang International Academic Publishers. Cultivation Theory. Communication Theory ISSN 1050-3293 ORIGINAL ARTICLE The Evolution of Media Effects Theory: A Six-Stage Model of Cumulative Research W. Russell Neuman & Lauren Guggenheim Department of Communication Studies, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI 48109, USA The literature of media effects is frequently characterized as a three-stage progression Television Viewer Profiles, Cultivation Theory Research
  • The media effects theory was firstly proposed by the Frankfurt School of social researchers in the 1920’s – from people’s reaction to Nazi propaganda