Optical constants of Si (Silicon) Aspnes and Studna 1983: n,k 0.21-0.83 µm. Usually silicon is considered as the material of choice for systems operating in the Middle Infrared (MIR) region, from 3 to 5 µm. ChoiEffects of guard-ring … Electron Devices, 60 (3) (2013), pp. 998-1004 . Silicon o They are available uncoated or with an AR coating on both sides that provides <2% average reflectance from 3 - 5 µm (see the Graphs tab for more details). M.-J. Google Scholar. IEEE Trans. 16 echelle gratings and 512 silicon photonic MEMS switches, along with 1568 MMI crossings, have been successfully integrated on a 9.7 mm × 6.7 mm silicon chip. Lee, H. Rücker, W.-Y. Thorlabs' Precision Monocrystalline Silicon (Si) Windows are offered in Ø1/2 and Ø1 sizes. Obviously, the shorter wavelengths (< 1127 nm) carry higher energy is capable of extracting the electron form the valence band to the conduction band. Wavelength: µm (0.2066 – 0.8266) Complex refractive index (n+ik) = = n k LogX LogY eV Derived optical constants = = = = = = = = Comments. We have experimentally demonstrated 8 × 8 silicon photonic wavelength cross connects with 8 wavelength channels. The absorption coefficient of photons in silicon is wavelength dependent, with long-wavelength (greater than 800 nanometers) photons being absorbed deeper into the silicon substrate than those having shorter wavelengths. ... M.-J. In cases where the photon energy is greater than the band gap energy, an electron has a high probability of being excited into the conduction band, thus becoming mobile. Lee, W.-Y. Wavelength dependence of responsivity and bandwidth of the CMOS-APDs are studied. ChoiArea-dependent photodetection frequency response characterization of silicon avalanche photodetectors fabricated with standard CMOS technology. We can say in other words that the infra red region of light with wavelength <= 1127 nm (Energy is >= 1.1 eV) is capable enough to make silicon cells to start conducting and generating electricity.

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